10 Essential Zero-Waste Items That Will Make Travelling Easier

If you’re looking to travel more sustainably and reduce waste when travelling, Wearth have you covered. These 10 zero waste travel essentials can help you out on your travels in more ways than you might think.

After 2 years of huddling indoors and only travelling in our dreams or on our screens, the world is finally reopening. Trips to places near and far are being planned, and the age-old question of ‘how much do I need to pack’ is being considered once more.


We’ve previously touched on ‘How To Be A Green Traveller,’ but sometimes we forget about how much we frequently rely on disposable items while travelling, from plastic bottles to single-use toiletries and produce bags. Unfortunately, all of these items are likely to end up in landfills, having a negative impact on the places we love to visit. The good news is that there are some simple things we can do to reduce our plastic waste and litter while travelling. Here are 10 essential zero-waste travel essentials that will help you journey around more sustainably.

1) Fais: ​​Cleansing Hand Sanitiser

Hand sanitiser may not have even entered your mind, let alone your shopping list, prior to the pandemic. However, in the midst of a raging worldwide health crisis, it has quickly become essential. Infused with Fais’ mood-lifting bergamot and mint scent, this 65% alcohol hand sanitiser (which is refillable) is truly uplifting while hyaluronic acid does an excellent job of restoring moisture.

2) Eco Bru: Bamboo Toothbrush Travel Case

Why purchase a new toothbrush when you could just use your current one; meet your new fave essential when travelling… A toothbrush travel case! Not only does it protect your brush from airborne microbes and germs but it keeps it safe in a simple, yet hygienic way.. This natural Bamboo Toothbrush Travel Case is ideal for transporting your sustainable toothbrush, and once it has reached the end of its lifespan, simply place it in your compost, making it zero-waste.

3) The White Teeth Box: Toothpaste Tablets With Fluoride

Check out The White Teeth Box for a zero-waste, minty toothpaste, these 62 vegan tablets are made with natural ingredients and they come in a reusable metal tin. They also offer 124 tablet refill packs and the eco-friendly packaging makes it great for travelling as it takes 0 to little space at all and you don’t have to worry about liquid allowance!

4) Kind2: Shampoo & Conditioner Discovery Bar Bundle

Solid shampoo and conditioner bars are an excellent way to reduce waste. They are gradually becoming a game-changer for many people who are travelling plastic-free in order to reduce waste. This set lasts much longer than traditional bottles of shampoo or conditioner, so you won’t have to worry about running out and having to buy anything in plastic packaging if you’re travelling for an extended period of time. This set includes two shampoos and one conditioner bar, each with a different formula based on your hair type, so you can tailor it to your specific needs.

5) Shoreline Shaving: Eco Shaving Kit With Safety Razor

Safety razors are ideal for achieving a zero-waste shave routine. This stylish silver metal safety razor is suitable for both the face and body. What we love about these for travelling is that they reduce waste  commonly associated with plastic razors and they are a one-time purchase that will last for the rest of your life because once you have one, you only need to buy replacement blades! (Waste and money saver!) What you’ll get: A silver metal safety razor, orange and lavender shaving soap, ten replacement shaving blades and a Hessian travel bag to store everything securely in your suitcase.

6) Acala: Mini Soap Lovers Gift Bag

A soap bar, like solid shampoo and conditioner bars, has numerous advantages when travelling. It’s lighter, takes up less room, and lasts longer than bottled shower gel. This gift bag contains a gorgeous,UK made soap and a sisal soap bag perfect for storing your soap and applying directly to the skin as a gentle scrub.

7) Your Nature: Natural Deodorant Stick

Natural, plastic-free deodorants are better for your skin and the environment. They come in recyclable packaging and there are numerous options, ranging from deodorant bars to pastes and tubes. We love this deodorant stick from Your Nature because instead of clogging your sweat glands, this deodorant allows your body to release toxins as nature intended. You can choose from six long-lasting scents that all come in a cardboard tube and as its 70ml it can easily be thrown into your travel-on bag with no worries.

8) Green Island: Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Set

Everyone, whether they travel or not, should have a nice set of reusable utensils to replace plastic cutlery or straws. Since you may visit places that do not provide utensils, this reusable bamboo cutlery set will come in handy during your travels. Inside the set you’ll receive: 1 bamboo knife, 1 bamboo fork, 1 bamboo spoon, 1 pair of bamboo chopsticks, 1 bamboo straw, 1 coconut shell straw cleaner and 1 organic cotton pouch. Since bamboo is completely compostable, you can simply toss it in the compost bin at the end of its life.

*As a knife is included in this set it’s not suitable for carry-on bags but can be checked-in.

9) Nought: Organic Tote Bag

Bringing a reusable bag with you when you travel is essential for reducing waste.. Whether you’re picking up groceries at the local market or a souvenir on a road trip, put them in this to avoid using plastic bags! What we like best about tote bags is how small they pack, so they don’t take up a lot of space in your travel bag, which is important if you’re trying to pack light.

10) WAKEcup: Stainless Steel Water Bottle (300ml)

So this water bottle isn’t technically allowed in your carry on as it does not meet liquid carry on allowance however, it’s a great option to keep in your suitcase. Not only are reusable water bottles great for the environment but they’re an essential when travelling especially in foreign countries where you may not be able to drink tap water. This water bottle by WAKEcup has an amazing lightweight and compact option that keeps drinks cold for up to 4 hours.