25 Planet Friendly Things To Do This Mothers Day

Looking for things to do this Mothers Day? Treat your no.1 woman to a day of her dreams with our list of UK based activities that will make 2022 a year to remember . We’re talking quality time, elevated. You needn’t splash the cash either, just have fun with your mum, whatever your budget. Though you should be showing your gratitude every day of the year, make today special and make some memories with the activities below.

– Staying In?

Bake A Vegan Cake

Take it back to your childhood and get baking! There’s no better bonding experience than aproning up and creating something delicious. Pop on your favourite playlist (Jack Jonson’s, In between Dreams playlist is always a shout) and rise to the occasion. Alternatively, just buy a supermarket cake and decorate it together.

Here is a delicious Vegan lemon blueberry cupcake recipe to try from our recipe team at Wearth.

Alternatively, you can use seasonal vegetables as a base to lower the carbon footprint of the cake. In the UK, Artichoke, Beetroot, Carrots, Chicory, Cucumber, Leeks, Parsnip, Purple Sprouting Broccoli, Radishes, Rhubarb, Sorrel, Spring Greens, Spring Onions, and watercress are in season. Go for a simple carrot cake, carrot and watercress, beetroot and chocolate, broccoli and chocolate, spiced parsnip, or rhubarb.

In terms of cake decorations, here is a handy edible flower guide for an elegant and eco-friendly finish to your creation. Alternatively, there are plenty of vegan sprinkles, icing recipes and cake toppers on the market to choose from. Fruit works excellently too.


Jewellery Making

Get creative and make each other some jewellery!

All you need are needle-nosed pliers, glass beads, beading wire or memory wire, earring hooks and earring studs. If you want to create tassels and pom-poms, go ahead and grab some yarn and embroidery thread too. All local craft shops will stock these items, or go sustainable and collect beads and materials from thrifted jewellery or your own pieces that could use re-zhuzhing. The limit is your creativity, and there are plenty of tutorials online for inspiration.


Have A Home Spa Day

Treat your mumma! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Run her a warm bath with scented candles and her favourite bubble bath.
  • Set the mood with relaxing music and a scented oil diffuser.
  • Sip on some vegan prosecco, or drink of choice.
  • Considering making your own natural face masks, we’ve created a great DIY guide with three options that can be paired with cut cucumber to freshen up and calm your eyes.
  • Liberally apply sustainable, cruelty free moisturiser to your bods to feel as lovely as she is. We have many to choose from here at Wearth
  • Give each other massages if you’re comfortable with it. A foot massage goes a long way.

If DIY is not your thing, leave it to the professionals and head to an eco-conscious spa, click here to discover our list of the best spas and beauty salons that put the planet first. You both deserve nothing less.


Soap Making

For an easy convenient option, you can buy a vegan soap making kit, many of which can be found online and can help to support small businesses.

Homemade soap can also makes great gifts for the other mothers in the family!


Pompom Garlands

All you need is a fork, some yarn and scissors. It’s that simple!

Pick your colours, make your pompoms, then string up. Beautiful and summery, cheering up any space they are placed in.  A simple tutorial can be found here and once you get the knack, you’ll be adding them to every cushion and straw bag you own! Play around with different colour combinations and design to add fun variety.


– Foodies?

Check Out your Local Vegan Restaurants

Browse through the below lists to find a vegan place for any taste! We are lucky in London to have a whole plethora of food from every culture, so take your mum out for dinner and feed her love for vegan cuisine. We’ve got suggestion to suit everyone over on our Conscious London category, from pizza to fine dining.

If none of these tickle your fancy, there are hundreds of other options in London and the rest of the country. Happy Cow is a great tool to find them.


Vegan Afternoon Tea

What can be a more quintessential Mother’s Day activity than going out for Afternoon Tea?

Check out our London guide here, or find out if your local cafe/ restaurant/ hotel/ department store does vegan options, most places do these days, which is pretty fantastic.


– Outdoor Explorers

Wild River Swimming

Is there anything more tranquil than meandering down a river, shrouded by trees, listening to birdsong and the rush of water? I think not! The peace it brings your soul is incomparable, so even those with the most fractious relationship with their mother can enjoy this activity together. Get on your cutest swimming gear and see who can last the longest in the Spring water. If we’re lucky to have some rays on the day, sunbathe on the banks and forget about the world for a while.


Sea Swimming

There is no more thrilling way to start a Mother’s day than by running into the surf! In March it is still a little nippy, but throw yourself in, and the adrenaline will give you an endorphin rush like no other. Make sure you have plenty of fluffy towels and a flask of tea or coffee waiting on the shore, and just enjoy.


Kayaking/ Row Boats

Now who doesn’t love a bit of kayaking action? Get a two-man out for teamwork sightseeing, or singles for those more competitive families. You can do it along almost any coastline, river or lake in the world, (a favourite of mine is Durdle Door in Dorset), and you’ll make memories to last a lifetime.

If cannoning is not your thing, consider renting a rowboat for an hour for more of a chilled watery experience.



Don’t want to put in the arm work of paddling? Then head to Oxford, Cambridge or Canterbury and sit back, relax and watch the world go by on a punting boat. With no risk of getting splashed, feel free to dress up in cute outfits, and bring along a picnic or drinks to really live that Jane Austin fantasy.



