20 Zero Waste Lifestyle Examples To Reduce Waste One Step At A Time

We live in a fast-paced society where we constantly do different activities – eating, travelling, shopping, etc. Each of these activities generates waste that accumulates in the environment and can take centuries to dissolve. Luckily, we can all help to diminish this excess by living a zero-waste lifestyle and we give you the best examples of that.

Why zero-waste lifestyle is important?

We are just at that moment when the planet is demanding to be more aware. Pandemics, forest fires, and other natural catastrophes are the order of the day, only to remind us of how little responsibility we have for our environment.

The planet is begging us for help, but only a few dare to listen and take action to reverse it and make a difference. Here is where a zero-waste lifestyle enters helps. The Zero Waste International Alliance adopted the definition of Zero Waste in 2004 and updated it in 2018 to read: “Zero Waste is the conservation of all resources through the responsible production, consumption, reuse and recovery of products, packaging and materials, without burning or discharge to land, water or air that threatens the environment or human health”.

There is no time. That’s why you should already be buying products without packaging or metal rakes, gardening at home or composting. The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (2018) reported on the huge impact of global warming at 1.5°C, which they say calls for urgent action to build a more sustainable society. They propose that by 2050, if we do not want to see the decline or disappearance of ecosystems, human emissions of gases must be reduced to 45% in 2030, compared to what was already recorded in 2010.

We give you 20 zero-waste products you can start to use to make your lifestyle more sustainable:

Soapnut Face Cleanser- Natural & Vegan – Clean U

We like to treat our skin gently from the first time in the morning. With this vegan and organic cleanser, your skin will rejuvenate and feel moisturised and supple. With just a pump, this Clean U cleanser will deeply cleanse your skin and refresh it.

Adult Bamboo Toothbrush – Round

Keep your teeth white and shining with this zero-waste bamboo toothbrush. Round has created a planet-friendly toothbrush with round bristles made from bamboo and charcoal-infused to remove all plaque. Also, the handle is completely biodegradable, so once the toothbrush finishes its use, you can throw it into your normal waste.

Natural Deodorant Stick – Your Nature

Suitable for all types of skins, Your Nature has created its natural deodorant completely from natural ingredients. Five unisex scents to choose from that allow your body to release toxins as nature intended. This zero-waste deodorant will work with your body naturally to absorb moisture and keep bacteria from producing undesirable odours.

Zero Waste Cutlery Pouches – Creations By Jennie Lee

Travelling to work or for a picnic, this cutlery pouch is perfect to take on the go. The pouch is handmade and you can choose from different cool designs! Having this pouch will make you reduce your plastic consumption and therefore be more environmentally friendly.

Zero Waste Hair Scrunchie – The Conscious Sewist

Need to tie up your hair? The Conscious Sewis has created these handmade, zero-waste scrunchies, available in two sizes and several colours. Prevent your hair from breaking and falling out with the right tools while being kind to the planet.

Biodegradable iPhone 12 Case – Wavecase

Zero-waste lifestyle arrives in every product in our life like our phone case. Wavecase offers you this biodegradable phone case made from wheat straw and bamboo fibre, available in seven colours. Protect your phone at the same time you protect your environment.

Wooden WAKEcup – WAKEcup

Have your favourite drink in this eco-friendly beautiful wooden mug. It’s not only a stylish cup but it is also special since the beech wood grain varies by year as the tree grows. Have your cold or hot drink and create an experience out of it by drinking in this WAKEcup unique cup.

Round Salad Bowls – FOOGO Green

Eat a healthy delicious salad in this palm leaves made bowl. They are a great eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic or paper bowls and they can go straight into your home compost bin. Also, feel free to heat something in the microwave on them and serve a variety of flavourful dishes.

