Our Guide To Sustainable Yoga At Home

Enjoying a mindful moment on the mat isn’t just secluded to the studio. It’s time to roll out your beloved sustainable yoga mat and begin a mindful practice at home. During the lockdown, we got used to exercising at home, whether that was jumping around the living room or running around the garden, we became accustomed to swapping the gym for home. As we are back to bustling life, keeping up regular exercise habits can be tricky when juggling work, kids and social commitments. As the strains of everyday life begin to increase our stress and anxiety, prioritising time on the mat has never been more important.

Finding a mindful moment in child pose or stretching away the tension knots in cat-cow and bringing presence back to your body is a great way to shake off a long week. And it’s never been easier. Starting yoga at home, whether you are a total novice or expert yogi, finding even 10 minutes on the mat is a great way to bring this practice back into your routine.

Yoga is an ancient Indian tradition that has been around for centuries, and we are discovering more about the healing benefits of this mindful practice. Designed for everyone and all levels, yoga can help reduce back pain, strengthen bones, improve flexibility and balance, reduce stress and help relieve depression. Yoga poses have both Sanskrit and English names, and you may hear both in your classes.

yoga pose

There are many advantages to working out at home. Avoiding the crowded studio can help increase your mind-body connection as you are not surrounded by distractions in the class. At home, you can become fully present and aware of your body and breathing and focus on moves that feel right for you.

We recommend when working out at home to take it slowly and mindfully and to listen to your body to avoid the risk of injury. Be aware of your alignment and listen to your body’s limits. Finding the right space, equipment and teacher will help guide you through your next yoga practice as safely as possible.

When starting yoga at home, slowing down and being mindful in your practice is essential. And incorporating eco-friendly practices throughout your yoga journey, from sustainable cork yoga mats and blocks to recycled activewear is a great way to start.

Here is our round-up of the ultimate yoga starter kit

It’s all fun and games until you slip on your towel or carpet. Finding the correct equipment and accessories to keep your yoga practice safe is important when beginning classes at home. At Wearth we stock beautifully eco-conscious cork yoga mats and activewear to keep you stylishly sustainable.

yoga mat


This premium mat from CorkYogis is the ultimate eco-friendly cork yoga mat. Non-slip and anti-bacterial, the cork’s natural qualities help absorb sweat so you can stay strong in your poses for longer. Cork is a great material to use on yoga mats as its non-slip, anti-bacterial and lightweight. Extra thick and soft, this supportive mat is the perfect addition to your Bikram, vinyasa, yin and pregnancy yoga. CorkYogis also donates to charities to help empower human trafficking victims in India. Both kind to the people and planet, this yoga mat is the ultimate addition to your practice.

Price: £85

Yoga block


Blocks are a key accompaniment to your workout. Blocks can help align the hips when sitting or help give you height and balance when doing forward bends. Blocks are an essential accessory to support you through your yoga journey. Made from responsibly sourced cork, this sustainable cork yoga block from CorkYogis provides the ultimate support to help you keep in alignment when on the mat.

Price: £30

pink sports top


Stylish and practical, ReflexOne’s recycled fabric sports top is breathable and sweatproof and ideal for those more intense yoga sessions. This eco-friendly activewear is a great choice for those warmer days or practices.

Price: £38

Calming mist


Moksa’s organic calming spray is the perfect addition to your yoga practice. Blended with lavender and mandarin, these soothing and healing aromas are the perfect guides to help you sink into your mindful moment. Calming and grounding, this spray can be spritzed around your space to help relax you throughout your workout.

Price: £11



These supportive, breathable and sculpting leggings are made from recycled plastic fibres and are the must-have addition to your eco-conscious wardrobe.

Price: £59

crystal pulse oil


The palm of Feronia’s pulse oil is lovingly handmade with intention. Blended with frankincense, lavender and sandalwood, this aromatherapy oil helps to soothe and relax. This pulse oil is great to roll onto wrists so you can breathe in the Amethyst and Moonstone charged oils.

