De-tox Your Home With These Natural And Green Cleaning Products

Cleaning your home in an eco-friendly way has in the past been made difficult by only the same old cleaning products and accessories being available in the UK. From chemical-heavy cleaning products in disposable plastic-bottles to cleaning brushes made from un-recyclable materials. With house cleaning being a fundamental part weekly household life (unless you’re a hoarder where you can’t see the floors let alone clean them, no judgements!), we wanted to create a new cleaning category on Wearth which highlighted the best natural and eco cleaning products and plastic-free cleaning accessories which are made with our plane tin mind. All of these household cleaning products are made with non-toxic and biodegradable materials/ingredients and are also vegan and cruelty-free.

Like with all of our products on Wearth, we’ve selected a range of environmentally-friendly cleaning products which help to promote a zero waste home and as a result have either plastic-free materials/packaging or are refillable, helping to support the circular economy and reduce household plastic waste. In this blog post we highlight some of our top cleaning picks for a green home.

cleaning product

Fill makes non-toxic household cleaning products in their family run factory in Northamptonshire. They wanted to combine their expertise of making natural cleaning products with the mission of making it easier to reduce the amount of plastic waste produced in the home. The results of their efforts is a great range of bulk cleaning products including this kitchen cleaning liquid which cleans and degreases surfaces.

Like all of our range by Fill, there are two packaging options, one with reusable glass bottle and 10L box and the other with 10L refill box. This stops the need for small single use cleaning products and in place you can create a micro circular supply system in your home and as the packaging is minimal and modern it fits seamlessly into laundry room or pantry.

none sponge


These plastic-free cleaning sponges are handmade in the UK by Tabitha Eve with organic cotton and bamboo. The cottons layers are naturally anti-bacterial and the bamboo core is highly absorbent making this a powerful cleaning combo. Named the None Sponge, this sponge makes plastic dish scourers and sponges look rather out dated.

The wonderful thing about these cleaning sponges is that they are reusable, once they’ve been put to good use and need a clean, simply put in with your laundry and they’ll be good to go. There is also a heavy duty none sponge which you can check out here.

Cleaning set

Clean Natured have a wide range of reusable glass amber bottles which are all made in the UK which includes this cleaning collection. These bottles are ideal if you make your own DIY cleaning products or for using bulk cleaning products such as the Fill’s cleaning products. The amber colour of the bottles blocks out UV light which helps to preserver the cleaning products.

What makes these bottles really stand out are the customisable embossed labels making it easy to adapt these bottles to the products you have and keep everything organised, they also look pretty!

cleaning brushes

These zero waste dish brushes are made by hand from sustainable coconut and natural and vegan-friendly coconut fibre. The set comes with two brushes, one which is a general purpose brush for pots and pans the other has a rounded end which is designed to getting to hard to reach places such as the bottom of bottles and glasses.

bathroom cleaner

The second Fill product that we wanted to feature is this natural bathroom cleaning liquid. Available in two scent options, either dandelion or unscented. Its non-toxic and cruelty-free formula helps to remove and prevent bathroom limescale and is suitable both for bathroom surfaces and toilets.

cleaning wipes

Made from soft and absorbent cotton, these multipurpose reusable cleaning wipes are available in a range of contemporary patterns. They are a great eco alternative to disposable wipes and paper towels and are machine washable. They have a large size of 30cm x 22cm making them a versatile natural surface wipe.

cleaning sponge

Toockies make fair-trade and eco-conscious cleaning products including these hand knitted multi-purpose scrubbing cloths for dishes. The set includes a cotton cloth which is softer for light washing up as well as a jute cloth which has an abrasive texture which provides extra scrubbing power.

Toockies is a social enterprise which empowers women in Nabapur, India impacted by slavery and the sex trade, by providing a stable income for over 230 women who hand knit the cloths.

waffle towel

Another popular Tabitha Eve plastic-free household cleaning product is these cotton and reusable alternative to paper towels. The way these towels have been weaved makes it super absorbent so they are perfect for wiping down surfaces and whatever else needs cleaning up from the kids and other messy people. When a clean is needed, simply put in a cool wash and hang to dry, use, wash, reuse, another easy way to create a more planet-friendly home.

We hope you enjoyed learning about some of our most popular natural and eco-friendly cleaning products. If you are looking for more blog posts on zero waste living you can check out our Conscious London blog for all things sustainable, and our Product Roundups section for more.