Eco-Art Exhibitions To Visit In London

Art has always reflected the issues that face the world of its time. So it's no surprise that artists are raising awareness about our changing climate. The relationship between art and science pushes the boundaries and challenges us to view the world in a new light. Artists and scientists are converging together to tell the story of our endangered planet. Taking visitors on a journey of the trials and tribulations of our climate story, these experts hope to bring people and the planet closer together.

Through photography, film, installations and interactive displays, getting to the heart of peoples climate stories has never been easier. These exhibitions present innovative and pioneering solutions and thought-provoking discussions that stimulate the climate-conversation.

Here is our round-up of the must-see eco exhibitions in London.

The Science Museum – Our Future Planet

In the run-up to the UN Climate Change Conference in November, this exhibition immerses visitors in the world of cutting-edge climate technology. The rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is causing our planet to heat up, and there is a global race to reduce our greenhouse emissions. Our Future Planet presents the latest solutions in removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Offering an insight into nature-based and technology-based solutions this exhibition presents innovative and pioneering developments that are influential in reducing our impact on the planet.

The exhibit will showcase Klaus Lackner’s prototype mechanical tree that absorbs carbon from the atmosphere. Experts such as leading ecologists studying ancient forests and chemists who are removing Co2 emissions from power plants are all part of this visionary presentation. Visitors will be taken on an exploration looking at climate science, from conserving woodlands to modern-day technologies such as carbon capture.

This exhibition is a key part of raising climate awareness for the museum and indicates the urgency for climate action. Our Future Planet presents solutions that science can offer and this discussion of science and climate awareness makes this exhibition a must-visit for all.

When: 19th May 2021-4 September 2022

Where: Science Museum, Exhibition Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 2DD

Price: Free

Exhibition London - The Blue Paradox

This exhibition is an immersive experience highlighting the increasing plastic crisis in our oceans. As we continue to push our oceans to the limit we threaten the balance of nature. We are creating irreversible damage to food chains, marine life and habitats because of our never-ending pile of plastic waste. This exhibition aims to help us understand what we are truly facing when it comes to our throw-away culture so we can tackle the plastic crisis head-on. Through a 360 degree digital projection, this visual presentation will take people on a journey, exploring our consumption habits and their impacts on our oceans.

Presented by SC Johnson in partnership with Conservation International, this exhibition will donate to Conservation International’s ocean protection efforts to help protect 1 square kilometre of the ocean, so there’s even more reason to attend this thought-provoking presentation.

When: 15-27 September 2021

Where: London, Ariel Way, White City, W12 7SL

Price: Free

Natural History Museum – Our Broken Planet: How we got here and ways to fix it

This display explores the impacts of human activity on the planet. As our actions continue to put the natural world in danger, this evolving presentation debates how our relationship with nature must change to protect our planet. With rising temperatures, sea levels and demand for clean water and food, the need to understand the impacts of our actions to create effective change has never been more important.

The museum scientists have chosen 40 objects that will immerse visitors in the climate conversation. The exhibition focuses on the impacts of our actions and helps create solutions to protect the planet. Following a journey, this display will open in three stages across the year with every new display exploring a new theme, so come and take a look.

When: Now-18 April 2022

Where: Jerwood Gallery, Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road, London SW7 5BD

Price: Free

Design Museum – Waste Age: What Can Design Do?

In a world of disposable and single-use products, this exhibition explores whether design can help mend this ethos of our throw-away culture. We can no longer ignore what happens to objects thrown away in landfills and this presentation aims to create awareness of how our consumption habits impact the planet.

This exhibition showcases the pioneering designers who are rethinking our culture of waste. From packaging to fashion, this display highlights the need for circular economies in all industries.

Including large-scale art installations from Ibrahim Mahama and exhibits from the likes of Stella McCartney and The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, this exhibition highlights the crisis of our waste age.

Where: 224 – 238 Kensington High Street, London, W8 6AG

When: Opens 23rd October 2021

Price: Adults £14, Family £26.50

The Natural Maritime Museum - Exposure: Lives At Sea

Unveiling a new photography exhibition, this presentation of photographs explores the experiences of those working at sea. These images explore those who work from the food, energy or conservation industries and their lives at sea. From the harsh winters of the Antarctic to the coral reefs of Mexico, this show of photographs highlights the integral work that comes when working with the oceans. Through the sea-farers lens, these images are a must-see if interested in our relationship with the environment.

Where: National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London SE10 9NF

When: 3 December 2020-31st December 2021

Price: Free, but you must have a ticket to the National Maritime Museum to enter.

Somerset House - We are History

Curated by Ekow Eshun, this exhibition explores the complex relationship between climate change and colonialism. Through the work of nine artists, this exhibition showcases photography, prints, textile, installation and video. We Are History examines the environmental crisis facing the southern hemisphere by journeying back to the past.

Looking at the cultural practices and knowledge of the indigenous people, this exhibition invites visitors to look back further than the Industrial Revolution in the West to explore the change in our environment. Exploring the 18th Century colonial era, where forced migration from slavery and altered landscapes from plantation agriculture began the journey of our altered environment. This immersive and thought-provoking experience is a must for anyone wishing to expand their knowledge on the lasting impacts of the colonial era.

Where: Somerset House, Strand, London, WC2R 1LA- Terrace Rooms, South Wing.

When: 16th October 2021-6th February 2022

Price: Free

The Wellcome Collection - Being Human

Being Human explores what it means to live as a human in the modern-day era. The exhibit is divided into four themes: genetics, minds and bodies, infection and environmental breakdown. Bringing numerous voices and perspectives, this permanent exhibit explores how humans can adapt during this dramatic change in culture, climate and politics. Examining our relationship with the planet, this exhibit features 50 pieces of artwork and objects that will get you thinking about the society we live in. From the refugee astronaut to the epidemic jukebox, this exhibition is definitely a talking point.

Where: 183 Euston Road, London NW1 2BEUK

When: Permanent Exhibition

Price: Free