Best Vegan Chocolate For The Ultimate Plant Based Indulgence

Finding good quality vegan chocolate treats is not always the easiest, so we have compiled a list of the best vegan chocolate goodies from vegan chocolate cake to mouth-watering vegan chocolate boxes. 

Tis the season for an abundance of chocolate. The month of Easter is finally upon us and in the UK that means shelves are stacked with an endless supply of chocolate. Although we are slowly seeing more vegan options on offer, it’s not always clear what’s going to give that melting richness we desire. So, to give you a little helping hand, here are Wearth’s selection of the best vegan chocolate:

Vegan Chocolate Bars

hip chocolate

Vegan and ethically sourced, this 41% cocoa chocolate is creamy and melting just as “milk” chocolate should be. Created by the great-great-great-grandson of John Cadbury, creating revolutionised chocolate clearly runs in the family.

tony's chocoloney

100% Slave free and 101% delicious, Tony’s Chocoloney is on a mission to create top-quality chocolate that doesn’t come at the expense of someone else. Their Dark Almond Sea Salt bar is made with the highest quality ingredients, to melt away in your mouth.


Decadently delightful, Taza’s Almond milk chocolate has no dairy or cane sugar but all the chocolatey goodness. With an irresistibly smooth texture and unmatched chocolate flavour, you wouldn’t even know the difference.


An international favourite, Lindt chocolate is known best for its creamy taste of richness. Well, Lindt vegan chocolate is no different. Made with cocoa and smooth almond paste, it will melt on your tongue and fill you with indulgence.


If you’ve ever had a Nestle crunch bar, then you already know what the Enjoy Life rice-milk Crunch bars are going to taste like. With silky and soft milk chocolate contrasted with a gluten-free crunch for texture, it’s chocolate equilibrium at its best.


With a subtle crunch and tangy orange chocolate, this Nomo bar is great for all the chocolate orange lovers out there. Free from dairy, eggs, gluten, nuts, and rainforest friendly, the name ‘No Missing Out’ could not be more true. Making chocolate accessible for everyone and not compromising on taste is a treat for us all.


This irresistibly velvety milk chocolate has been given both the Cocoa of Excellence 2018-2019 award and the Taste of The West Gold award in 2020. The only Ecuadorian cocoa to win the Cocoa of Excellence 2018- 2019 award, this delicious chocolate is sustainably sourced from Freddy’s farm 6 miles off the coast of Ecuador.


Good vibes guaranteed. A vegan white chocolate that is good is often hard to come by, but we have found one that is at the top of its game. Free of GMO, dairy, gluten, and nuts, it is all-inclusive- sustainably sourced, vegan heaven. With a little vanilla, rice milk, and cocoa butter these simple ingredients make for great taste.

Vegan Chocolate Cake and Treats



Gooey chocolatey goodness, these vegan raspberry chocolate brownies come in a generous box of eight. Sprinkled with dried raspberries on top, it is the perfect balance between richness and zing. The brownies are also made with 100% natural ingredients, so include no nasties. For other Nummy treats, you can take a look at their product page.


Taking inspiration from the infamous Colin The Caterpillar Cake, Archie is the vegan alternative. Named after the Just Love Food hero Archie, this cake is completely nut, egg, and dairy-free whilst not compromising on that signature taste.



With dark chocolate coating around a crunchy and caramel centre and a gooey brownies base, this irresistible pack of 6 mini cakes is perfect for sharing. Lovingly made in the UK, they are eco-friendly and completely vegan. Dipped in dark chocolate with sprinkles of peanut on top this is the perfect treat for peanut lovers.


Betty Crocker is what we like to call an “accidentally vegan” option and we’re glad it is. Their Chocolate Fudge Brownie mix is both gluten-free and vegan and deliciously chewing and moist. For baking steps, all you have to do is swap some of the add-ins with vegan alternatives and BAM – homemade vegan brownies in no time.



The ultimate vegan chocolate indulgence- a double chocolate fudge cookie with a crunchy outside and a chewy melting chocolate middle. This handmade kit is a fun family activity or even a fantastic mother’s day gift for someone who loves to bake. All you need to add to your kit is vegan margarine and oat milk.

Vegan Chocolate Box



A special gift for the chocolate lover in your life. This mixed gift set includes edible chocolates and chocolate-scented body treatments that will have you smelling irresistible from head to toe. The gift tin includes 1 x chocolate vanilla body butter bar, 1 x Raw Halo Mylk and Vanilla chocolate bar, 1 x chocolate and vanilla lip butter, and 1 x Yogi chocolate tea bag.

boojabooja kakoa

A perfect selection of 24 chocolates from Kakoa’s iconic vegan chocolate range. Creating a premium taste and appearance made entirely from rice and oat milk, the box includes many traditional flavours that chocolate connoisseurs know and love. These include their legendary sea salt caramel chocolates and creamy milk chocolate truffle.


Whitaker’s iconic chocolatiers have brought to us a vegan creation of milk and dark chocolates that offer a range of delectable flavours for everyone to enjoy. From dark chocolate cherry creams that ooze with sweet joy to milk chocolate cappuccino, honeycomb, and bites that crunch and melt in your mouth.


Made up of 33 sumptuous, unbelievably vegan chocolates is a luxurious selection box for the finest of tastebuds. Filled with dairy-free delights, this is a perfect gift box for dark chocolate lovers and those living a vegan lifestyle. Some of the options include hazelnut batons, orange batons, salted caramel, and peanut buche.


Nono is a vegan chocolate selection box with a difference. Nono was founded by a parent who was inspired by their autistic son, who would say no to most foods. The Nono chocolate boxes are decorated by a team with autism and contain no refined ingredients. The superfood chocolate box is packed with nutrients and probiotics to aid in a healthy diet.