Our Pick of the Best Refillable Household & Cleaning Products

For those of us who are interested in living more sustainably, cutting down on single-use plastic products in the home is one of the easiest ways to make a real difference. Knowing how to cut down on plastic and still live reasonably conveniently can leave us scratching our heads. That’s why we’re here to make it simpler for you.

Despite an increased awareness of the damage plastics can do to our environment, we recycle just 45% of plastic in the UK. This means a whopping 55% of our nation’s plastic waste ends up in landfill sites or finds its way into our oceans. It’s pretty shameful really, and many of us want to make a change.

But with so many of our household essentials, from toiletries to cleaning products, packaged in plastic, reducing your consumption might feel like a challenge. You’re bombarded with plastic and it can feel like there’s no option.

Thankfully, many of us are rising to this challenge and are choosing refillable household products, shopping at refillable product stores and reusing glass jars and bottles to help us achieve a zero-waste lifestyle. It’s all perfectly-doable and matches the convenience we’ve got used to.

Refillable Cleaning Products


Most cleaning products come in bulky containers, and while there are some eco-friendly options on the supermarket shelves that use recyclable packaging, you can go one step further and choose refillable products instead. The concept here is that you eliminate the need for disposable packaging altogether. You simply reuse the containers you’ve already got.

Our range of cleaning refills means that keeping your home clean and tidy need not be a chore. And while many of us are never going to be a fan of doing the dishes, at least we can make the task more sustainable with refillable bags of washing up liquid that can be used to top up an eco-friendly glass dispenser. There’s something decisively more decadent about doing a mundane household chore in this way too, so much so that it almost becomes a treat… almost!

If it’s time to rethink what products you keep under your kitchen sink, then our refills will also give you more storage, as they take up less space than bulky plastic washing powder containers for a clutter-free kitchen cupboard.

And if you need another reason to refill – then every household cleaning product we stock is also vegan-friendly and non-toxic. It’s a win-win in multiple ways.

Refillable Bathroom Products


Have you ever tried (and failed) to squeeze the last few drops out of your favourite face cream or conditioner? Switching to a high-quality refillable bottle with a pump dispenser means you’ll be able to top up your beauty must-haves to make them last a little bit longer.

Once you’ve invested in a pump-action dispenser, which will look great and luxurious on your bathroom shelf, you can order refills in biodegradable pouches of our many beauty products – all made using vegan and cruelty-free ingredients. You’ll soon marvel at how you ever did beauty so wastefully.

Refillable hair products are one of the most popular items in our refill shop, with solid conditioning bars to nourish colour-treated hair and compostable sachets of shampoo that can be mixed with water for a zero-waste pampering session. Join the sustainable movement and make the change.

Zero-Waste Jars and Bottles

storage jar

The easiest way to reduce your plastic consumption is to make the switch to glass bottles, jars and storage containers. There are plenty of ways to reuse everything from a glass pump dispenser to an old jam jar, such as taking them with you to the refill supermarket. Just remember to record the weight of the empty jar first so you only pay for the goods that you fill it with.

You can also reuse jars by making your own jam and get the whole family involved in an outdoor activity foraging for blackberries to create something delicious to put on your toast. Handmade jar gifts are a great alternative to traditional gifting that the recipient will love.

You can also store dry goods such as cereal and pasta in lidded glass jars. We love how good they look on display in the kitchen and you’ll always get the right jar first time as you can see what ingredients are inside at a glance.

A Word on Amber Glass Bottles

amber glass

You may have noticed that many of our refillable jars, bottles and dispensers are made using amber coloured glass. The smoky coloured glass adds a luxurious feel and looks amazing on display in your bathroom – but that’s not the only reason we use amber tinted glass.

Amber glass helps to protect cleaning products from harmful UV damage so they are more effective on household dirt and stains. Plus, when your bottle reaches the end of its useful life, amber glass can be recycled time and time again, unlike clear glass which can take on a green tint after multiple times through the recycling process.

Refillable Household Products to Help You Make the Switch

Whenever you purchase items in plastic containers, remember that you are not just paying for what is inside the bottle or jar, but also for the packaging itself. Eco-friendly refills are not just better for the planet, they are also better for your pocket too. Over time you’ll probably find yourself saving money and this will spur you on to make even more changes.

If our guide to refillable household products has inspired you to go greener, we’ve got a large range of sustainable products for the kitchen and bathroom. To make life a little easier, we deliver direct to your door and offer a subscription service, so you can save even more – and never risk running out of your favourite beauty product either! Yes, it’s even easier than going to the supermarket!

Shop our eco-friendly refill products today and join our refill revolution to play your part in creating long-lasting change in our communities and our homes.