Emma Lewisham Has Become The Worlds First Carbon Positive Beauty Brand

Emma Lewisham’s New Zealand owned skincare company has become the worlds first carbon-positive beauty brand. Announcing to the world on September 28th 2021, that all Emma Lewisham products are Toitū Climate Positive certified is a powerful and hopeful step forward for the industry renowned for its pollution. The Aotearoa’s 100% natural beauty products are designed to be refillable and recyclable, creating a circular economy never seen before in the beauty industry.

When using our lotions and potions, we don’t tend to give our discarded empty bottles another thought. The world of beauty is notoriously wasteful. With over 120 billion units of packaging produced annually, the need for the beauty industry to become more sustainable has never been more important. Thankfully Emma Lewisham is changing the game and demonstrating what it really means to be an eco-positive beauty brand. Emma Lewisham found that the beauty industry wasn’t recycling their products but instead sending them to landfills, so she created a circular and refillable design for her product packaging.

Emma Lewisham beauty brand

Credits – @emmalewisham

After spending 12 months with Toitū Envirocare, the leading environmental certification agency, to measure the carbon emissions of her products, from harvest to transport and product packaging to the end of life, every product has been analysed and redesigned. Through their global circularity initiative – the Beauty Circle – it means that Emma Lewisham’s products are not only refillable but are waste-free. The brand takes back their empty packaging, which is then sterilised and refilled, ready to be used again. Any packaging that can’t be refilled is sent to Terracycle to be recycled and repurposed. This revolutionary and sustainable design means Emma Lewisham has eliminated waste and reduced carbon emissions by up to 74%.

For a company to achieve the ‘carbon positive’ label it means the brand needs to carbon offset more than it emits. Emma Lewisham offsets an additional 25% on top of her new redesign to New Zealand Puhoi Forest reserve, the Gyapa Cook Stoves technology in Ghana and Malya’s Wind Power project in India.

Endorsed by the iconic environmentalist Dr Jane Goodall for being a benchmark for the industry, this beauty brand is shining the light for others to follow suit. Being the first and one-of-a-kind to revolutionise the beauty industry, the brand is focused on collaboration, not competition. Emma Lewisham is breaking down another barrier and is sharing her trade secrets with the rest of the beauty world. By laying all her cards on the table, she hopes other major beauty brands will follow her lead and take positive environmental action. Everyone, from small companies to big, can access her unique carbon-positive and circular blueprints here.

Not only is Emma Lewisham a climate-positive brand, but she’s outperforming with botanicals. All her products are 100% natural and clinically tested in New Zealand. As our relationship with beauty must evolve and become more sustainable and ethical, Emma Lewisham is leading the way and welcoming us to the future of beauty.