A Guide To Eco-Friendly Zero Waste Cleaning

If you’re like us, you probably secretly harbour a love for a dazzling shine. The satisfaction from a pristine home, post-cleaning, is something we tend to underestimate. Even if getting there isn’t your favourite way to spend your time, cleaning is a necessity. However, can you achieve that dazzling shine through eco-friendly cleaning and by using zero waste cleaning brands?

If you shop with us at Wearth, you certainly can! However, before we take a look at some of the best zero waste cleaning products and eco-friendly cleaning products, let’s do a quick run through of what you need to look out for.

Choosing the right products

Making green cleaning choices is a journey. There’s no need to ditch everything in your cabinet, wasting it in the process. However, try to introduce new products and methods as your current supplies run low.

1) Eco-friendly

Many cleaning products rely on harsh chemicals, all in an effort to help you ditch the elbow grease. The problem with these chemicals is that they end up in the water system and are potentially harmful. They can also be an irritant to your skin and airways. There are plenty of natural substances, from vinegar and alcohol to innovative anti-microbial ingredients, which will do the job just as well.

2) Zero-waste

Many cleaning tools are designed to be single-use, or disposable. From disposable wipes to plastic dish scrubbing brushes, most mainstream cleaning tools end up in landfill. Many don’t biodegrade easily. That’s before you get onto the plethora of plastic bottles that are used to hold cleaning fluids.

A reduced waste approach to cleaning is about selecting a few biodegradable long-lasting cleaning items that can be used for multiple jobs, as well as choosing products which come in plastic-free bottles or packaging that can be refilled.

3) Does the job

To us, it’s not just enough for a product to tick the eco-friendly cleaning box. We want to know it does a good job. The product needs to be conscious of green values, while also being the superhero of cleaning stuff.

The good news is that it’s possible to find eco-friendly zero waste cleaning products in the UK which do just that.

So, with understanding of the aims, how do you get started?

Dive straight in

If you want to start right now, today, then you can’t go wrong with the Complete Cleaning Caddy. In your sturdy cardboard caddy, which is supremely practical, you get everything you need to make your house clean from top to bottom, in an environmentally friendly way.

Cleaning Caddy


You’re set up with recyclable aluminium bottles, which you can then refill using cost-effective sachets. You simply put in your empty bottle and top up with water. This kit also comes with the tools you’ll need, including cloths and a brush.

The tools for the job

As your usual house cleaning tools give up the ghost, why not replace them with longer-lasting options?

You don’t need lots of fancy gizmos to achieve green cleaning. We recommend you start with some multi-purpose cloths, such as these cotton dishcloths. A replacement for kitchen roll or wipes, such as our gorgeous polka dot reusable paper towels, or cotton bamboo wipes, is a good investment. Lastly, you’ll find washing up a doddle if you have an eco-friendly scrubbing brush such as the bamboo dish scrub or coconut fibre dish brushes.

Start with just one cleaning job

If you’re not ready to go all-out towards radically changing your cleaning regime in one hit, then that’s fine. Small changes tend to be more sustainable, so you could introduce just one new job or one new room.

If you fancy this route, then a great place to start is doing the dishes! The plastic-free kitchen set contains a brush with a replaceable head, dishwashing soap (the equivalent of three bottles of dishwashing detergent!), a soap stand and two sponges.

Cleaning set


This set is a great introduction to eco-friendly cleaning and definitely among our best zero waste cleaning products. If you don’t want to part with dishwashing detergent, then opt for an eco-friendly washing-up liquid instead. Once your bottle is empty, you can get a 10 litre refill box. That’s a lot of washing up, so will keep you going for a long time!

If you want a more hands-free introduction to eco-friendly cleaning and zero waste domestic bliss, then why not swap out your usual laundry detergent for the Clothes Doctor plastic free laundry detergent or the Fill dishwasher powder?

Know your zero waste cleaning brands

The best zero waste cleaning products and supplies tend to come from just a handful of brands in the UK. At Wearth we only stock the best brands which fit in with our values. For cleaning your home, these brands include Clean Living, No Tox Life, Clothes Doctor, Fill and Tabitha Eve.

Refillable sachets

When you first start out taking a reduced waste and eco-friendly cleaning approach, it can feel a little like you’ve got to shell out on lots of new things.

Firstly, you don’t have to. You can make changes gradually over time. Try to introduce one new green cleaning habit at a time and that way the changes will stick.

Secondly, setting up requires you to get some bottles, such as those we sell, made of recyclable aluminium or glass. These are slightly more expensive than high-waste plastic versions. However, the difference is that these bottles are reusable. Once you’ve finished the initial contents, you can buy refillable sachets, such as the Clean Living biological multi-purpose cleaner. The Clean Living products have anti-microbial ingredients, which offer a number of exciting benefits.


refill cleaning products


These sachets are low cost and lightweight, making them ideal for online delivery. You then simply pour the contents of the sachet into your empty bottle, top it up with water, and carry on cleaning.

The result is that over time, zero waste cleaning products can end up being far more cost-effective.

Get browsing

If you’re completely new to eco-friendly cleaning, or you simply want to take a look at what you could be missing out on, then browse our cleaning products.