Our Pick Of The Best Eco-Friendly Shampoos

With the heatwave last week, going bald was definitely in the back of our minds. Not only do you feel so much lighter with a freshly shaven bean but you also save precious minutes while showering or trying intricate hairstyles. Plus, it is definitely a once in a lifetime bucket list staple as it is such an empowering look! However, while we still have a head full of hair, here is a selection of our favourite eco-friendly products kind to our locks and mama Earth.

Shampoo Bars

If you have not tried shampoo bars before, we understand that it can be a big jump so we got you covered with our top tips in our Guide to Shampoo Bars. Check it out to find out everything you need to know about this natural and wonderful plastic-free alternative.

shampoo bar


Hairy Jane was founded by Jayne (she isn’t actually hairy but she does have very thick hair), who has been a hairdresser at award-winning salons in London. Between her years of practice and the numerous conversations that she had with her clients about their hair problems, Jayne was curious to find out why dry hair was a recurring problem. Out of that curiosity, she started taking natural product making courses and made her own haircare brand. With moisturising, sulphate-free and cruelty-free ingredients, Hairy Jane products are carefully formulated to be gentle yet effective.

Hairy Jane’s eco-friendly solid shampoo bars clean and nourish both hair and scalp with Aloe Vera and Mango Butter. They are suitable for all hair types and available in 3 different scents created with essential oils: Floral, Musk and Citrus. No plastic waste from shampoo bottles and cost-effective, these bars are amongst our team’s favourites here at Wearth.

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Kind to you, kind to the planet, Kind2 is an award-winning eco-friendly haircare brand founded in 2019 by Sue Compbell. The mission of Kind2 is to make plastic-free and natural hair care the new norm. Their high performing pH balanced solid shampoo and conditioner bars are made in the UK using vegan-friendly ingredients free from sulphates, silicones and parabens.

The Two in One Shampoo Bar is shine enhancing and conditioning, best for short to medium length hair. Soap-free and formulated with additional conditioning ingredients for detangling, this bar is effective in hard water.

Made with chia seed, (upcycled) hemp seed and macadamia oils, perfect as a body and beard wash too. One bar is equivalent to 2 bottles of liquid shampoo, making it a great cost-effective and sustainable product.

Shampoo in a can

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Yes, we are talking about liquid shampoo in a can. The new ‘it’ shampoo! Ksoni, meaning ‘Earth’ in Sanskrit, was founded by two Londoners Joti & Banasa. Joti had seen first-hand the impact single-use plastic has had on our planet through her love of diving and Banasa has worked in the wellness industry yet has been making her own natural hair care products for several years. Both passionate about the environment, the pair met in 2018 and decided to start a new beauty brand that combined quality with an opportunity for people to reduce the amount of plastic in their bathroom.

If you are a liquid shampoo advocate but tired to see hundreds of plastic bottles going through your bathroom, Ksoni shampoos are the perfect alternative for you. Deeply hydrating, infused with speciality blends of scents and essential oils for their moisturising properties, these shampoos come in three scents: Unati, Zakti and Jivati.

Refillable Shampoo

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The team behind Fulfilled believes in products that do good, are good and look good. Their aim is to help promote a circular economy through their collection of refillable essentials with an innovative packaging solution. Made with natural and vegan-friendly ingredients, their range helps you to reduce waste and create a greener home. You can order refill pouches for their aluminium bottle which comes in a plastic pouch and once empty, can be returned to be recycled.

Their revitalising cleansing refillable shampoo comes in a 500ml size which typically lasts between 3 and 6 months. Made from 100% naturally derived ingredients, this unique vegan-friendly formula contains a gentle plant-based cleanser and is enriched with coconut oil, leaving your hair feeling soft and clean.

This is a sulphate-free shampoo with only gentle cleansing agents which don’t lather quite as much as your normal shampoo. But it still cleans effectively with less drying of the hair and scalp. Try adding more water rather than more product for a bit more lather or give your hair a couple of washes.

Luxury Shampoo

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Treat yourself with this eco-friendly combo from Nereus London. Enriched with Buddha Wood and Bergamot Essential Oils, this set is designed for all hair types and provides a high-quality lather whilst leaving your hair naturally rejuvenated as well as nourished. Also, all their products are sulphate, silicone, SLS and paraben-free!

Nereus London is a luxury and sustainable British beauty care brand that has the wellbeing of its customers and the environment at its heart. Founders James Inglesby and Diana Ziegler were frustrated by the lack of natural products that actually performed and wanted to reimagine a plastic-free future for the high-end beauty industry. Therefore, they create products that are effective, aesthetically pleasing and luxurious, but without the plastic impact. Plus, they partnered with Plastic Bank to remove Ocean Bound Plastic which is another great reason to support them.

Go no-poo!



No-poo is the shampoo free method for looking after your hair. It is a big change and your locks will need 2 to 6 weeks to acclimate their production of sebum and oils. But, anyone can try it! Going no-poo won’t make your hair smelly as you still clean it, it will be healthier and can also improve in volume and texture.

For dry hair, make a baking soda and tepid water paste. Apply it on your damp scalp and hair then rinse with diluted apple cider vinegar. This alternative is quite cheap and can help remove dandruff but it can also be irritating on your skin. Otherwise, use coconut oil before getting in the shower. Apply it on brushed dry hair and rinse with water. Your hair will smell like a tropical evening and will be super moisturised plus coconut oil is antimicrobial which can help fight bacteria and fungus.

For hair that isn’t already dry, washing with lukewarm water is an option. You will need to brush the oils from top to bottom using a natural bristle brush to moisturise the end of your locks. Make sure that the water is not too hot as this can dry out your hair and skin. This is obviously the cheapest no-poo method alternative for healthy locks.

And voilà! We hope you will find hair-piness in this round-up of eco-responsible shampoos. We would love to hear about your experiences if you decide to go no-poo so don’t be shy and give us a shout.