About Us


Wearth is a new eco-friendly and ethical department store bringing together a range of independent UK brands who take the environment seriously whilst making high quality contemporary products. 

Our mission is to promote sustainable living in the UK and make it easier for you to shop in a more conscious way whilst discovering products that you will really value. 


We have brought together a wide range of contemporary eco-friendly and socially-minded products for our departments. From natural organic skincare to sustainable handcrafted furniture and everything in-between, our focus is on quality, made to last products, which provide value for money eco-luxury. 

We have carefully selected our brands to ensure you can buy with confidence, knowing nothing has been made at the expense of the planet nor factory workers and instead, only sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients/materials have been used. Everything that we sell is also vegan-friendly and cruelty free.


One of our key missions is to support British brands who fit our ethos of promoting sustainable living in the UK. We are an online community making it easier for you to find eco and ethical brands which you can trust, whilst creating a platform for small independent companies to grow. 

Rather than having a large distribution centre where all the products are sent to us, repackaged/processed, and then delivered to the customer, our brands deliver direct to you, which we think is a more efficient and eco friendly way of running our store.


Plastic is devastating our environment and we’re committed to keeping the amount of plastic in our products to an absolute minimum and promoting the use of green packaging. For example, in our natural beauty department, our brands use glass for their packaging and we have strict guidelines to ensure that our brands are using eco-friendly alternatives. 

We like to be as transparent as possible in terms of our packaging and on each product you can see all the packaging used for both the product and the postage. For all our plastic free products, we also have a value tag in the description so you can shop zero-waste with ease.


This is a new way of shopping which we have created to make it easier for you to find products which align with your values. On all our products you will see the important values of the product, for example plastic-free, made in the UK, handcrafted and so on. 

You can also use our shop by values page to discover products which have these values. 


This January for every order placed with Wearth we are planting a tree in one of Brazil’s most vulnerable rainforest, The Atlantic Forest, in partnership with One Tree Planted. The forest’s ecosystem has been severely damaged by deforestation with only 10% of its forest remaining. Worryingly, deforestation has increased 60% in the last year with more than 29,000 hectares being lost. 

We are proud to be supporting the efforts of One Tree Planted to work with local stakeholders to reforest the area with over 80 different pioneer native species. Their work is essential to restoring the eco-system and creating new habitats for endangered animals including jaguars and woolly spider monkeys. 


Wearth was set up by Imogen and Ed as they felt that there was a lack of retail offering in the UK for sustainable and ethical products. They want to make it easier for people to make informed purchases and to create a platform where like-minded companies can grow. They are passionate about reducing our collective impact on the environment, if you want to get in touch you can do here.


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