3 Handmade Gifts For This Valentine’s Day

If you’re looking to get crafty this year and create DIY valentine’s gift that puts the planet first, then check out this unique range of homemade gifts your loved one will definitely appreciate.

Some people prefer to give handmade gifts because they are made with love and others make homemade gifts to ensure that their gifts are ethically made and one-of-a-kind. Rest assured, there is something here for your loved one, most are extremely simple handmade gifts that will have a “wow” factor without requiring a lot of effort and keep the planet in mind.

Floral Herbarium:

Japanese herbarium bottles are simple to make and create an excellent home decor statement. These lovely dried flowers in oil specimens are also ideal for gift giving and displaying your floral collection.

What you’ll need: 

– Sealable Bottle or Jar (Reusing glass jars you have at home is a great idea, this could range from Alcohol bottles to Candle jars as long as it seals you’ll be good.)

– Dried Flowers (Using dried flowers means the herbarium can last up to a year. Not only are dried flowers better for the environment but they are super easy to preserve yourself. Click here to find out how to dry them yourselves.)

– Herbarium oil (This is definitely hard to get your hands on but fear not, you can substitute it for Baby Oil or any other mineral oil. Here’s our best and most sustainable substitute. Disclaimer: Do not use oils that solidify like Coconut Oil.)


  1. Gather up your dried flowers and leaves  that you’ll be using in the bottle. A great way to find flowers and leaves can be your local park or your garden. If you have a bouquet of flowers at home, don’t let it go to waste. You can 100% dry and preserve those flowers too, unabling you to enjoy them for longer.
  2. Wash the jar or container you will be using, as you don’t want any built up residue in the bottle to stand out once it’s made. Make sure you clean your alcohol bottles if that’s what you’re using as well.
  3. Place your dried flowers and leaves in the bottle, this is where you’re really able to get creative. You can place them by colour or sort them by flowers however, you may want to design the bottle. Carefully place the flowers in the bottle/ jar using tweezers.
  4. Slowly pour your oil of choice in the bottle. This is where things can get fiddly but don’t get discouraged if your flowers move around. The point of homemade gifts is that they are unique so if you plan to create and give multiple herbariums they all have a different feel and are set apart from gifts you could get off the supermarket shelves.
  5. Seal tightly and share with your loved one. You can also seal with glue or wax to prevent spillages.
3 bottles of Floral Herbariums

Pro tip: Personalise the herbariums with labels and stickers for an extra personable touch. 


Potpourri is a fragrant mixture of dried ingredients, spices, and oils. It can be made from a variety of components and emit a range of fragrances and moods making it a great gift to give your loved one. Choose your dry ingredients, pair them with essential oils, and let your potpourri fill the space with gorgeous scents that won’t harm the planet.

What you’ll need: 

– Jar, Dish or Satchel (I love glass trinket dishes as they’re deep enough where you can pack in a lot of the ingredients and they have super cute designs. However, you can always use a bowl or a sachet whatever you may have laying around.)

– Dried Flowers

– Citrus Fruits (Oranges, Lemons, limes and Grapefruits are all natural scents that smell great)

– Fresh Herbs (Optional: But recommended. If you want a fresh-outdoorsy smell herbs are great, try to pick herbs that match the fruits you are using. Lemon and Rosemary pairing goes wonderful together.)

– Whole Spices (Optional: Cloves, cinnamon and cardamom are great spices to add that give an aromatic scent to your potpourri.)

– Essential Oil (Click here to discover our range of essential oils)


  1. Gather the flowers you’ll be using, for that Valentine’s feel roses are great but any flowers that you have on hand will work. Preheat your oven to 120° C.
  2. Spread the flowers onto a pre-lined baking sheet.
  3. On the baking sheet add your citrus fruits and spices (if you’re using spices) and spread them around evenly.
  4. Add around 5-15 drops of your preferred essential oil onto the flowers, citruces and spices. This is all about what you prefer if you want a more fragrant smell add more drops if you’re relying on the scents from the flowers and fruits add less.
  5. Spray the mix with around 1 tablespoon of water and it’s good to go in the oven for around 2 hours.
  6. Keep an eye on the potpourri to make sure it doesn’t burn but due to the low temperature this shouldn’t be a problem, you want the flowers to be brittle, not burnt. Whilst in the oven you’ll be able to smell the wonderful scents of the potpourri coming together and making your house smell amazing!
  7. Once ready, remove from the oven and let it rest to room temperature. You may decide to add more drops of essential oil; it’s all up to you.
  8. Mix the potpourri together and place into the bowl, dish or sachet where you’ll be ready to give the gift to your partner.
Bowl of potpourri

Pro tip: To refresh the scents, simply spritz the potpourri with essential oils of your choice.

Rose Bath Salts:

What’s better than a soak in the bath.. Not a lot really. These homemade Rose Bath Salts are incredibly simple to make, soothing, and an ideal gift for Valentine’s (or Galentine’s) Day.

What you’ll need:

– Sealable Jar (Consider reusing jars and containers you may have at home.)

– Dried rose petals and buds (If you don’t have any rose petals on hand any flowers can do.)

– Salt you’ll need 2 types: Epsom Salt and any choice of your preferred Sea Salt (I really like Kosher salt and it’s available in most supermarkets.)

– Choice of your ‘carrier oil’: Carrier oil is oil that’s used for aromatherapy and can be directly applied to skin and hair with no side effects. (A personal favourite is Rosehip Oil or Jojoba Oil.

– Essential Oils


  1. In a bowl mix your 1:2 ratio of essential oil to ‘carrier oil’. So if you use 10 drops of essential oil you’ll want about a tablespoon of your preferred oil whether that be rosehip, jojoba or any other oil you may want.
  2. Once combined, mix in your 1:1 ratio of salts into the bowl and mix until the salts smell great and are coated in the oil.
  3. Then add in your dried rose petals and buds into the bowl.
  4. Once thoroughly combined, place it into your jar/container and it’s ready to be gifted and used. We suggest using ½ to 1 cup in every bath you take.
Rose bath salts

Pro tip: Feel free to swap fragrances every time you make the salts. Lavender is a great option for relaxation.