Beauty Product Roundup For All Skin Types

If you are looking for the most eco-friendly, sustainable & natural beauty products to suit your skin type, then look no further! Here we have rounded up all our favourite eco friendly & vegan skincare products according to skin type.

It has never been easier to look after your skin than with these top beauty picks which boast the most natural, organic, and cruelty free ingredients.

From acne prone to sensitive skin, we have you (and your skin) covered.

Take a look at what we have to offer here at Wearth…

Acne Prone Skin

body butter


Handmade in the UK with 100% organic and sustainable ingredients, this whipped coconut body butter combines shea butter and coconut essential oil to minimise acne and keep your skin moisturised and protected from harmful bacteria.

This body butter by The Mango Girl can be used on the hair to leave you with a healthy dandruff-free scalp.

face serum


This cruelty free healing facial serum from Reconnection Skincare has been handcrafted especially to tackle acne prone skin. Handmade in England with a formula of combination of oils, extracts and essential oils designed to fight inflammation and rebalance your skin.

oat cream


This natural & vegan argan-oil-enriched cream is rich in linoleic acid – an omega 6 essential fatty acid which helps to restore the normal function of the skin’s cell membranes. As well as this, it also contains the plant-derived ingredient Bakuchiol which is an anti-inflammatory that boasts the same anti-ageing, acne-fighting benefits as retinol.

bar of soap


Last but not least for our ‘acne prone skin’ category we have this gentle organic chocolate bar (sorry not edible) face soap from SKNFED.

Rich in antioxidants which help to block free radicals, this soothing face soap also contains vanilla which has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that treat acne.

Combination Skin



Handmade in Sussex, this vegan daily face cream is the perfect gentle but effective creamy natural moisturiser for normal or combination skin. This hydrating face cream is light and refreshing and doesn’t leave a sticky residue.

Enriched with safflower, rosehip seed and apricot kernel oils to repair and protect.

Dry Skin

facial oil


Organic and sustainable, this fragrance-free facial oil is especially great for dry, blemished skin. Infused with marigold flowers, this facial oil is anti-inflammatory and soothing and will leave your skin feeling hydrated and deeply moisturised.

This facial oil concentrate is suitable for normal or combination skin types and even highly sensitive and oily skin.

organic oil


This non-greasy, quick-absorbing sustainable & organic hazelnut oil is perfect for dry skin. A few drops applied to any dry area of the body can help to calm skin inflammation and irritation leaving your skin feeling soothed and hydrated.

body butter


This luxurious body butter from Reconnection Skincare has been handcrafted in the UK with unrefined African oils and organic ingredients such as shea butter, baobab oil and pomegranate seed oil, all of which are designed to nourish dry skin and leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Male Skin

face mask


100% natural and vegan, this organic face moisturiser is formulated for male skin and is an energising, nourishing moisturiser enriched with vitamins and minerals and a blend of oils and butters that will leave your skin looking smooth and healthy.

This ethical 50ml moisturiser is perfect for your every day skin routine.

organic shaving set

Mature Skin

night cream


This vegan & all natural moisturiser is enriched with jojoba, frankincense and macadamia to maintain the skin’s natural moisture levels and encourage cell renewal.

Perfect for keeping dry or mature skin hydrated. It is recommended to use this as a night-cream to allow the moisturiser to really absorb into the skin.

organic skincare set


This organic skincare gift set for mature skin includes a deep cleanse face mask and an anti-age moisturiser. The Rose Clay face mask will naturally lift the skin to leave your face feeling firm.

The Barbary Fig moisturiser is formulated with coconut oil which is a natural antioxidant to deeply hydrate the skin and help with any signs of ageing.

Sensitive Skin

facial oil


This vegan & handmade amala facial oil is formulated specifically for those with very sensitive skin and is completely fragrance-free making it suitable for use throughout pregnancy and breast-feeding.

With an ingredients list boasting 100% natural ingredients, this facial oil is your go-to moisturiser for sensitive, inflamed and acne prone skin.

cleansing oil


Last on our list we have this cleansing oil from Wilde Fruit made entirely from up-cycled fruit seeds making it the perfect eco-friendly, zero-waste addition to your beauty routine. Free from essential oils, this face oil is suitable for the most sensitive and reactive of skin types and is ideal for removing makeup without leaving the skin feeling dry and rough.

We have something to offer for everyone here at Wearth in terms of skincare. So if you haven’t already found what you are looking for, then check out our eco-friendly & vegan beauty section where you can look through our whole range.