12 Feb Best Zero Waste Stores in London and Beyond In The UK

For our second part of our conscious blog spotlight, London-based eco blogger, Kieran Pollitt (a.k.a. the semi-sustainable man) gives a run-down of the best zero waste stores in London and an insight into what other plastic-free shops are available in the UK. (Updated June 2018 to include the latest zero waste stores near you)


  Photo from Kieran's recent visit to Hetu, London.  


Zero waste (ZW) has become a buzzword in recent times in the sustainability/environmental bubble. To live a less wasteful or “zero waste” lifestyle is to reduce the amount of products that you use that get sent to landfill. If you are interested in learning more about how to do this better, check out Wearth’s first blog post on the “The Five R’s to Zero Waste


What is a zero waste store?


Zero waste stores help people to live a more zero-waste lifestyle by eliminating unnecessary packaging. They do this by stocking bulk products in large dispensable containers or jars (as shown in the picture from my recent visit to Hetu). You can usually tell if you are in the presence of a zero waste shop if they have a wall dedicated to glass dispensers all filled with an assortment of dried pastas, grains, beans and nuts.


How it works?


To avoid waste, you bring your own containers, whatever they may be: paper bags, plastic bags, plastic bottles, glass bottles, glass jars etc.


The process varies from store to store but is straightforward (often using a self-weighing system). Before getting carried away like an adult in a zero waste shop, you have to weigh your empty container, and write the weight on the jar. You then fill these containers with all the zero waste goodies your heart desires. Your container is then re-weighed by you or the shop, and then you pay. Easy as that!  


         Photo – Earth. Food. Love


Where are they?


Zero waste stores are a worldwide phenomenon, however there are some countries where they have become more prevalent than others, such as in areas of Australia and Canada (numbers).


At the time of writing, zero waste stores in the UK are few and far between. This is set to increase in the coming year. Here is an overview of a selection of zero waste stores dotted around London and beyond. This is by no means a comprehensive list and there may be small scale zero waste stores or aisles inside shops, across the country.


Unfortunately, these zero waste shops are not accessible to everyone yet, but hopefully sooner rather than later we can all have better access to shop package free.






If you are like me and a bit of a zero waste lover, then you could easily find yourself getting lost in the store for up to an hour! Hetu will always hold a special place in my heart as It was my first zero waste shopping experience.


Established in September 2017 and located a short walk from Clapham Junction Station, Hetu is hidden gem, drawing people in from the dreary and cold, winter days in London with it’s bright and charming layout. The shop has a number of different products including: herbs and spices, zero waste accessories, bathroom and beauty, cleaning product and food dispensers. If you get the chance to pop in and feel like treating yourself, grab some chocolate covered almonds, they are delicious.


Hetu was founded by Laura, who during her five years in Australia was introduced to the concept of zero waste. When returning to the UK she realised there was a serious lack of these shops around and Hetu, the vegan zero waste store was born. Laura works to ensure there is an open dialogue with suppliers to continue to remove any packaging from products that aren’t zero waste.


Although it is a small shop, it packs a punch.

Philosophy: To have the health and well-being of the planet and all its inhabitants at the core of everything we do.

Fun Fact – Hetu means purpose in Hindi

Address: 201 St. Johns Hill, London SW11 1TH


Bulk Market, London




Bulk Market initially started as a pop-up site through crowdfunding and earned the accolade of London’s first zero waste shop, opening on August 26th 2017.


In a largely globalised world, Bulk Market astonishingly sourced all of its 200 products within a 50-mile radius and their stock was also free from big name brands. Caldironi, the owner of Bulk Market even produces some of the products herself. Some of the products are sourced from local social enterprises, co-operatives and community farms.


Their pop up site has now come to a close, but due to the success it experienced they are currently undertaking a second round of crowdfunding on INDIEGOGO to make this dream a reality. The store would also look to include a composting scheme for customers to use. Watch this space zero wasters.

Caldironi - “We apply the principles of avoiding-reducing-reusing-recycling-composting to our business model, which means that we end up with very little rubbish to deal with.”


Philosophy:  Bulk Market® is a social enterprise on a mission to tackle food and packaging waste, supporting suppliers who are making a difference to people's lives and the environment


Address: Unknown… for now (oh, how mysterious)


Unpackaged, London




Unpackaged was one of the earliest adopters of this type of shop, way back in 2007, offering a solution to the reduction of packaging by offering bulk shopping.


Bea Johnson (ZeroWasteHome) described the original Unpackaged shop as the “first bulk store in our modern era”. It has also provided a blueprint or example for hundreds of bulk stores around the world.


