15 POC Vegan Food Bloggers You Need To Follow

Credit – @turnipvegan Via Instagram


Diversify your Instagram account by following these food bloggers who provide you with both appetising vegan recipes as well as lessons on intersectionality.


Up until a few years ago, finding vegan content and recipes was quite tedious. Veganism at the time was a slow but small niche; however with the rise of the internet; finding bloggers and vegan recipes have never been easier.


That being said, with so many vegan lifestyle influencers out there it can be overwhelming.. From TikTok and Instagram Reels to even YouTube Shorts it’s become a challenge to keep up with everyone and find your personal favourite bloggers.. Every so often, it’s quite easy to notice there is a large divide between vegans and vegans of colour which can be quite disheartening.


It can even be frustrating seeing mainstream media overpowering white voices over BIPOC’s. Veganism dates all the way back to 7th Century BC and originates from religions such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism where they followed strict ‘non-animal’ diets.


As the lifestyle of vegan/ vegetarian diets spread from Asia to Europe the culture of veganism became significantly watered down and today it’s common to see many vegans of colour think they are alone.


We’ve discovered and gathered 20 POC vegan food bloggers that are a must-have follow on your IG feed with recipes ranging from Ethiopian ‘Firfir’ to authentic Mexican ‘Chile relleno’… You’re definitely in for a treat.

1) @thefoodietakesflight

Jeeca (or Jessica), is a food blogger from the Philippines who creates and prepares food inspired by her Filipino-Chinese heritage. Her recipes include Chinese classics such as Sweet and Sour “Pork”, Homemade Wontons in Chilli Broth and more. You’ll also find vegan versions of some of her favourite Filipino food; from Kare-Kare, Kaldereta and Tofu Sisig. Yum!

Editor recommendation: Chilli Garlic Oil Noodles

2) @browngirlvegan_

If you’re looking for recipes that vary from savoury to sweet dishes, you need to follow Ramya. From recipes such as Pumpkin Lentil Curry to Vegan Gulab Jamun (Pakistan’s national dessert) there is something  for everyone to look forward to making. Her recipes are simple and delicious, covering many “missing” culinary elements such as cheese/ meat flavours and textures. All and all, an amazing blogger to follow if you are starting out on your vegan journey.

Editor recommendation: Vegan Gulab Jamun

3) @dr.vegan

Ahmad is a food blogger based in Romania and his recipes vary from where he has lived. He recreates traditional Afhgani dishes as well as popular German street food such as the delicious Döner Kebab. His instagram features great advice and sources of information for vegans. The recipes he creates are quick and simple to follow and chances are you’ve probably got all the ingredients already at home.

Editor recommendation: Kartoffelrösti: Potato Pancakes

4) @veganbrownting

A candid space for all foodies who want to add the richness and yummy goodness of the vegan diet to their plates but are held back by the misconception that vegetables are flavourless and bland. Abby makes delicious food and some of her best recipes are her vegan takes on classic English dishes such as “Beef” Wellington or a English Full Breakfast.. A welcoming place for vegans and non vegans alike.

Editor recommendation: Shepherd’s Pie

5) @paritakansagra

Parita is an Indian vegan food blogger and her recipes are truly magnificent. Parita shares insanely delicious looking recipes such as Triple Almond Cinnamon Rolls and Baingan Bharta (smoked eggplant curry). We also love that she recreates western dishes with an Indian take packed with spice and flavour.

Editor recommendation: Cheesy Garlic Pav Bhaji Sliders

6) @rainbowplantlife

Nisha is a wonderful food blogger that takes Indian dishes and adds modern twists on them, leaving her food flavourful but simple for everyone to make at home. I particularly love that she voiceovers her videos with stories from her childhood adding that special something and making her content standout.. The content she creates is always engaging and her recipes are extremely varied using ingredients like Okra (which for some reason many people are scared of..) but we love. Her page constantly educates us with new ingredients and cooking methods she’s experimenting with.

