A Guide to Vegan Eyeshadow – The Best Eco Eyeshadow Palettes

So many eyeshadows aren’t vegan. They contain non-vegan ingredients such as lanolin, carmine, and mica. Many non-vegan eyeshadows are also harmful to the earth in their manufacture and production. Vegan eyeshadow offers a natural and safe way of adding shading and colour to your eye look without the risk of exposing yourself or the planet to toxic components. Eco eyeshadow should always be vegan eyeshadow.

Gone are the days of little choice in vegan eyeshadow, and gone are the days of ethical eyeshadow that is hard to apply and wear. Read on to find out more about some of the very best vegan eyeshadow palettes in the UK that we stock here at Wearth. Whether you’re aiming for a nude makeup look, a bold party look, or a daylight casual look, our vegan eyeshadows can set the mood for any occasion.

Ingredients of vegan eyeshadows

Vegan eyeshadow doesn’t contain any animal ingredients. No animals are harmed during the manufacture of the product, and also no animal agriculture is needed or supported at all. Natural plant-based ingredients, like castor seed oil, Shea butter, Jojoba oil, Meadowfoam seed oil, Candelilla wax, Vitamin E oil, and lavender oil are used instead.

The plant-based ingredients used in an eco-friendly eyeshadow palette are non-irritating, risk-free, and skin-friendly. We believe that is why our vegan makeup range has become so popular.

To make it easier for you to find genuine vegan eyeshadow, we stock a wide range of different types at Wearth. Not only do they look stunning on the eye, they are kind to your skin and the planet, and of course are plastic-free.

The best vegan eyeshadow palettes

1. NICMAC Beauty Into Space Highlighter Palette

The NICMAC Beauty Into Space Highlighter Palette contains hyper-pigmented duo-chrome pressed vegan highlighter powders that respond well to any skin type. Whether you’re applying it on your cheekbones or on your eyelids, this highlighter blends into your skin seamlessly.

On top of that, the shades included in this palette are versatile enough to keep you glowing for your day look as well as night look.  They are natural with a gentle shimmer – sometimes hard to find in vegan and ethical eyeshadow.

Ethics: Plastic Free, Recycled Materials, Sustainable Materials, Vegan Friendly, Cruelty-Free

Origins: Handmade in the UK

Key Features: This is definitely an eco eyeshadow palette – you can replace used colours with refillable options, meaning the high quality base (which has a perfect mirror in it), won’t end up in landfill.

nicmac highlighter palette

2. NICMAC Beauty Eco Friendly Eye Shadow

Once you’re armed with the NICMAC Beauty Eco Friendly Eye Shadow, you can go wild and experiment with the shades that suit you. There are some fabulous bright shades in the colour sets that you can express your creativity with. The colour sets fit into the palette, making it super eco-friendly as there’s no unnecessary landfill waste. These shades definitely live up to their claim of being highly-pigmented!

The colour choices include orange sherbet, licorice, milky way, foam banana, mocha cream, cola bottle, flump, wham, flying saucer, strawberry milkshake, apple sour, peach whip, grape taffy. If these names are anything to go by, we know you’ll love them!

This affordable eyeshadow is adored by many as it can be used as a part of customised Nic & Mix Refillable Palette. This is perfect if you don’t want someone else to choose the colours in your palette, and just want to let your creativity run wild!

Ethics:  Plastic Free, Recycled Materials, Sustainable Materials, Vegan Friendly, Cruelty-Free

Origins: Handmade in the UK

Key Features: Each eye shadow pan is magnetic and fits in easily to the palette base.

nicmac pan shadow

3. Honeypie Minerals Eyeshadow Kit – Neutral Brown

We love this vegan, cruelty-free Honeypie Minerals Eyeshadow Kit in Neutral Brown! It brings you three neutral colours along with a couple of versatile eyeshadow tools to help you create your masterpiece. The ingredients used are both natural and sustainable, yet the eyeshadow is long-lasting and will soon become a firm favourite. If you’re looking for a natural and delicate look, this set is for you. These little pots of pigment can double as eyebrow powder and eyeliner as well.

This is one of the best vegan eyeshadow palettes we’ve been able to find in the UK. It is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, acne-prone, mature and oily skin. The loose mineral powder has a 100% natural sheen and we love that it comes with a So Eco Eye Duo Brush Set containing two brushes with four eye brush heads. It comes in an organic cotton make-up bag too.

Ethics: Plastic Free, Recycled Materials, Sustainable Materials, Vegan Friendly, Cruelty-Free

Origins: Handmade in the UK and for every purchase, Honeypie Minerals plant a tree.

Key Features: Three different colours are included in the set – mushroom, latte and chocolate brown.

vegan eyeshadow NICMAC

4. All Earth Mineral Cosmetics Lips, Cheeks & Eyes Tints

If you’re looking for a classic pink pop of colour in your make-up but know that traditionally these shades aren’t eco-friendly, this fabulous set of All Earth Mineral Cosmetics Lips, Cheeks & Eyes Tints is for you. It is vegan and it is eco-friendly, but it hones in on those pink hues you’re after.

Known for their natural ingredients, mineral cosmetics tints by All Earth come in six wonderful colours. If you love to add a dash of pink to your cheeks, lips & eyes, these tints can be a perfect addition to your makeup routine. It blends seamlessly on your skin and stays put for a longer time.

Ethics: Natural ingredients, Plastic Free, Sustainable Materials, Vegan Friendly, Cruelty-Free

Based In: Handmade in the UK

Key Features: Available in six shades, buildable and long-lasting, and packaged in a recyclable glass jar with aluminium lid.

all earth tints

Vegan eyeshadow – doing beauty differently

With vegan eyeshadow, it may be a case of rethinking how you apply the product and do your makeup. Whilst some vegan eyeshadow palettes, like those from NICMAC Beauty, are the pressed powders that work in much the same way as traditional eyeshadow, some are not. For example, many of the Honeypie products are more versatile – they can be used as bronzers, shimmer powders, concealers and correctors, as well as eyeshadows. It’s worth experimenting to see which look works best for you with these wonderful products.

When you choose eyeshadow from Wearth, you can rest assured that you will only find eco-friendly vegan eyeshadow palettes of the highest quality.