As an individual store it closed in 2013, however, since 2015 it has become a prominent concession within three Planet Organic stores. Helping to expand the reach of zero waste sores in London.  


Addresses (Planet Organic stores): 


111/117 Muswell Hill Road, Muswell Hill, London, N10 3HS


22 Torrington Place, London, WC1E 7HJ


42 Westbourne Grove, London, W2 5SH


Earth Food Love, Devon



Earth Food Love had to make the list. Established in March 2017 by Nicola & Richard, upon its arrival Earth Food Love was the UK’s first and only organic zero waste shop. They were followed by other stores however, not all of these are 100% organic like Earth Food Love.


A shop truly for the community and educating, they provide guidance on their website for those interested in setting up a zero waste shop themselves.


If you are also interested in seeing how prices compare between zero waste and supermarkets, they provide a pricing list of the products they stock.


Earth Food Love has over 100 organic, loose, self serve food products. Including cereals, pulses, legumes, beans, grains, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, dried herbs, dried spices, loose-leaf teas, flour and sugar.

Philosophy: We want to live in a world where consuming doesn’t have to cost the earth! Focusing on creating a better future, we decided to look back to the past, where eating real food with minimal packaging was normal practice. We believe returning to these simple ways will benefit not only our health, but the planets too.


Address: 101 High Street, Devon, TQ9 5PF

Natural Weigh, Wales

Wales' first zero waste store launched in Crickhowell in 2017 with a wide range of plastic-free & organic products.

Natural Weigh is run by Robin and Chloe with the mission of creating a store with a range of plastic-free alternatives for everyday shopping. 

They sell organic & additive free food to help people reduce the amount of plastic consumed and discarded into our environment.

Philosophy: There's no PLANet B

Address: Shop 1, Corn Exchange, 54 High St, Crickhowell NP8 1BH


The Clean Kilo, Birmingham


Birmingham's first zero waste supermarket opened on the 16th June after a successful crowdfunding campaign. 

The shop is the brainchild of Dr. Thomas Pell, who decided that he wanted to create a store which helped solve the amount of plastic produced from domestic sources. 

The result of a lot of work and planning is Clean Kilo, a bulk market which sells a wide range of plastic-free products including cereals, pasta, workout supplements speciality tea and frozen treats. They encourage to bring your own containers but they also have a wide range of jars on sale.

Philosophy: 'There is currently no viable scientific solution to remove plastic from the ocean, there is only one realistic solution: to reduce the need for single-use plastics. This doesn't just mean plastic cutlery or coffee cups, but also the plastic surrounding almost every product you buy from a supermarket'. 

Address: One Gibb Street, Birmingham, B9 4AA

Zero Green, Bristol  

Bristol got its first bulk store which opened in Bedminster in March 2018. 

The store was opened by Lidia & Stacey who became frustrated by the amount of plastic used in everyday products and decided to do something about it.

Their emphasis is on stocking locally sourced food, tea, dried fruit, home essentials & reusable lifestyle products. Even their business cards are made from repurposed old t-shirts!

Philosophy: Buy In Bulk, Buy Local.

Address: 12 North St, Bristol BS3 1HT

Our Top Zero Waste Essentials


Our range of plastic-free lifestyle products sold online, helping to make single use plastic become a thing of the past. 

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The bag is made by Freeset global, a Fair Trade certified organisation based in West Bengal which empower women previously trapped in India's sex trade. 


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Natural coconut oil remineralising toothpaste, handmade in West Sussex UK. It comes in a reusable glass jar and even the seal wrapped around their jars made from biodegradable cellulose.

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Around 3.5 billion toothbrushes are sold worldwide, most of which end up languishing in landfill. Bamboo toothbrushes offer a natural zero waste alternative, this one comes with charcoal infused bristles. 

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Washable Makeup Remover

Wet wipes have a devastating impact on the environment and even are responsible for 93% of sewer blockages in the UK! These eco-friendly cleansing pads are a great replacement and are individually handmade in Devon. They can be washed and re-used over and over again. 

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Wearth is an online shopping platform which champions independent UK eco brands. If you are looking to shop zero waste online from beauty products to homewares, check out our shop by values page here. Here you can shop plastic free including the delivery packaging! 

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We hope you enjoyed reading Kieran’s guest blog on UK zero waste stores. You can check out his new blog, the ramblings of a semi-sustainable man here. This includes loads of helpful zero waste tips as well as thoughtful opinion pieces on topical issues like the UK Energy market.