5 Ways of Practicing Self Love This Valentine’s Day

Self-love on Valentine’s Day can often be overlooked because so much focus is placed on romantic love and the way we can show it to others. However, as 2022 is the year for prioritising ourselves, spending Valentine’s Day alone does not mean that it should be spent without love.

What is self-love?

The Brain and Behaviour Research Foundation have defined self-love as “a state of appreciation for oneself that grows from actions that support our physical, psychological and spiritual growth.” Therefore, practicing self-love is any action that helps deepen that appreciation and love for yourself. Although rarely discussed, the relationship that we have with ourselves is arguably the most important one there is, as it is the foundation for all further relationships that follow.

Taking the time to concentrate on yourself and providing yourself with the love that you would give to others is essential. However, it can also be tricky particularly at times like Valentine’s Day. Hence why at Wearth we have come up with 5 fabulous ways to embrace self-love and alone time.

1. An at home self-care activity

face mask


If this is your first year spending Valentine’s without someone you are not alone, as despite what social media will have you thinking, roughly 34.5% of the population is single. However, if you are at all conscious or worried about going out, there is still plenty that you can do to embrace the day. For instance, why not try out a self-care activity? Doing little things such as making yourself your favourite meal, getting hands-on with a DIY face mask kit, or even just a colouring in for a few hours can help keep your brain occupied. Self-care activities don’t always have to be transformative and doing the little things to make yourself happy is a great form of self-love.

2. Going to a gallery

peter rabbit

Whether Valentine’s Day or otherwise, taking a trip to a gallery or exhibition is arguably one of the best ventures to take solo. Galleries are made for single people and here’s why:

One of the key unspoken (pardon the pun) rules for visiting a gallery is to be quiet. No one wants to hear the intimate details of another person’s life whilst they’re trying to get to grips with the story behind The Starry Night, which means going alone is almost preferred. Also, galleries are an immersive experience and are there for you to absorb into, which is perfect for anyone who isn’t comfortable with days out by themselves.

This February there are many exhibitions on offer, including Beatrix Potter: Drawn to Nature, at the V&A Museum. Have a look and see what takes your fancy.


3. Get your body Moving

Whether it be yoga, heavy lifting, swimming, or a long walk in the park, the option is yours, just as long as you are moving. We all know that when we exercise, our body releases a wonderful chemical called endorphins which trigger a happy feeling inside of us. Taking part in any form of exercise is a great way to practice self-love as not only is it good for us physically but also mentally.

Taking part in classes such as yoga etc where it is an induvial activity, but in a group setting, can also be a fantastic way to feel a part of something, and share your day of self-love with others.

4. Taking time to relax

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Equally just as important and just as rewarding is taking a little time out. One of the most satisfying parts of self-love is being content doing nothing in your own company. Think of all the nice things you would do to help a partner unwind and then apply them to yourself. As doing completely nothing can be a difficult concept for some to enjoy, how about finding the time to just really relax and enjoy a bit of “nothingness”. For example, running a bath with some bath salts or treating yourself to a little calm bath box with chocolate to feed the soul. Whatever it is that helps you unwind, whether that be a bit of music, some wine, anything of your choice, it’s worth utilising these options for the ultimate self-love ritual of just being.

5. A little animal 1-1

For anyone that has pets, you’ll already know the happiness that they can bring to your life. Providing their owner with unconditional love, having a pet, particularly a dog can help with loneliness and even depression, as shown by The Guardian. Setting up an evening for you and your furry friend to enjoy, or going to a pet-friendly café together can provide companionship if you find it difficult to spend time by yourself.

We also understand that not everyone has a pet, and so for dog-lovers, there are a few alternatives that are on offer to spending the day with a four-legged bestie. The Guide Dog National Centre, near Lemington Spa, offers people the opportunity to spend the day with guide dog puppies. Within the half-day experience, you will be able to feed the puppies and help them socialise, whilst learning about their importance and what they do.

Alternatively, as this option can also be quite expensive, you can also offer to babysit a dog for the day/evening. Borrow My Doggy works by connecting people who need some help with doggy care, to those who are looking to borrow a dog for the day. With plenty of people out for Valentine’s Day, why not give their pet a chance to spend the evening with a new friend.