Handmade Jewellery Brands You Need To Know About

The number of sustainable & handmade jewellery brands in the UK is growing. Conscious consumers are driving demand for pieces of jewellery that don’t just look good, but are good. At Wearth, we’re proud to be able to bring you a huge range of affordable handmade jewellery brands, enabling you to choose necklaces, earrings, watches and more, all in line with your values.

At Wearth, we only work with UK jewellery brands which don’t have a negative impact on people or places. Materials are fairly traded, traceable to source. Recycled materials feature heavily, with minimal packaging and waste. Labour processes are fair and responsible and production processes are sustainable and non-polluting. For us, all of our jewellery is vegan too; you won’t find any leather or other animal products used here.

So which are our favourite handmade jewellery brands?

Affordable handmade jewellery brands in the UK

We work with around 20 UK jewellery brands. All are sustainable, but each has its own unique focus. We can’t share all of our brands with you, but you can browse them all on our ethical jewellery section.

Here is a few of our favourites:

For recycled silver and gold with a design twist

Nouare pieces are handmade in Brighton by designer Marie, using recycled silver. The designs are minimalist but still somehow absolutely distinct. Take for example, the Nouare Jewellery Godavari Double Ring made from recycled silver and gold vermeil.

We also adore this so-simple-but-so-beautiful piece from Minima jewellery which is made using recycled 9ct yellow gold, hand-forged into a stunning disc. Made in Norfolk, Minima focuses on small scale ethical pieces. They have a commitment to plastic free and recyclable packaging too.

Striking silver with eye-catching designs

For those who like to make a statement, Bluebell Lane Jewellery sees Ruth Lea make some incredible pieces which are unlike any other. She uses recycled silver and has a firm desire to keep her jewellery pieces sustainable yet utterly contemporary. Want something different?  Take a look at the handmade Bluebell Lane Jewellery Square Swirl Threader Earrings.

Another UK handmade jewellery brand which is all about standing out is April March Jewellery. A good example of the jewellery is the Silver Star Amulet Bracelet which is unlike anything else we’ve seen before. These April March Jewellery pieces use recycled silver and gold, as well as fair trade gold and gemstones and have a distinct focus on nature in design.

For fun everyday

We all have those everyday favourites that last us through the years. If you’re looking for something that fits this bill then Atypical Thing is the brand for you. We can see the Triple Cube Necklace becoming an everyday staple, perfect for every outfit and occasion. Every piece is made by hand here in the UK by designer and maker Josefina.


With similar high-standard ethics, Hummingbird Hawkmoth also makes wonderful everyday handmade jewellery pieces, such as the Dodecagon Geometric Bangle. Again using recycled silver, the pieces are individually handmade and come complete with plastic-free recycled packaging.


Little Imp is another of the best handmade jewellery brands in the UK. The jewellery is again minimalist and designed for the variety of everyday using environmentally friendly materials. The designer-maker, Sarah, is determined to reduce the amount of chemicals which are commonly used in jewellery making. She makes sure that all polishing compounds steer clear of animal fats, making them a genuine vegan choice. Check out the striking yet simple hand-forged Little Imp Circle Ring.

For more than just jewellery

Jewellery is intimately personal, offering meaning more than just beauty. There are UK brands which are about more than style and substance – they bring you something unique in each jewellery piece.

Ara – The Altar pieces are a good example, with inspiration drawn from astronomy, nature and rituals. Ritual Object I – The Pear Pendant is a fabulous example of a piece which doesn’t just look beautiful but has significance and meaning for the wearer. It’s hand sculpted and cast from recycled sterling silver and is designed to be a protective amulet for the wearer. Ara – The Altar was actually the first jewellery brand that we stocked!

Another jewellery brand which brings you pieces with greater meaning is Smoke and Ash, such as with their Hidden Message Ring. The personalised message on the inside makes this ring ideal for gifting. All Smoke and Ash pieces are handmade from recycled materials.

For watches

When it comes to sustainable watches, we love the brand Ksana.

Ksana gets its name from the Buddhist perception of time, and in a digitally-intense world, this brand is different. The watches are all vibrantly colourful and designed to last. But even so, at the end of the watch’s life it can be returned to have every element recycled, with the strap being transformed into solar panels. 1% of Ksana watch sales go to environmental causes.

Brighten up a winter’s day with the neon blue Ksana watch, which is hand assembled and cruelty free.

For gifting, for you

With a huge variety of affordable handmade jewellery brands to choose from, we know that you’ll want to choose more than one piece! Why not round off your sustainable jewellery shopping by getting a Luxtra Vegan Jewellery Box, made from vegan leather, to store your new pieces in?