Our Pick of The Best Vegan Bags

Here we reveal our contenders for the best vegan bags. From casual day wear, to the perfect clutch bag for a night out, we’ve got you covered. Rest assured that all of the bags in the selection below meet our stringent vegan credentials. It’s about looking good, being practical and doing the right thing – all at the same time, with no compromises.

1. Salford Vegan Backpack by Kula – £35.00

It’s practical, it’s gorgeous and it’s definitely one of our favourite vegan bags. The Salford Vegan Backpack by Kula combines style and versatility. There is a tonne of room inside, making this a brilliant choice for work or study. The handy front pocket will ensure you never mislay your keys again.

Made from Texon Vogue, a remarkable tough washable material made from FSC accredited paper, the ethics behind this bag underpin sustainability, veganism and eco-friendliness. They are even approved by The Vegan Society.

2. Burgundy Pouch by Luxtra – £50

If you’d like just one pouch that will hold the essentials, and effortlessly move with outfit changes from day to night, then you need the Burgundy Pouch by Luxtra.

The detachable strap means you can use it as you please. Made of vegan apple leather, and just the right size for holding your phone, money and keys, it’s exactly what you need. We particularly like that this bag comes in a luxury presentation box, so if you want to give a vegan bag as a gift, this is a great choice.

3. Baya Vegan Jute Crossbody Bag by Ellyla – £34.99

Affordable and beautiful, the Baya Vegan Jute Crossbody Bag by Ellyla is the perfect bag for casual outings and pairing with anything from summer dresses to your favourite jeans.

Not only is this bag practical and made of natural and vegan-friendly jute, it’s been handmade by fairly-treated Indian artisans. It looks beautiful, and we can assure you that it’s incredibly tactile. It’ll feel comforting and comfortable to wear.

4. Black Cotton Bucket Bag by Lazy Luna – £28.00

Beach days, city moments, and evenings with friends were made for this striking geometric Black Cotton Bucket Bag by Lazy Luna.

The heavy weight cotton, which has been hand-printed before being hand-sewn into the bag, ensures a high-quality but unique finish. Lazy Luna as a brand is known for its bold designs, but also for their ethical standards and commitment.

5. Cotton Canvas Tote Bag by Willow Earth – £29.00

If you need a new tote then the Cotton Canvas Tote Bag by Willow Earth will make a fabulous choice. It’s perfect for carting your daily groceries back home, or popping in a picnic rug as you head out for a lazy day.

Made using cotton canvas and vegan cork leather, this is a roomy vegan tote that will weather the tough jobs of daily living. We also love the colour options: choose from indigo, rust or stone. If you want, you can even waterproof this tote with the Willow Earth organic soy wax.

6. Paper Bag Backpack – £35.00

For cool and casual bag-wearing, for both men and women, and even children over 7, we love the Paper Bag Backpack by WAKEcup.

We can assure you that ‘paper bag’ describes its looks, not its durability! Ethically sourced and vegan-friendly, this bag will become a cosy addition to your collection. It’s perfect for carrying a laptop or carting around some books or papers, and is waterproof and washable too.

7. Aaru Vegan Cotton Slub Clutch Bag by Ellyla – £32.99

For adding a dash of vibrancy to any outfit, we love this over-sized Aaru Vegan Cotton Club Clutch Bag by Ellyla.

Its minimalist design is sophisticated one moment and casual the next, making it a perfect clutch for pretty much any occasion or outfit. What’s more, being roomier than many, it won’t let you down in terms of space.

It is fair trade, vegan and eco-friendly – a perfect example of how slow fashion is the best fashion.

8. Juhi Vegan Jute Large Tote Bag by Ellyla – £34.99

In classic black, the Juhi Vegan Jute Large Tote Bag is everything you need in a spacious and stylish shoulder bag. It will become your favourite when you’re heading out to restock your plastic-free stores, but work equally well if you’ve got the kids in tow on a day out.

As with other Ellyla jute bags, we love this because it’s just so comfortable. We’ll forgive you for stroking the knots of the design aimlessly! Created by hand, by Indian artisans, you know that a lot of love and effort has gone into your individual bag. Being biodegradable, plastic-free, fair-trade and vegan, it gets top marks from us.

9. Cida Recycled Tote Bag by From Belo – £89.50

If you want a tote that adds a splash of colour to your outfit, as well as to your heart, then you want the Cida Recycled Tote Bag by From Belo. This bag doesn’t just look good – although we particularly like the blue, black and gold mix – the ethics behind it are seriously impressive.

It’s made in Brazil, by skilled artisans using eco-friendly materials and techniques, relying on leftover clothing fabric and recycled plastic bottles. But on top of that, each tote which is bought helps to feed four people in need. You really will feel good every time you use this bag.


While these are our picks of the best vegan bags, there’s plenty more choice if you want it. Browse our full range of fashionable and kind vegan bags.