Our Pick Of The Best Eco-Friendly Bedding

You can’t quite beat the feeling of snuggling down into beautifully clean bedding. It’s one of life’s simplest pleasures and not to be underestimated for its feel-good properties. But now you can choose eco-friendly bedding so that when you indulge in that glorious moment, you also know that you’ve made the best ethical choice without compromising comfort or style.

Here’s our pick of the best eco-friendly bed sheets, duvets and sets.

1. The Cloud Bamboo Duvet by Panda

Winter evenings wrapped in a fluffy duvet are a rare treat of the cold season. You can’t go wrong with The Cloud Bamboo Duvet. Available in a full range of sizes from kids to super king, this 100% eco-friendly bamboo fibre duvet is snuggly, light and gorgeously soft.

duvet cover


In all honesty, it feels as close to down as you can get whilst being vegan and eco-friendly. Naturally hypoallergenic and breathable, we’re yet to meet someone who doesn’t absolutely adore The Cloud.

2. Aquamarine Organic Cotton Duvet Cover by LittleLeaf Organic

For affordable eco-friendly bedding, we recommend you consider LittleLeaf Organic. An excellent example is their Organic Cotton Duvet Cover in a delightfully bright yet subtle aquamarine.

blue duvet cover

3. Bamboo Silk Pillow Case by Vesta Living

Whether you’re already a convert to a silk pillowcase due to curly hair management, or you simply want a bit of luxury in your life, then we recommend the Vesta Living Bamboo Silk Pillow Case as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional silk.

bamboo silk pillowcase


Fitting a standard Oxford pillowcase, we promise you’ll be converted and thank us for pointing you in the direction of an eco-friendly yet luxurious offering. Made in England, it is super gentle to hair and skin, and will leave you cherishing every ounce of your beauty sleep.

4. Dreamers Duvet Set – Grey by Lily & Mortimer

We adore the minimalist design of the Dreamers Duvet Set in Grey by Lily & Mortimer, but we absolutely love the philosophy behind it too.

duvet cover


Rooted in the Sleep Well, Live Well philosophy which underpins all Lily & Mortimer bedding, the Dreamers Duvet Set is made using organic fair-trade cotton.

5. Bamboo Bedding Set – Pure White by Panda

There’s something about pure white bedding that can’t be beaten. Whether it’s because it reminds us of indulgent stays away from home, or simply because it encompasses the minimalism of a peaceful bedroom, Panda have made it an eco-friendly reality with their Bamboo Bedding Set. Made from 100% sustainable bamboo, this drawstring bag of bedding is a complete set: fitted sheet, duvet cover and two pillowcases.

bamboo bedding


If you’ve never slept in bamboo bedding before, we promise you’ll never look back. It’s smooth and soft, wonderfully breathable and feels immensely good. Bamboo makes for many of the best eco-friendly bed sheets because it is fast growing, using only a third of the amount of water required by cotton. Plus, there are no nasty pesticides used in the process.

6. Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress Topper by Panda

The Bamboo Memory Foam Mattress Topper, also by Panda, is another way that bamboo gives you ultimate comfort in bed without compromising your eco-friendly values. If your mattress isn’t providing the comfort and support you need, then this is a planet-friendly way of fixing the problem.

bamboo topper


The Hydro Foam is temperature regulating so it doesn’t get too hot and it’s hypoallergenic with a washable cover.

7. Stargazer Shoal Duvet by Lily & Mortimer

For a delightfully classic minimalist design, we love the Stargazer Shoal Duvet with coordinating pillow cases from Lily & Mortimer. You will relish the sensation of sliding down under this crisp 100% organic cotton and vegan-friendly fabric.

Stargazer duvet set


Decidedly ‘grown-up’ in its design, it will be at home in most bedroom themes, especially those with nautical or a natural twist.

8. Organic Cotton Bedding Set – Ocean Blue by LittleLeaf Organic

For those who like their bedding with a splash of vibrancy and bold colour, the Ocean Blue Organic Cotton Bedding Set by LittleLeaf Organic is perfect. Ideal for little sleepy heads drifting away to the Land of Nod, or for adults who like intense shades, this set is simple yet beautifully soft and ethically made.

ocean blue duvet set


It uses 100% GOTS organic cotton which has been farmed without nasty chemicals. For those who love order in their linen cupboards, you’ll also appreciate that LittleLeaf Organic bedding sets come with a spacious and neat reusable drawstring bag.

9. Joy Hand Embroidered Cotton Bedding Set by Raw Label

We love the hand-crafted ethics and brand story of Raw Label’s Joy Hand Embroidered Cotton Bedding Set. The three absolutely beautiful designs (Diamond, Dandelion or Seeds) give you choice whilst knowing that your responsibly sourced Zambian cotton and Zambian sewn bedding is both eco-friendly and highly individual.

Embroidered bedding


The king size duvet cover is secured with ties, which makes changing your bedding an unusual pleasure.

10. Bamboo & French Linen Bedding by Panda

Panda do love their bamboo bedding sets, but not everyone is a convert just yet. Their Bamboo & French Linen Bedding is made from 70% French linen and 30% bamboo and is available in three different colours and in single up to super king sizes.

bamboo and french linen duvet


The bamboo component offers a delightfully soft element to the cotton you know and love, resulting in a feel somewhat like silky cashmere.

Browse our complete range of luxurious and affordable eco-friendly bedding. There’s something for everyone, from the smallest toddlers up. It’s possible to find eco-friendly bed sheets which don’t rely on you compromising on design, comfort or style.