The Ultimate Eco-Friendly Festival Kit

When it comes to live music, the UK does it better than ever. As we enter into summer, the festival season is in full swing. The much anticipated Glastonbury festival welcomes the long summer of iconic live music, comedy and fun across the country. As we pack our tents, wellie boots and glitter, it’s time to be mindful of the waste we leave behind after a weekend of dancing. It’s estimated that 23,500 tonnes of waste are produced at UK music festivals every year. Discarded food wrappers, plastic cups, camping equipment and bottles are left behind when the last of the stragglers head home. This year, as we dance the night away with our favourite bands, let’s make sure our festival journey is as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible.

Luckily festivals are also beginning to implement more sustainable initiatives into their weekends. By scrapping single-use plastic, providing more water refill stations and carbon off-setting, festivals are getting a green makeover, and party-goers can do their part to ensure their weekend of fun is as green as can be.

5 tips on being more sustainable this festival season

1. Use public transport when you can, from coaches to trains using public transport will drastically cut your emissions. If driving is the only option, share a ride.
2. 250,000 tents get left behind in UK fields.  Make sure you take your tent with you so you can reuse it or donate it to charity.
3. Take reusable items such as cutlery, bottles and food cartons to reduce your use of single-use items.
4. Wear green. Make the most of the wardrobe you have or share with friends and family to help build your sustainable festival outfits.
5. Be responsible and clean up after yourself. Pick up any litter or waste you find to help keep fields or venues clean and free from waste.

Being prepared and bringing sustainable alternatives will help make sure your weekend is as sustainable as possible. Here are Wearth’s top picks when it comes to creating the ultimate eco-friendly festival kit.

Beauty Bag Essentials

Aloe & Hemp Moisturiser



When the all-night partying leaves your skin feeling a little jaded, try this deliciously enriching moisturiser packed full of Vitamin E and C. Leaving your skin feeling soft and nourished, this organic gel by Nim Cosmetics is enriched with hemp seed oil and aloe vera and perfect for restoring radiance to your skin.

Price: £14.50


If you can find a shower or DIY by the hose tap, this natural soap on a rope by Kleen Soaps is a must-have when you want to scrub the dirt or glitter off. Handmade in the UK, this sustainably made soap is infused with relaxing lavender essential oils and blended with purifying rich mineral kaolin clay to help you feel squeaky clean after a day of partying.

Price: £9.50


After a few days of dancing the night away, your hair may need a little TLC. This vegan and sustainable dry shampoo powder by Corinne Taylor is the ultimate addition to your festival haircare. Refreshing and revitalising greasy or dirty hair between washes, this powder is infused with organic essential oils and bentonite clay to help add volume, reduce excess oils and keep your hair looking in tip-top condition.

Price: £12.50


By Tabitha Eve, these beautifully decorative bamboo makeup pads are lovingly handmade in the UK and make a great eco-friendly alternative to single-use makeup wipes. Ensure your festival journey is as sustainable as possible and reduce your waste where you can with these reusable makeup wipes.

Price: £7.95-11.45


Keeping your hands cleansed and hydrated when out dancing or camping is essential. Finding a tap is not always easy, so keeping hand sanitiser at the ready is a great way to keep hygienic when at a festival. Try this vegan & natural sanitiser by Fais. Infused with bergamot and mint essential oils and hyaluronic acid to help refresh your hands when they’re on the go.

Price: £5.99


By Scence, this natural and sustainable deodorant keeps you feeling fresh for hours so you can dance the night away. Infused with natural properties of magnesium, coconut oil and mango butter this deliciously enriched deodorant is soothing and hydrating on the skin. Handmade in Cornwall, this deodorant is blended with essential oils and features seven different aromas to choose from.

Price: £12.00


Sparkle in style with this biodegradable and eco-friendly glitter kit. Perfect for festival makeup, these gorgeously vibrant sparkles upgrade any party look. Made from bio-cellulose, the glitter can decompose in the natural environment. Kind to skin and the planet, this sparkles kit features an aloe vera gel and bamboo brush to apply the glitter making this sustainable kit the ultimate festival go-to.

Price: £15.00


By Nicmac Beauty, this vegan and refillable eyeshadow palette makes a great eco-conscious treat for your next party look. Featuring shades from pink to red that will make your eyes pop, this palette is a must-have when out partying.

Price: £30.00


This stylishly sustainable water bottle makes a great eco-friendly addition to your festival essentials kit. Scrap the plastic bottle and go eco and choose a reusable glass bottle. Featuring a leak-proof bamboo lid and a food-grade silicone sleeve, this pink glass bottle by Neon Kactus is the ultimate festival must-have.

Price: 19.00


Scrap the single-use takeaway boxes and opt for the stylish and sustainable bamboo fibre lunchbox. Keeping food fresh for longer, this coral-designed snack box is the perfect out-on-the-go upgrade.

Price: £20.95


The ultimate bamboo cutlery set features chopsticks, cotton napkins, straws and cutlery. So for whatever occasion and cuisine, you are prepared with eco-friendly essentials. This zero-waste set makes a great festival addition.

Price: £17.50


The must-have addition to your camping weekend away. This sustainable kit by Fill Refill Co includes everything you may need when out in nature. From reusable cleaning sponges to hair wash, this natural and eco-friendly kit keeps you organised and prepared for all scenarios.

Price: £32


By Willow Earth, this canvas and cork backpack makes a great festival staple. Practical and spacious, this stylish backpack can hold all your essentials safe when out in the wilderness. Durable and waterproof, this canvas-style backpack can survive all the elements the British weather throws at you.

Price: £85.00


This stylish, handmade tote bag features gorgeously vibrant embroidery to add a pop of colour to your outfit. Green is the colour of the moment, and this large and spacious tote bag by Before July keeps you looking on-trend all day long. Made from 100% cotton, this Ride the Wave bag can hold all your essentials with style.

Price: £45