20 BIWOC Sustainable Influencers To Follow For Fashion Inspo

Credit – @izzy_manuel via Instagram


From sustainability tips to impeccable style, these are the style trendsetters that you need to follow.


Social media is the entrance to long-lasting conversations across all industries. The options for digital content creation are limitless, ranging from lifestyle and wellness to fashion and beauty.


Fashion, in particular, has served as the ultimate conversation starter for some of the industries most beloved trends. Now that algorithms are beginning to cater to summer style and mood board-worthy fashion influencers, here are all of the sustainable fashion creators you should be following this season.


But first, why support BIWOC (Black, Indigenous, & Women of Colour) influencers? The wage discrepancy between white and black influencers remains significant, according to a study conducted last year by MSL US and The Influencer League, BIPOC influencers earn 29% less than white influencers overall, while Black influencers particularly earn 35% less than white counterparts.


So without further ado here’s our 20 fave influencers that are giving us major ethical fashion inspo:

1) @ajabarber

Aja is undoubtedly one of the first people that comes to mind when thinking of eco-friendly fashion. Aja is an amazing resource, thought leader, and influencer. She writes and speaks about fashion, sustainability, feminism, race, and intersectionality, among other things. Her account is a fantastic resource for learning, thinking and being motivated. Oh and we love her #GRWM reels!

2) @izzy_manuel

Izzy is a sustainable fashion influencer who is half-Indian and half-Chinese and has a Master’s Degree in Chemistry. Her Instagram is full of bright, slow fashion clothes that will give you a dopamine rush—which is fitting given that Izzy is a dopamine dresser. We love that she uses her platform to discuss slow OOTDs, ethical brands and conscious style insights.

3) @callmeflowerchild

Sally is a Mexican-Salvadoran conscious and aware closet advocate on a quest to make the great outdoors accessible to everybody. Her Instagram feed reflects her love of nature and stunning scenery, as well as dopamine-inducing daily clothes. We adore that she also shares low waste tips, home decor and recipes.

4) @styleand.sustain

Looking for fashion brands and vintage treasures? Amma, a sustainable fashion influencer based in the UK, needs to be on your eco-radar. The writer, podcaster, and digital content creator chronicles her own path from fast-fashion addict to sustainable fashion advocate on her podcast. She is also an outspoken advocate for racial justice and equality, utilising her position and influence to promote awareness in support of a variety of issues.

5) @sarainfox

In addition to having amazing style, Sarain is a performer, dancer, and television host who speaks freely about her culture and the harsh realities that indigenous people continue to endure. Her personal style is athleisure meets cutting edge with a dash of beads and we love that she only wears fair trade clothing.

6) @thatcurlytop

Jazmine is a Black and Mexican sustainable fashion blogger who is proving that sustainable fashion is much more than neutrals and natural fabrics. She is known for her trademark colourful clothes and her varied style inspires others to try outfit combinations they might not have tried otherwise. We adore that she uses her platforms to share vlogs, personal style ideas, thrift hauls and sustainable living advice.

7) @theflippside

Kara is a colour-obsessed content creator, sustainable lifestyle advocate and ethical fashion stylist. Her account is full of gorgeous jewel colours as she shares her slow fashion outfits, responsible brands to support and styling inspiration that will have you rethinking your closet.

8) @alexstagram3000

There isn’t anything we don’t love about Alex. She’s easily one of the coolest women on the internet, because of her impeccable tailored style, support for plus-size sustainable fashion, and beautiful jewellery taste. In addition to fashion, she founded Shiny by Nature (a size-inclusive fashion business) and Made by Alex (handmade jewellery and accessories brand).

9) @rabia098

It’s hard not to become immediately enamoured by Rabia after following her. Her love of vintage, secondhand, and slow fashion is immediately apparent in her outfit selections. Follow her for 90’s revival outfits as well as styling tips and tactics to help you restyle clothes you already own.

10) @project.catherine

Catherine is a complete fashionista. The Sydney native is an expert at putting together sophisticated ensembles for any occasion. Her clothing, both formal and casual, are always full of inspiration, from how to develop a sustainable wardrobe to how to embrace your particular style. If given the chance, we’d gladly raid her closet.

11) @aditimayer

We can’t help but fall in love with Aditi’s curation and aesthetics. Her flair and love for style and sustainability convey both tranquillity and energy, causing us to rethink our outfits on a regular basis. If her style wasn’t enough, her environmental activism is reason enough to follow her!

12) @dominiquedrakeford

Dominique is an exceptional educator and creative storyteller who is aiming to liberate the sustainable fashion agenda and achieve sustainable justice. Dominique is a woman on our radar due to her ability to combine maximalism with minimalism and serve us looks post after post.

13) @mshadeel

Hadeel is the girl to go to for everyday styling. With her monochrome ensembles and twists on conventional designs, she makes going out or staying at home look effortlessly chic. We defo recommend using Hadeel’s feed as your outfit catalogue. We appreciate how she tells the stories behind her favourite pieces and promotes purchasing and re-styling your own clothing.

14) @thriftqueenlola

We aspire to be as cool as Rosette. Her own and distinct sense of style makes her a stunning, cult find in the fashion world. She doesn’t take her wardrobe too seriously and isn’t afraid to push the boundaries of fashion. From ditching fast fashion to embracing the ingenuity of upcycling. She’s a fashion icon you should follow.

15) @sheekzine

If you’re stuck in an outfit slump, follow Shekinah for plenty of ideas on how to dress pieces and think outside the box. Alongside being a photographer and designer she is the brains behind Sheek magazine, a platform that amplifies and celebrates BIPOC-owned brands and advocates for ethically-made slow fashion.

16) @emsladedmondson

Emma is all about maintaining a smooth and polished appearance while remaining trendy and fun. She has great style, and many of her pieces are vintage treasures. She also frequently voices her concerns about fashion and sustainability. We appreciate how she offers her followers practical techniques for purchasing responsibly and secondhand.

17) @cookiecat.herine

Cat’s Instagram is full of stunning fashion and beauty moments. She writes great thrift diaries, wardrobe suggestions and musings on internalised capitalism. Cat also offers honest brand reviews and showcases ethical products that you can support if you want to transfer your money away from big business and into smaller firms instead.

18) @quannah.rose

Model and activist Quannah’s feed is full of beautiful photos, but it also contains crucial resources for the Indigenous community. She is represented by IMG Models and has appeared in campaigns for Chanel, Calvin Klein and other brands. We appreciate how she emphasises indigenous fashion and promotes sustainable indigenous brands.

19) @jacquitabanana

If you like capsule wardrobes and want to follow influencers who have similar wardrobes, Jackie is the woman you need in your life. Follow her for thrifting and style suggestions, as well as her journey of unlearning mass consumption and preferring to shop small, secondhand, and sustainable. Her stunning Instagram grid, which matches her capsule wardrobe, is something we can’t get enough of.

20) @anishakalsi

Hailing from Kent, Anisha enjoys experimenting with bright colours and creative designs. The digital designer and serial outfit repeater utilises her platform to promote small, slow fashion businesses and showcase her environmentally friendly outfit combinations. Her colour palette, patterns and trans-seasonal layering are Pinterest-worthy.

We love hearing your suggestions, so get in touch via Instagram to let us know your favourite sustainable influencers. If you’re looking to support more POC content creators then check out our article on 15 POC Vegan Food Bloggers You Need To Follow.