Editor recommendation: Red Lentil Curry 

7) @thekoreanvegan

1 word: Kimchi. Joanne makes delectable Korean food (vegan ofc) and the dishes that she recreates are out of this world! Some traditional, some reimagined; her storytelling and photography style is what makes her a must-follow! Her recipes share how food and family can shape our lives and we personally love how she uses her platform for good.

Editor recommendation: Kimchi 

8) @okonomikitchen

Japanese food is truly a favourite of mine, the flavours, the look: everything about it is comforting. So it should come as no surprise that Lisa makes the most delicious yet adorable Japanese snacks and dishes that we are obsessed with. From stepping outside the box making “Tuna Sashimi” using tomatoes to vegan “Chicken Drumsticks” using seitan we have no words for how appetising she makes everything look.

Editor recommendation: Taiyaki

9) @itslizmiu

I bet you had no idea you could fry rice paper! Not only do they make the most amazing crunchy treat but you can serve it with vegan “Tuna” and make it a win-win situation. Liz makes engaging content that shows off her great cooking skills and we love that she uses her IG stories to show off her best recipes from “Cheesecake” to Tofu Scrambled “Eggs”.

Editor recommendation: Kimbap 

10) @turnipvegan

If you’re looking for a recipe account with good vibes, love and compassion look no further.. Turnip Vegan is the blogger for you. Sharing a variety of recipes from raw vegan, gluten-free and more, his content is truly superb. He also shares health living tips and guides on mental wellness and self-love. There is truly something for everyone.

Editor recommendation: Jerk Jackfruit + Roasted Potato Pockets  

11) @netocraves

The quest for vegan Mexican food can end here with Neto, who has been cooking vegan meals for the past 10 years. His recipes discover fascinating and delectable ways to enjoy a vegan/ plant-based diet. His videos not only make you want to try these delicious meals but also teach you to improve your cooking skills. We love that he utilises South American, Asian and African fruits and vegetables such as jackfruit to replicate meat textures.

Editor recommendation: Chile relleno

12) @korennrachelle

Korenn makes out of this world Jamaican cuisine and also includes recipes unique raw vegan dishes. With 15+ years of experience in the mainstream culinary industry you know she’s the real deal! Food is definitely her love language and some of her most popular recipes include vegan “Oxtail” stew and Vegetable Paella.

Editor recommendation: Jamaican Stewed “Oxtails”

13) @thecanadianafrican

Afia is a Ghanain food blogger based in Canada. She posts yummy recipes alongside great commentary about her upbringing. Her recipes inspire and show people that it is possible to live an ethical, plant-based lifestyle without losing your culture. She shares tasty recipes that are easy, cheap and pay homage to her Ghanaian roots.

Editor recommendation: Vegan One Pot Ayoyo Soup

14) @ethiopianfoodie

With only having a recent introduction to Ethiopian food I can wholeheartedly say I am already obsessed. Helen is a food blogger based in the UK and shares vegan and gluten-free Ethiopian recipes and all praise to her as she makes the most fabulous food that will satisfy your cravings. We love that she teaches and reminds her followers how to stay connected to their culture through food.

Editor recommendation: Ethiopian firfir

15) @thevietvegan

Lisa is the creator behind The Viet Vegan.. A blogger dedicated to sharing Vietnamese cuisine but also sharing western recipes. She creates vegan content to demonstrate how simple and accessible a vegan lifestyle can be for anyone who is interested. Lisa also shares recipes for the inexperienced cook as well as some more difficult recipes for those interested in Vietnamese cuisine. I love how she uses ingredients such as agar-agar to recreate jelly textures.

Editor recommendation: Coconut Pandan Jelly: Thạch Rau Câu Lá Dứa

We hope you enjoyed this list, if you’d like to read more about mainstream media ignoring BIPOC voices this article by thrillist excellently breaks down and highlights issues vegans of colour face.