Does the idea of sharing the day with your mother fill you with dread? Then why not book a boxing class for the two of you to healthily work through those feelings in a controlled environment! Not everyone is lucky enough to have the best relationship with their mum, and that is completely valid. Boxing is high energy, fun, and works up a sweat, so the emphasis doesn’t have to be on conversation, just developing skill and technique together. Any active health-conscious mum will love this, and it can be a great bonding activity.


Alpaca Walks

What could be cuter than heading out to the Country and getting up close and personal with one of the cutest camelids out there? Nothing. Many farms across the South offer this trendy experience now, so book you and your mum some tickets and get walking.


Goat Yoga

Bored of bog-standard yoga? Want to kid around in class a while? Bring in the goats. This adorable experience, based in a smattering of farms across the country, will provide laughs for years. As someone who’s been the proud owner of a goats in trees calendar for many years, I can’t imagine anything else I’d rather do to be honest. Get booking soon as the classes fill up very quickly!


– Art Lovers

Go To An Art Exhibition

What could be a more simple yet lovely thing to do with your mother than attend an exhibition at your favourite gallery? If you don’t know her favourite artist or art genre yet, find that out, and surprise her with tickets. Book as soon as you can through as the more popular shows can book out very quickly! If you can’t find tickets, there are always tens of exhibitions on for free so get searching in your local area. For bonus points, bring along some sketch pads, pens and pencils and get sketching with her.


Pottery Painting

For a hit of nostalgia, head to your local pottery centre/ ceramic cafe and add new momentos to the crockery collection. This requires very little experience or skill if you’re not naturally artistic, so paint your hearts out with no pressure and just enjoy!


Art Classes

There are hundreds of different workshops and classes going on over the country, so find one that best suits her and sign up for one together for the day or evening. This is not only fun, but you’ll have something handcrafted to bring home at the end of the day.


– Push The Boat Out

Boat Jacuzzi

Looking for a unique experience? Get your swimmers on, jump in a hot tub boat, and sail around Canary Wharf for 75 mins. There is the option of a bbq boat instead if you’re feeling that more. Book with Skuna Boats for a truly memorable experience. You can have up to 7 people so why not invite the whole family?


Vineyard Tour

The UK has a whole host of vineyards across the country, many within an hour’s travel from London, so no need to head to Tuscany or Bordeaux for decent wine and stunning backdrops.. Support local winemakers and if you’re vegan, make sure to check they have those options available!


– Shop ‘Till You Drop

Portobello Market or Columbia Road Flower Market

These iconic markets are teeming with interesting people and just the best energy. If you’re into vintage fashion and interesting knickknacks, head North West to Notting Hill and spend the day perusing the stalls there and eating the best street food London has to offer. Or head North East to Bethnal Green to the world-famous Columbia Road Flower Market. Mother’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, so you’re in luck if you plan to create a beautiful bouquet for her to celebrate the day.


Charity Shopping

Wherever you live, there are few better options for a foraing trip than a day of charity shopping or thrifting. Head to your local high street with a chosen budget and see who can pick the best outfit for each other!

Living in London? Check out Esme’s post on Sustainable Shopping: The Best Second-Hand Shops In London


Garden Centre

Green-fingers? Is her pride and joy her garden? Why not take her to her favourite garden centre, and treat her to whatever she fancies that day. And what could be a more perfect end to the day than tea and cake in the cafe. Low-stress and wheelchair accessible, this could be the activity for you.


– Accentuate That Beauty

Custom Lipstick Session

Is your mother never caught dead outside the house without lippie on? This could be the experience for her.  Discover your perfect shades together at The Lip Lab, and customise every part of the lipstick, walking away with it the same day.


Custom Perfume

In the same vein, if she’s something of a Perfumer, treat her to a customised perfume experience. Help her create her signature scent at Florist London.


– Keepsakes

Mothers Day Photoshoot

Why not go traditional and shoot some gorgeous photos with your mum. Who says a photographer is reserved for special occasions only? Celebrate your love for each other by picking the perfect location and your photographer will advise on the time of day for the shoot based on your light preferences and guide you in the most natural poses for the photo album. Top tip – hire a photography student. Not only will the photography session be considerably cheaper, but you’ll be aiding in portfolio building and their professional experience; with results guaranteed to be just as good as the professionals! Reach out to your local university for them to offer out to the students, and look through each portfolio to find the best fit.


Boobie Casting

Out of the box? Sure. But a lovely bonding experience and a way to celebrate and honour your individual beauty for mothers and daughters. This can be especially poignant if either has undergone a major change like a mastectomy, or simply if you want to capture your pregnant  breasts as a snapshot in time. Casting, nude photography, portraits and other art forms can be incredibly empowering for those with body-image issues. They let you see the beauty that others do. So whatever your reason, consider giving this a go, and hang them as a momentum to that self love. The two studios that offer this are Brighton Body Casting and Lydia Reeves. Check out their social media if nothing else!


Hand Casting

For something no less intimate, but less risque, you could try booking a hand-casting session. Many places around the country offer this service, or simply order an online kit and do it from the comfort of your home.


So enjoy Mothers Day 2022 whatever you get up to! We hope you’ve been inspired by at least one of these suggestions for the special day. Booking an experience or outing often results in the most sustainable gift, not only are you avoiding overconsumption and waste but you’re making memories that will last a lifetime.