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29 Jan Is the Zero Waste movement sustainable and will it be integral to our future?

Opinion piece by Amy from Conscious Traveller - ‘Zero-waste’ was a term initially used in manufacturing where the companies squandered as little resources as possible. Since then, it has become a catchphrase used by individuals globally to denote sending nothing to landfill. However, is this movement just a phase? 

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28 Jan Should manufacturers have to pay more recycling costs?

Opinion piece written by Ruby Clarkson discussing whether manufacturers should take on more responsibility in tackling plastic waste.

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25 Jan Stylish eco and plastic free lunch boxes which make reducing food packaging waste easy

Discover some of our most popular environmentally friendly lunch boxes for adults and kids making it easy for you to reduce food packaging waste whilst on the move or at the office.

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23 Jan For floss sake! Why make the swap to biodegradable dental floss made from bamboo?

Here we highlight the best eco-friendly and biodegradable floss alternatives available in the UK made by natural dental care brands. These eco dental floss offer an effective way of continuing to floss and improve your oral health whilst being better for our planet and our oceans.

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