Sparkle Biodegradable Glitter Kit – Eco Glitter Fun

Going to a music festival soon or do you just need some shining for a special day? Eco Glitter Fun has this biodegradable glitter kit to be the spark of the party. With also a bamboo brush and an aloe vera gel to apply your glitter and don’t worry if it falls because it will naturally decompose in the environment. Although its main purpose is for makeup, you can also use it for your arts & crafts.


Natural Clay Soap Bar – Authentic House

It’s important to wash your hands properly, but it’s also important to do it with the right soap. Authentic House blends natural clays, essential oils and botanicals to create a bar soap available in different scents from charcoal, lime & ginger, to mint ice.

Reusable Kitchen Roll – Leave No Trace

These eco-friendly kitchen rolls are available in 4 minimal colours and they are perfect for live surfaces clean and shining. No more use and waste alternatives to keep your kitchen clean. Use them, wash them, dry them, and they will be ready to use again!

Red Poster Bag For Change – Be For Change

A bag for your groceries, carrying your phone and keys or anything you wish. This bag is perfect for any type of weather thanks to its rubbery water-repellent finish and also super strong due to its polyester fabric. Carry a cool trendy design at the same type you are helping the environment.

Zero Waste Toothpaste Tablets – 60 Tabs – LiveCoco

The best swap to everyday tubes of toothpaste. LiveCoco has this eco-conscious and plastic-free toothpaste tablets with natural peppermint oil to give you that fresh feeling. You would only have to chew one tablet and brush your teeth as usual.

Reusable Metal Straw Set – Shop & Sustain

Do you like to drink your smoothies and frappuccinos through a straw? Then this is excellent for you! This metal straw is durable, washable and reusable. They come with a cleaning brush but they can also go into the dishwasher. Stop wasting paper or plastic straws and just carry this metal straw by Shop & Sustain in your bag for any occasion.

Glass & Wood Pantry Jars Set – Fresh Thinking Co.

This jar set will keep your grains and food kept freshly while giving a touch of glamour to your kitchen. You can even take them to your nearest zero-waste shop and place your nuts, seeds or flours directly in the jar to take home. Made ethically with borosilicate glass and with an acacia wood lid, these jars will help you with your conscious swap.

Nail Polish Remover Pads -The Conscious Sewist

Want more sustainable swaps for your beauty routine? Here you have nail polish remover pads that are reusable and organic. They are made from two layers of organic hemp and cotton that will help to remove your nail polish while keeping your nail protected.

Coconut Bowl Candle -Kukena

Blow a candle at home to make it sweet and fresh with one of these Kukena candles. Made by surfers in Cornwall, these candles are made in a coconut bowl that can be washed and used for other purposes once the candle completely blows out. Choose between the 6 scents, all from organic and essential oils and enjoy the best aromas.

Eco-Friendly Shower Puff – Hookaway4Crochet

No more plastic shower puff thanks to these UK premium cotton crochet ones by Hookaway4Crochet. They are much kinder to your skin and the environment and they are machine washable too to use them as many times as you want. Thanks to their fibres they are also less absorbent, so you will be saving on your products and also elongating the puff life.

Organic Cotton Applicator Tampons – Grace & Green

The zero-waste arrives in every area, and women’s intimacy is one of them. Grace & Green created these tampons with an organic cardboard applicator 100% biodegradable. These tampons are breathable, proven non-irritating and suitable for sensitive skin and expand gently for a comfortable fit. There are two absorbencies available to choose the one that works better for you.

Biodegradable Tea Bags – NEMI Teas

What we put in our drinks it’s very important and the same goes for teabags. Some of them have microplastics that go into our organism when we drink them, but you won’t have to worry about it with NEMI Teas. These tea bags are completely biodegradable since they are handcrafted with natural ingredients. Also, the tea is vegan featuring exotic flavours, traditional Indian spices and a range of aromatic flavours from cardamom Chai to peppermint.


Which product on this list would you choose to start your zero-waste lifestyle? Let us know how you start the swap to a more conscious and eco-friendly way of life by tagging us on our Instagram @wearthlondon