10 Queer Sustainable Bloggers You Need To Follow

Here at Wearth, we like to celebrate Pride Month the sustainable way, naturally! So what could be better than giving our favourite queer content creators a spotlight to educate you! Some members of our team at Wearth are LGBTQIA+, but why stop there. We must remember to be intersectional in our celebration of queerness, I hope to have done justice to just that.

Before I move on to individuals, these are some fantastic community accounts that promote queer climate action:

These accounts are less about the individual – the small things we can implement into our own lives to live sustainably, and instead are platforms for education on environmentalism. If we have missed any of your favourites, feel free to DM us on Instagram @WearthLondon.

– @queerxclimate
– @Intersectionalenvironmentalist
– @ourclimatevoices
– @out4s

Instagram: @queerbrownvegan

Tiktok: @queerbrownvegan

Youtube: QueerBrownVegan

About: Heralding from Los Angeles, USA, with a B.S. in Environmental Science, Isaias is quite the celebrity in social media environmental education. With over 100 thousand followers on Instagram, he is truly a hero of the environmental justice movement, creating content on vegan food, sustainable living, and wider environmental issues. He educates his audience on emerging climate progressive research, regressive government policy; and brings light to the lesser discussed lenses of race and class in the eco-movement, looking at white bias and environmental racism among others.


Shelby Lee she/her

Instagram: @shelbizleee

Tiktok: @shelbizleee

Youtube: Shelbizleee

About: This lovely lesbian has created a very accessible, easy on the eye style of climate education. With a BA in Environmental Science, she really knows what she’s talking about, and she shares this knowledge in the most colourful and hopeful, climate-positive way. This is just a fantastic resource for anyone wanting to learn more about how they can make sustainable changes in their lives.


Instagram: @corinneloperfido

About: This renaissance woman of sustainable living is Corinne Loperfido. Artist, Fashion Stylist, Creative Consultant, Costume Designer, Event Organiser, and Woman and Environmental rights activist, sustainable living is at the core of her work. She is most easily recognised for her flamboyant and fantastical costumes, all of which are made from discarded fabric and trims with traceable sources, materials that would otherwise go to waste. This eclectic maximalist, minimalist impact style transfers over to her home, a space built with the climate crisis in mind. In her own words “My house is an over the top extravagant work of art which everyone does not need or even want, but people could build much simpler tiny homes that they would be able to live in year-round and have the flexibility to evacuate more easily if there was a threat of a deadly fire or hurricane coming. So many people all over the world are dealing with the loss of their homes right now due to natural disasters caused by climate change.”


Jazmin Vega she/her

Instagram: @jazminvegaz

Tiktok: @jazminvegaz

About: For curvy sustainable fashion inspiration, look no further than Jazmin, a Mexican fashion blogger based in San Diego, USA, with the most beautiful wardrobe. It is sophisticated, sleek and stylish, and completely does away with any notion of frumpiness or hippie-ness when it comes to shopping sustainably. With feminine and elegant mid-century styling, she’s one to watch for sustainable brand inspiration.


Instagram: @plantawhisperer

Tiktok: @plantawhisperer

About: 22 year old Jessica is a fantastic example of how Gen Z is stepping up and tackling the conversation around intersectional climate change activism, by leading by example. She is your friendly neighbourhood vegan, sustainable, sunshine girlie. Her content covers vegan food, sustainable outfits of the day, educational graphics on topical climate issues, and just generally wholesome vibes! This is all backed up by her education in Environmental Science and Community studies, of which she has a degree in both, focusing on environmental justice, food sovereignty, and reproductive justice.


Instagram: @strollingthroughlife_

Tiktok: @thesimpleenvironmentalist

Youtube: Strolling Through Life

About: Self-professed, imperfectly sustainable Kristian, the creator behind Strolling Through Life, has created a beautiful, warm space of ‘eco-conscious lifestyle content’ for educating those starting out on their sustainable living journey, or simply, staying inspired. She shares sustainable brands to purchase from, money saving tips, and positive quotes, keeping us happy and informed.


Instagram: @the_vintagearian

Tiktok: @the_vintagearian

About: Captivating and romantic, Vinti’s content comforts the soul, and reminds us that sustainable living is no novel idea! A champion of slow living, the Edwardian and Victorian way, the German content creator shares his life of home cooking, homemaking, clothes repair and vintage shopping for sustainable, second (third, fourth, fifth…) hand clothes and homeware. Centuries before, material goods were valued and looked after, consumption was lower and waste was minimal. Implementing just a small part of this mindset will do wonders for your carbon footprint!


Curly Cultivators she/her, she/her

Instagram: @curlycultivators

Tiktok: @curlycultivators

About: Consisting of gorgeously smiley couple Leota and Mikaela, Curly Cultivators share the joy of gardening and growing your own fruit and veg. By doing so, they promote sustainable eating habits- seasonal eating, food preservation, and composting, all of which are great for the environment! By growing your own food, it saves carbon emissions from transportation and green-house cultivation, harmful farming practices, and a whole slew of pesticides and fertilisers being released into the local soil, damaging ecosystems. So if possible, follow these ladies’ example and get growing, even if it’s just on your windowsill!


Blue Ollis she/her

Instagram: @blueollis

Tiktok: @blueollis

Youtube: Blue Ollis

About: Blue is a slow-living and slow-travel content creator, on a very professional, polished level. She started her blog over a decade ago, has since released four ebooks on sustainable living, and has created quite the loyal following over the years. Promoting mindfulness and self-sovereignty, this is a very peaceful corner of the internet.


Alexis Nikole she/her

Instagram: @blackforager

Tiktok: @alexisnikole

Youtube: Black Forager

About: A rising star in the world of eco-influencing this year, has been Alexis, a lesbian forager whose quirky and fun TikToks have been educating a new wave of hunter-gatherers, though only of the vegan kind naturally ;). Her daily videos are a fantastic resource for learning which common plants in your neighbourhood are edible, and which are not so much, providing delicious vegan recipes from these foraged items. Many of these plants provide great alternatives to commonly globally imported food, saving harmful carbon emissions from transport and greenhouse cultivation. Additionally, it aids in food poverty, making vegan cooking practically free! Which can not always be said of this sometimes financially inaccessible diet. She has done the near impossible. Take foraging away from middle class dads, and make it cool again.


We’ve so much to be proud of in the Queer community, and these amazing people are perfect beacons of the love and care the community holds. So I hope you’ve been influenced to join along on their journeys!