Your Guide To Cosy Sustainable Fashion

As the trees shed, the days become shorter, and the temperature sharply drops, it seems winter has reappeared before we know it. Thus, adding cosy winter staples to your wardrobe is a must.

Cosy Winter Staples

We often catch ourselves thinking that we need a winter coat that keeps us warm and dry, or a beanie to keep the brain freeze away: the list is endless. This guide will help you to find eco-friendly timeless outerwear, knitwear, and sleepwear which you can bring out of your wardrobe each winter. Without sacrificing style, these cosy staples are easy to layer, solving your winter wardrobe issues and most importantly, keeping you warm and toasty.

Winter Coats

Firstly, we have the winter coat, the ultimate necessity to keep cold shivers at bay. From the loved puffer jackets to the tie-waist trench coats, there are multiple ways to stay in style in winter. Shops like & Other Stories are now making some of their luxurious coats from recycled materials, making timeless styles like the tie waist longline coats available to sustainable shoppers, like this Belted Wool Coat, made out of recycled wool.


As well as soft statement pieces, trench coats have also made a comeback. We can now live out our Sherlock Holmes dreams and Veryan’s Waterproof Trench Coat, which is ethically made to order from Ventile L19 cotton deadstock, is another sustainable alternative to keeping warm and dry.

Cosy Accessories

Aside from warm winter coats, I always find myself reaching for cosy accessories before I leave the house, as sometimes the coat is just not enough against the sharp cold! From beanies and mittens to earmuffs and scarves, there are so many different pieces to mix and match to your wintery outfits! To keep your ears covered and your head warm this winter, fashion conscious label SABINNA are selling these gorgeous Hanna Headbands; they are hand-knitted from Tencel yarn in Vienna, making them a great eco-friendly cosy accessory. Tencel is made from renewable wood and is compostable and biodegradable, thus can fully revert back to nature.


Alternatively, statement pieces like the very trendy knitted collars, providing insulation to your neck, are currently being sold on & Other Stories, as well as scarves, gloves, and headpieces. They are made from sustainable materials such as RWS certified wool and GCS certified cashmere, protecting the environment with a more responsible supply chain.

Knitwear and sweatshirts

Whenever winter emerges, so do the number of well-prepared people wearing turtleneck sweaters and knitted jumpers on my morning commute (sometimes the London tube really is where my outfit inspiration is cultivated). But yes, the soft knitted jumper is a classic, even before Rachel Green’s debut on Friends.


Wearth London’s slow fashion labels such as Zola Amour and KOHR have created the perfect base layers for any winter look. Zola Amour makes staple clothing pieces out of GOTS organic cotton, supporting local producers in the UK. Their Grandad Cardigan is made to order and aside from being soft, it is also inclusive of plus size people, accommodating all people in need of winter staples. And KOHR’s organic cotton Mock Neck Top and Oversized Waffle Shirt are also great core pieces which are sustainable down to the label, giving you plenty of options to wear under your winter coat.

Cosy Sleepwear Staples

And, finally, my favourite part about Winter has to be the warm nights I spend inside my home. One of the simple pleasures that I most look forward to is sitting in front of the fire in my cosy pyjamas, drinking a hot chocolate, of course, watching a heart-warming film with the family. Being such a homebody means that the pyjamas and loungewear are necessities in my wardrobe. Eco-conscious brand Me & Maeve Grace have designed some luxurious sustainable pyjamas to lounge around in. These pink pj’s are made of high-quality GOTS certified organic cotton with an adorable leopard print design, allowing children and mothers to match and feel even closer to each other.


Along with the matching pyjamas, it would be wrong not to pair them with cosy cute socks, especially socks which are made from the responsible bamboo blend fabric (yes, the hype is real, they are as soft as you’ve heard). Leiho has come out with bright and neutral socks, thus not only will you be pleased with their softness, but Leiho matches every pair they sell by giving one pair to someone who is homeless this winter. So, as well as helping the environment, knowing that something good has come out of your purchase to someone less fortunate, especially during the coldest months of the year, is yet another perk of shopping sustainably.

Last but not least, to complete this cosy image, a soft, warm blanket is pinnacle in providing ultimate comfort. Am I right or am I right? Wearth London has a plethora of snuggle-worthy blankets made from organic cotton and natural linen, woven for our relaxation, from brands like Lüks. So, although this is not a staple in the wardrobe, it is most definitely a staple in the living room.

Shopping Without Damaging the Environment

Aside from purchasing new products, there is an abundance of ways for us to find winter staples which do not involve damaging, new production. With apps like Depop, Vinted, and Etsy, as well as charity shopping becoming so heavily popular, we have many options to give clothing a second life. People are selling winter coats that no longer fit, leather boots that they never made much use of, and gorgeous knitted pieces that sometimes still have the tags on.

Other than the more well-known brands, there are also lots of ecological scarves, gloves and beanies being handknitted and sold by creatives on these online platforms; so just have a browse, you never know what you may stumble upon! With these simple-to-download apps and charity shops around the corner, we can make a difference to the world and remind ourselves not to overconsume brand new products. So, since it is the new year, why not give it a go and make eco-friendly winter shopping your new year’s resolution?

By Kimia Afzal- I am a recycling enthusiast and a big believer that our small changes will lead to great impacts on our planet!