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31 Aug Plastic Free Toiletries Guide – Ditch the plastic in your bathroom with these UK zero waste alternatives

Here we highlight some of our most popular plastic free and eco-friendly toilets, all of which even have zero waste delivery packaging. 

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30 Aug 5 Ways To Influence The UK Government To Act On Environmental Issues

Here we explore the different ways in which you can help push the UK government to do more about the environmental challenges including climate change and plastic pollution. 

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28 Aug Vegan Gifts For Him | Vegan-Friendly Gift Ideas Guide Part 2

From organic skincare products, unisex jewellery to stylish homewares, here we have selected some of our best-selling vegan gifts for him.

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22 Aug Is Zero Waste Possible?

When we live in a world surrounded by non-recyclable plastic, single use packaging and mass consumerism, is it really possible for individuals to go zero waste?

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