Stylish Eco-Friendly & Plastic Free Lunch Boxes

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do here at Wearth. That’s why we’re always looking to inspire others to take some easy steps to live a more eco-friendly life. Small steps add up to a huge difference, so why not get involved?

Making a simple swap to using an eco-friendly and plastic free lunch box is a perfect starting point for your journey to producing less waste or even zero waste. By using a sustainable lunch box, you’re reducing the amount of waste that will end up in landfill or make its way into our oceans.


A recent study shockingly found that only one third of the UK’s plastic food packaging is recycled. Much of this packaging comes from ready meals, takeaways, or supermarket-bought lunches. Fortunately, there’s a simple and easy solution to all this unnecessary waste: an eco-friendly lunch box that you can take with you wherever you go.


Your plastic free lunch box needs to actually be practical though, or it’ll end up in landfill with the takeaway boxes. Your lunch box needs to be big enough to fit in a variety of foods, so that it can be your go-to for any meal. It also needs to be lightweight, so you can fit it in your bag to take anywhere you go. Lots of takeaway shops let you use your own containers rather than the usual disposable containers, so make the most of that!

Sustainable doesn’t have to mean boring – at Weath, we’ve got a wide range of plastic free lunch boxes. Whether you’re looking for simple and understated or bold and contemporary, there’s an eco-friendly lunch box for you! We’ll share with you our absolute favourite picks for all the family.

Stainless Steel Food Container – £18

This classic steel tiffin lunch box has two layers. The double decker style makes it easy to separate your food whilst keeping it fresh. In this container, there’s a total of three compartments.

Its relatively compact size makes it perfect for packed lunches, whether you’re up a mountain or at your desk! This container is made by Atlas & Ortus, a new green lifestyle brand set up by two sisters, Evie & Francesca. Their mission is to make functional, yet well designed, zero-waste products. Atlas & Ortus have a whole range of products available to shop at Wearth.

food container

Kids Biodegradable Lunch Box – £16.99

This adorable children’s lunch box is a version of Nature & My’s organic rice husk lunch box. Designed especially for kids, you can’t go wrong with this panda themed lunch box!

This lunch box is lightweight and has a compact size. This makes it the ideal school lunch box for your little eco warriors, and the next generation of people living a zero-waste lifestyle. Featuring food grade silicon, this lunch box keeps your food fresh.

kids biodegradeable lunch box

Round Steel Lunch Box – £15

Circular food containers are a nice alternative to the standard square lunch box. This round steel lunch box is perfect for bringing your pasta or salad to-go. It is made by One Green Bottle from high quality tough 304 steel. This makes it a long lasting and sturdy eco lunch box option. Forget your disposable plastic containers, and stick with this quirky plastic free lunch box.


Reusable Honey Bee Snack Bag – £14

If you want to take the steps towards a more eco-friendly lifestyle, but lunch boxes aren’t your style, try a reusable snack bag! This high-quality bag is perfect for storing all kinds of treats for the kids or for yourself. It is made with pure linen and features a food grade PUL waterproof lining. This snack bag is practical, and can make a lovely gift!

honey bee snack bag

Bamboo Fibre Lunch Box, Pink Coral – £20.95

This eco-friendly lunch box is made from sustainable bamboo fibres, cornstarch, and melamine resin. The vibrant pink coral designed lunch box comes with a blue wave gift box, making it perfect for gifting. It uses food grade silicon to keep your food fresh, and the bamboo lid is the perfect spot to put your sandwiches.


We’ve only showcased a small variety of the plastic free and eco-friendly lunch boxes we have to offer. Take a look at our full collection of sustainable lunch boxes and you’re sure to find the perfect fit for you.