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About Us

'Wearth is an eco-friendly website specialising in zero waste products for everyday life' 

British Vogue


Wearth was launched in 2017 and we now partner with over 250 independent UK brands that make contemporary eco-friendly and ethical products, making it easier for you to shop and live more consciously. 

From natural beauty products, zero waste essentials to jewellery made from recycled silver, on our online marketplace you can discover a wide collection of sustainable products hand selected by our London team with quality and style in mind. 


We work closely with British brands who fit our goal of promoting environmentally-friendly and ethical shopping. We have created a thriving online community where you can find brands which make great products, whilst creating a new shopping platform for these small independent companies to grow. 

On Wearth we also make it easy for you to buy direct from British makers with around 80% of our products made here in the UK, you can view all of our UK-made products here


From our fashion pieces to our beauty and homewares, all of our products are also vegan-friendly and have never been tested on animals. Therefore if you are vegan, only buy cruelty-free beauty products or are looking for a vegan gift for a friend you can shop knowing you don't need to check the ingredients/materials. 


We like to make it easy for you to find products which align with what you are looking for and your own values. So on all our products we have created visual value tags to show their key characteristics, for example plastic-free, recycled materials, social contribution, and so on. 

You can now also use our shop by values page to discover all our products which have these values. So, for example, you can shop plastic-free, making it easy shop zero waste online.


We want to help end unnecessary packaging waste when shopping online. We’re committed to using minimal environmentally friendly postage packaging and keeping the amount of plastic used for products in general to an absolute minimum.

On our product descriptions you can see what packaging is used for both the product and the postage. This way you know what packaging you are getting and you can kiss goodbye receiving excessive amounts of packaging in the post!


Wearth was founded by Imogen and Ed (hello!), we are two people in our twenties who want to live and shop in a more conscious way, yet found that there was limited places to shop online which helped with this ambition. So we started Wearth to make it easier to make informed purchases which help to promote ethical and environmentally-friendly living. 

We believe that everyone can make a positive impact and even small changes can make a big difference and helping our customers do the best they can to live a greener lifestyle has been one of the most rewarding parts of creating Wearth. 

We also love arancini! You can see the plant-based recipe on our Eco Inspo blog here.