7 Sustainable Home Inspo Bloggers You Need To Follow

 Credit – @thisthriftedabode via Instagram


Do you need some sustainable interior design and eco-friendly home decor ideas? Here is our pick of the Instagram accounts that you need to follow!


Decorating your home can be a daunting task, and it can be difficult to know where to begin. However, if you’re ready to invest in your home accessories, furniture and decor, social media can be a great place to look for inspiration.


Instagram has a whole world of creativity and interior design innovation waiting for you. But it’s not always easy to find ethically-made, sustainable goods, especially with the added stress of determining which accounts offer realistic advice and products we can actually get our hands on.


From Japandi to upcycling.. We’ve compiled a list of 5 Instagram bloggers who have a knack for decorating and tick all of our sustainability boxes! You can also check out our ‘10 Gadgets To Help You Live More Sustainably,’ for household owners looking to make small but noticeable changes in their carbon footprint.

1) @sustainableinteriordesign_magl

Lily is the conscious creator and founder of “Making A Green Life By Lily.” Launching back in October 2020 her main focus was to spread positive facts about choosing environmentally-friendly choices. On her IG account she shares moodboards of sustainable home furnishings that are ‘Japandi style,’ which is a fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian style that focuses on simplicity and nature. We love that she promotes creating spaces which help you with your wellness through sustainable furniture, products and materials. She also provides customers with an E-Design Service, if you’re interested!

2) @thereveriehome

With a deep rooted admiration for all things design, Kelly approaches all projects with a desire to create stunning spaces. Her design style emphasises natural and sustainable design on a budget. We love how her Instagram shows a variety of decor and themes that are both relaxed and have a timeless style. On her website you’re able to see her own personal blog which has great tips for becoming more sustainable and what swaps you can make in order to create an eco-friendly home.

3) @theflippedpiece

Shayna is the brains behind THE FLIPPED PIECE, which began as a lockdown hobby and has since evolved into her full-time job. She has always been interested in furniture and restoration, so she decided to learn how to upcycle pieces! She takes furniture with imperfections and finds the beauty in them. We absolutely adore her Instagram reels, in which she shows off the amazing transformations in 30 seconds and good news for UK residents; she sells her flipped furniture shop here!

4) @thisthriftedabode

Mary may be a realtor by day, but in her spare time she curates a wonderful corner of Instagram known as This Thrifted Abode. Her whimsical and sustainable approach to interior design can be found with faded colour palettes and plenty of green houseplants. We love how she shows the before and after when she finds thrifted items and has a great eye for arranging vases, books, picture frames, and other trinkets. Mary’s style is playful, combining colours and prints in unique ways to give each room its own character.

5) @mysanctuaryno8

Founded on a passion for the environment, design and living a beautiful life surrounded by beautiful things, Zara created an open sanctuary for thousands to follow. On her Instagram you can find posts and blogs discussing and sharing ideas on how to achieve a more sustainable, but luxurious, lifestyle. She shares Instagram reels of her completely transforming furniture and is motivated in preventing unwanted items that still have life in them from ending up in landfill. As a result, she creates (and sells) stunning pieces of furniture that are completely bespoke.

6) @mybelfasthouse

Belfast-based event director and photographer Ger O’Donnell has exquisite taste when it comes to interior design. His Instagram account includes updates about his home as well as gorgeous photos of his various rooms, not to mention his collection of low-cost thrifted pieces that he’s amassed over the years. We love how his Instagram showcases his stylish credentials with whimsical, vintage furniture, faded antiques and elegant mid-century items, all purchased for a low price. His passion for home design, treasure hunting and bargains demonstrates that it is possible to have a sustainable home that looks good without breaking the bank.

7) @​​ourcornishcottage

Content creator Madeleine has a natural talent for fusing old and new, creating sophisticated interiors that balance gentle hues with her pzazz for sourcing antiques and contemporary art. Her Georgian country home is a treasure trove of ways to make earthy neutrals pop with layers, thoughtful styling, glamorous patterns, furniture, cushions, lamps, and antique finds. We adore that she shows off the process with witty but real emotions, letting her followers know the realistic behind the scenes.

We hope you enjoyed this round up of sustainable home bloggers, if you have any suggestions of creatives who have a passion for all things eco then give us a DM via our Instagram. P.S. If this list has given you major inspiration click here to shop our ethical homewares department.