7 Eco-Friendly & Recycled Notebooks For Reflecting In 2022

We’ve done our research and rounded up the best sustainable notebooks made from recycled paper and vegan leather. If you’re looking for somewhere to jot down notes, capture thoughts or journal to your heart’s content, these eco-friendly notebooks are definitely ones to consider.  

Keeping a journal has its own unique appeal. Your ideas, drawings, and notes are not only organised, but also saved in one location for you to revisit and reflect on for future inspiration. Of course, keeping a notebook entails using a lot of paper, especially if you plan on journaling.

This means you’re (unintentionally) consuming trees, as well as water and chemical materials required to process, bleach and bind the paper. The pulp and paper industry contributes significantly to industrial air, water and land pollution, accounting for approximately 5% of all industrial pollutant discharges in 2015. According to The World Counts: “Paper accounts for around 26% of total waste at landfills,” this is a staggering and concerning number.

Fortunately, there are a plethora of notebook brands working to reduce waste and make your journaling habit more environmentally friendly. We’ve chosen some of our favourites that prioritise the environment while also providing you with a beautiful, long-lasting notebook.

Best Handmade Notebook:

Helen Round: A5 Notebook: 

If your job includes many meetings, keeping a notebook handy on you will help you remember the essential ideas and briefs you may have been assigned. Or if you’re a free soul who likes scribbling down impulsive thoughts then this Helen Round notepad is the one for you.


The garden design notebook is hand printed in Cornwall and includes a sturdy Kraft card cover and 16 pages of high-quality, heavyweight white paper, one side plain and the other rule—perfect for notes and sketching.

Best Budget Recycled Notebook:

Port West: Recycled Notebook:

Affordable ☑ Professional ☑ Recycled ☑ Count us in.. We love this eco-conscious notebook by Port West which is created in London and Kent using high grade, FSC-recycled 100% PCW paper and natural paste dyed paperboard.


You can choose from 3 options: Blank, Dot-grid and Ruled and best of all the carbon emissions from the production of these notebook’s paper have been offset.

Best Vegan Leather Notebook:

William Morris: Vegan Leather Refillable Pad: 

With this sophisticated William Morris journal, you could very well up the ante on your daily to-do list at home or in the office. This refillable journal is made of vegan leather and printed with the lively ‘Eyebright’ pattern.

Fitted with a bespoke FSC certified paper, it comes with a 100-page lined notepad with space for the date on each page. Vegan and refillable! We love to see it.

Best Planet-Friendly Notebook:

Vida Natural: Plantable Seed Paper Notebook: 

This notebook may be on the more high-end budget, however it’s worth investing in as this is perhaps the most game-changing notebook we’ve ever seen. These sustainably handmade plantable notebooks are constructed with 100% recycled paper and have a wildflower pollinator seed mix embedded on the front and back of the plantable sheets.

Flowers will grow as a result of planting these sheets as part of the Save the Bees initiative and the whole notebook is 100% recyclable!

Best Visually Appealing Notebook:

About Blanks: Notebook: 

If you love buying products that have a history, then this notebook is the one for you.. About Blanks use repurposed old book covers by removing the old interior work and refilling the cover with environmentally friendly blank drawing paper.

The notebooks are unique, one-of-a-kind creations, filled with blank FSC sketch paper so you can doodle to your heart’s content.The paper is light cream in colour and has a smooth texture that is ideal for sketching and taking notes.

Best Travel Friendly Notebook:

Helen Round: A6 Notebook: 

When you’re on the go and don’t want to forget your thoughts, memories, notes or rhymes, a little notepad that fits in your pocket or purse is ideal. This A6 bee notebook has a sturdy Kraft card cover and 16 pages of heavyweight plain white paper inside.


Beautifully handmade, this notebook  makes a great addition to your stationery collection. It also comes in this beautiful garden, floral design!

Best Plastic-Free Notebook:

Port West: Recycled Sketchbook:

Okay we know this isn’t exactly a notebook but it’s worth a notable mention. Port West’s recycled sketchbook is durable, attractive and high-quality, with the finest grade FSC-recycled 100% post-consumer paper and natural paste dyed paperboard.


The fact that the sketchbook is ring-bound makes it easy to draw on for the r artists out there. The blank pages can easily be removed, and we love that it’s handmade in London.

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