The 5 R’s To Zero Waste Living

For the normal person busy with work deadlines who just about get time to see friends or catch up with the latest episode of Riverdale, being the stereotypical zero waster who can fit all of their rubbish from one year in a jar is a difficult/near impossible feat. That said, by trying to follow the 5 R’s of Zero Waste you can still make a difference and reduce the amount of plastic you consume and throw away. So if you haven’t heard of them or are looking for a quick refresher read below.

1. Refuse

Refuse what exactly? There are so many things in our day to day life which are given to us that we don’t need. For example, when you’re off to the local Odeon you can easily end up with several straws just for one drink, all of which will end up in landfill. Likewise there’s a huge array of cheap disposable items for all aspects of living from razors to cling film. Luckily you can refuse these easily with the eco friendly alternatives which are not only better for the planet but saves you money in the long term.

clothing pile

2. Reduce

Reduce is about being conscious about what you own and what you buy. In our society of unadulterated mass production it is very easy to collect a random collection of items from branded pens from that internship you did 5 years ago to the stack of lonely clothes at the bottom of the wardrobe. All these things which you don’t need, go through the difficult task of clearing out and let someone else enjoy them by giving them to the local charity shop. Once you have cleared out everything you don’t need it is then much easier to manage and reduce the amount of stuff you have. When you do buy as well as you know then you’re also more likely to know that what you are buying is something you need and value, making you more appreciative of what you have.

flower arrangement

3.  Reuse

Reusing is all about being clever with what you have and what you buy to reduce the demand on unnecessary often plasticy (lets pretend its a word) disposables which end up in landfill. There are two important methods to reusing, DIY and buying green alternatives. We’ll do a post soon about both soon. An important element of reusing is also repairing, if for example your ‘favourite’ christmas jumper handmade by your nan has started to fall to pieces whip out the sewing machine and see if it can be resurrected.

recycling logo

4. Recycle

So this isn’t the most exciting R in the R family but is nevertheless an important one. One tip to making recycling more ‘fun’ is to buy cool multi-coloured bins to sort through your rubbish, yes you can be that person! If you don’t know where best to recycle in your local area check out this website

5. Rot

To finish off with a bang time to talk about composting! Unfortunately if you’re living in a one bedroom flat in Clapham this again isn’t necessarily easy but all you need is a bit of outside space. If you do have a garden of any nature then composting is easy and means rather than sending your rubbish to landfill a lot of it can go into your compost and you get amazing fertile soil in the end. You may also get the chance to make friends with the local mole community!