Price: £32

Once you are set up with your eco-conscious equipment and accessories, you will need to know how to ensure your yoga workout is as safe as possible.

How to practice yoga safely at home

Luckily, I spent my lockdown at home with my mum, Claire, a trained yoga teacher and she’s passed on some of her wisdom. Switching the studio for Zoom calls during the lockdown, we found what doing yoga at home really meant and the tips and tricks to keep your practice safe.

If you are a complete novice and have never set foot on a yoga mat it’s best to seek an in-person class first so a yoga practitioner can help you become aware of the basic poses and their alignment. Yogis need to know their bodies and their limits to prevent injury. As Claire says, “yoga is not a competition. It’s working in harmony with your body.”

When starting yoga at home, here are some helpful tips to keep your practice as safe as possible.

Yoga pose
  1. Practice in a safe environment. Choose a space free from clutter or distraction and ensure your surroundings are clear from any furniture. Make sure there is plenty of room to move around.
  2. When following an online video, make sure you can safely see the screen and teacher at all times. You do not want to be twisting or craning your neck to see the screen, as this can cause injuries.
  3. Investing in a non-slip yoga mat is really important to ensure a safe practice.
  4. Follow a workout that is on your level. If you are a beginner, you do not want to risk injury by following along with an expert class.
  5. Listen to your body and remember to engage your core to help protect your back.
  6. And enjoy the practice!
Cork yogis

Different flows to do at home

Vinyasa flow

Influenced by ashtanga yoga, vinyasa flow is the yoga to choose when looking for a good workout. Flowing from one pose to the next, this dynamic yoga sequence can build up a sweat. We recommend for beginners start with slower classes to get a feel for each pose. After you get the hang of it, you can begin to increase the pace of your flow.

Yin Yoga

Ideal for those who need time to wind down, yin yoga focuses on holding poses for longer to help increase flexibility and bring presence and mindfulness to the sequence. For those wanting to wind down after a long day or help restore balance to the body, yin yoga is a great practice for relaxation.


Hatha is a more traditional style of yoga that focuses on working with the breath. Working on the asanas, this is another gentle style of yoga that’s ideal for those wanting to find a peaceful moment on the mat.

Ashtanga vinyasa

For the experts in the room, this advanced yoga flow is suitable for skilled yogis or trained practitioners. This more vigorous style of yoga is an intense workout for those looking for a challenge.

Yoga pose

Once you’ve selected your practice, chosen sustainable equipment and found a safe space, the next step is to find a teacher that’s right for you.

Here is a selection of online yoga teachers and studios

Yoga with Adrienne

One of the original and pioneering online yoga classes, Adriene is the YouTube sensation that is adored by many. Whether you are a novice or returning to the mat, this Texan yogi has videos designed for different abilities and strengths. For that southern charm, yoga with Adrienne will be a delightful addition to your morning session.

Price: Free

Cat Meffan

For those wanting to build muscle and increase strength, Cat’s YouTube classes are the best bet to find sequences to help you feel powerful. Whether you are building abs or choosing a fluid vinyasa flow, you’ll find yoga poses suited for all your needs.

Price: Free

FLY LDN Online

This immersive and popular yoga studio is offering online classes for those that can’t make it to their screen filled studios. This subscription-based platform features an array of workouts for different abilities alongside daily live classes. Perfect for those that want to do a flow at home.

Price: £9.99 a month

HelloYoga App

Offering a unique experience of one-to-one yoga classes with teachers you can tune in for a personalised class. Choose your time, flow, style and instructor and begin. You can give it a try using the 7-day free trial and see if it works for you.

Price: 2 classes for £39

London-based Annie Clarke runs an online yoga studio called The Practice. Full of different flows, meditations and breathwork practices you can tune in to find soothing flows or sequences to help aid digestion.

Price: Free

Whether you want a cool London studio or YouTube sensation, finding at home yoga has never been easier. It’s time to roll out your mat, take deep breaths and begin your mindful practice.