Our Favourite Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Teas For An Ethical Cuppa

Ooh, we do love a glorious cup of tea. It’s part of our heritage and who we are. As a nation, we consume a staggering 36 billion cups of tea every year, which cements our reputation as a country that loves a good brew. We’ve developed entire rituals around it, and many of us would be socially lost if we couldn’t welcome someone to our home without offering a cup – tea holds an important place in our hearts!

However, many of us are making the switch to organic tea and sustainable tea brands to ensure we can enjoy a more ethical cuppa. We want all the wonderful happiness of tea with a clear conscience. Want to know more about eco-friendly teas? Read on to discover our favourite blends, bags and loose-leaf teas which you can drink guilt-free.

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Why choose sustainable tea?

One of the biggest issues with how we consume tea is that most teabags contain tiny amounts of polypropylene plastic, which are released into the ground when the used bag ends up in landfill. If you haven’t considered this before, it can leave you a little shocked. Aside from the environmental considerations, do you really want to be drinking a cup of tea that contains microparticles of plastic?

Some of the big-name brands, including PG Tips, have made the move to biodegradable teabags produced from corn starch – but there is still a lot of work to be done before the mainstream tea producers finally say goodbye to teabags containing polypropylene.

Another great reason for choosing sustainable tea is to show support for ethical brands that do not use pesticides or chemicals on their crops. These brands also create fair conditions for their workforce in the emerging economies where most of the tea is grown.

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Organic loose-leaf tea

Loose-leaf tea has immediate environmental benefits, as there are no teabags to dispose of once you’ve finished your brew. It’s the easiest route to zero-waste tea.

We also love the fact that loose-leaf tea creates a moment of mindfulness. Make a ‘proper cuppa’ in a teapot or infuser and take a moment to relax and enjoy the aroma as the tea steeps. It’s a small and simple moment of pleasure that you miss out on when using a teabag. Forcing yourself to have this mindful moment in your everyday life can bring about benefits far beyond the humble drink!

Loose-leaf tea is often better for your purse than teabags too – after all, you are not paying for the bag to be produced – and most loose-leaf teas are so flavoursome they can be brewed twice.

Try our pick of eco-friendly loose-leaf teas:

  • Clean U dandelion loose-leaf tea: A delicious pick-me-up that’s packed with B complex vitamins, Vitamin D and beta-carotene. Dandelion tea has a tangy fresh flavour and has been used for centuries to promote digestive health. If you’ve not tried it before, you’ll soon be a fan.
  • Clean U rosehip and mint loose-leaf tea: Get a Vitamin C boost with this fresh-tasting brew that is also rich in antioxidants and enjoy a guilt-free cuppa that can also help to strengthen the immune system.

Clean U sustainable teabags are inspired by age-old Indian traditions and developed with traditional production methods for a satisfying and guilt-free cuppa.

To make the best brew, use a glass tea infuser such as the WAKEcup infuser, where 10% of the profits are used to help fund the charities The Marine Conservation Society and Plastic Oceans. There’s something magical about properly infusing tea and enjoying the process.

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Sustainable, plastic-free tea-bags

We know that teabags are fast and practical, so we’re big fans of any tea brand that goes the extra mile to produce biodegradable teabags that deliver on flavour. You can have the convenience of a cuppa made from a teabag without the guilt that it’s not good for the planet. Here’s our pick of the best plastic-free, compostable teabags:

  • Purpose Food breakfast teabags: Sometimes all you need is a good, honest cup of breakfast tea to kick-start you on a cold, grey morning. And that is just what this teabag promises – with the added bonus of cultures that help to maintain gut health. Isn’t that brilliant?!
  • Purpose Food peppermint teabags: Relax and wind down after a busy day with a mug of vegan peppermint tea to soothe the soul. Purpose Food’s organic cultured teabags each contain a billion live cultures to improve digestion and abdominal bloating.
  • Purpose Food chamomile teabags: Best brewed just before bedtime, these teabags contain chamomile and mint to initiate sleep and relax tired muscles, easing you away to the Land of Nod. All the ingredients are organic and Fairtrade sourced and shipped in recyclable and biodegradable packaging.
  • NEMI Tea spicy chai teabags: Housed in biodegradable pyramid bags, NEMI Teas spicy chai teabags contain whole leaf Assam teas infused with Indian spices including cardamom, sweet cinnamon, cloves and ginger for an aromatic and exotic brew. Warming and like a hug-in-a-mug on a cold day.

Brands such as NEMI Teas are at the top of our eco-friendly tea-drinking list, as they also provide employment and skills to refugees to help them enter the wider working economy and integrate into broader society.

Purpose Foods teabags are designed to nurture gut health and are easy to include in your everyday tea-drinking routine.  Produced using a blend of Fairtrade sourced tea leaves mixed with Probiotics, the company believes nature has equipped us with everything we need for a healthy mind and body.

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Ready to put the kettle on?

If reading about our favourite eco-friendly and sustainable teas has made you thirsty, head on over to our tea shop and order your loose-leaf tea or teabags now. As with all our Wearth products, we take packaging very seriously, which means your tea delivery will be fulfilled using environmentally friendly packaging – so, all you need to do is boil the kettle. It’s tea time!