Keeping Your Hair Healthy: The Safest And Kindest Eco Hair Dye Brands

Summer is arriving and bright hair colours too. These months are for vivid colours, and we want them everywhere, including our hair. Unfortunately, hair dyes can often be damaging to our health and the environment. Luckily for us, some brands have been developing  new techniques to help make dyeing your hair as environmentally friendly as possible. Here is our round-up of everything you need to know when choosing your next hair colour and the brands doing it right.

It is always important to know what ingredients we are putting in our body, whether it is in food, skincare products or hair treatments. Making sure our haircare routine is as sustainable and healthy as possible is important and never more so when it comes to dying our hair. A lot of hair dyes you can find in the common drug stores often contain chemicals that are harmful to your health and to the environment. If you’ve ever coloured your hair, you might have noticed some harsh odour or burning feeling on your scalp. This is usually because of P-Phenylenediamine (PPD) and Ammonia, two active ingredients that cause skin irritation, and immune, respiratory, and nervous system problems.

Luckily, there are ways of colouring your hair without using products with those ingredients. In the last few years, many hair brands have been working on creating cruelty-free, vegan, and organic hair dyes for all skin types that protect your hair from damage and burning.

Does natural  hair dye exist?

It is very difficult and rare to find natural and 100% organic hair dye as colouring products require a certain amount of synthetic chemicals to be effective. Thankfully, these chemicals are not necessarily the toxic ones mentioned previously. Some are not harmful and help activate the pH levels of your hair to such an extent that the tresses absorb the colour properly and benefit from the best results. Synthetic chemicals may appear in organic hair dye, but they don’t use harmful chemicals and include a mixture of organic, natural and synthetic derived ingredients, pigments and pH adjusters.

Natural hair dyes such as Henna do exist. However, some professional hairdressers don’t recommend using this  because it is hard to remove the colour once applied and it also doesn’t work covering grey hair. Below we’ve created a list guiding  you through the best professional hair dye brands to get the hair you want that’s kind to the planet and your scalp.

Four Organic Hair Dyes – Permanent


A very well known eco-friendly haircare brand. Aveda offers a wide range of colours that are 99% naturally derived. Not only are their ingredients cruelty-free and vegan, but also more than 85% of their packaging contains 100% post-consumer recycled materials. Their ingredients are sourced from sustainable or renewable plant-based origins and do not negatively impact the ecosystems from which they are sourced.

Aveda’s hair colours are long-lasting, help cover grey hairs and are fade-resistant. This means it locks in brilliant shine while helping to protect hair against breakage. Their intense moisture means silky, luxurious permanent hair colour that lasts up to eight weeks.

Paul Mitchell

This brand is founded on sustainability and is 100% vegan. Their formulated products will help extend the life of your hair colour while keeping your hair healthy. They also count on a broad selection of colour-safe products that help protect hair against damage from over-styling with heat tools or from over-exposure to the sun.

Kevin Murphy

This brand’s hair dyes have been created with naturally beneficial ingredients that help moisturise and rejuvenate the hair while imparting incredible shine and colour – all without stressing or causing harm to the environment. Their performance is a high-quality colour that prevents your hair from being damaged and keeps it shiny. They also offer a multi-tonal palette where you can choose your favourite shade.


This sustainable brand uses 100% multi-utility clean energy produced by the power plants of the Gruppo Dolomiti Energia in the eastern Alps. Kemon’s colour selection contains up to 97% natural origin ingredients, and up to 86% of certified organic ingredients. The hair dyes come in recycled packaging, and these permanent colour tones are durable and long-lasting.

For natural tones, those organic brands are great for a more effortless update. However, if you’re looking for a pop of vibrant colour, here are some great organic brands for colourful, trendy hair.

Four Organic Colourful Hair Dyes – Semi-Permanent

Manic Panic

Their colours are cruelty-free and vegan and have been since 1977. You can find any colour you want in their semi-permanent 40+ shades collection. They are all Paraben-free, Gluten-free, Ammonia-free, Resorcinol-free, PPD-free, and Phthalate-free.

It’s a women-owned company, and at least 15% of its annual profit goes to various charities including BCRF, True Colors United and The World Wildlife Fund.

Arctic Fox

Even though they’re not permanent colours, they are long-lasting! Of course, they are cruelty-free, vegan and free of harsh chemicals. You can create an infinite number of colour styles in your hair and get as creative as you wish. Also, the way colours will fade out gradually, so as the colour lightens, the shades will continue to be the gorgeous tones that you wanted.

Goldwell Elumen

This brand is well known for its durability. Their crazy colours last for a prolonged amount of time if you take care of it with the right products. The hair colours offer 100% grey coverage and don’t contain peroxide, ammonia and ammonia-odour. They claim their products are 76% more colour intensity compared to oxidative permanent hair colours, and 37% more shine compared to intensive semi-permanent hair colours. You can choose up to 32 shades from Goldwell Elumen’s collection and can mix them up to create unique shades.

Good Dye Young

This brand’s colours combine a high-quality cream base with ultra-bright professional pigments, sunflower extract, and bergamot essential oil. Good Dye Young are always searching for more sustainable ways to elevate  their brand and colours. The company also ensures their manufacturing and shipping are 100% carbon neutral. Another great option if you are trying to create flashy colourful hair with minimal effects on the environment.

Have you decided which one you will use for your summer look? Get a fresh new style for this season while keeping your hair and the planet healthy and free from harsh chemicals. We can still have fun with our hair colour and continue to take steps to be more environmentally friendly.