In Conversation With Ethical Lifestyle Blogger, Curiously Conscious

Here we talk with Besma, the London-based lifestyle blogger behind Curiously Conscious, about her approach to living ethically and blogging about it. Besma started the blog in 2014 and it is a reflection of how she tries to live in a more conscious way. It includes natural beauty reviews, sustainable fashion opinion pieces, vegan recipes and much more!

What values do you try and live by?

My main aim is to make mindful decisions. I try to take my time when making choices, and read up on the options out there – seeing whether I can make little changes that will reduce my impact, empower another person, or protect the environment.

When did you start your blog, Curiously Conscious, and why did you decide to start it?

I started in July 2014, when I was spending a year at university in Paris. The change of country and culture had me documenting my own changes, such as taking a carrier bag to the supermarket or buying unpackaged veg! It was principally to keep friends and family updated, but it’s grown from there and to this day I’m looking for changes to live a little kinder!

You recently decided to become a full time blogger, how have you found this change?

The blog was naturally progressing in that direction, and the leap into doing it full-time has me waking up happy every morning, full of excitement for the day ahead (although there is always a little anxiety around making an income each month)!

What advice would you have for anyone looking to start their own lifestyle blog?

The best way to start – and sustain – a lifestyle blog is to think of it as a journey. It’s about documenting little changes, trying new things, and making your own conclusions. No matter what your interest is – be it ethical living, sustainable fashion, arts and crafts, whatever – keep on writing. Post frequently and consistently, engage with your readers and make friends with other bloggers who share your passion!

Have you noticed a rise in people wanting to live more consciously?

Absolutely – I think the change can be seen in the number of small businesses placing ethics at their heart, and big brands moving towards more sustainable practices. There’s a growing number of people out there looking to live in a better way, and by creating that demand we’re seeing great businesses such as Wearth London respond brilliantly.

Where do you see the future of sustainable/ethical consumerism going in the future?

I think ethical consumerism is going to move into tech (both hardware such as Fairphone, or software such as search engine Ecosia), and there’s also going to be a rise in eco tourism. Holidays that respect the local culture and give back are where it’s at!

What is the one thing you can’t live without?

Writing – I love it. I write for work, I write for pleasure. I think it’s important for all of us to have a creative outlet, and a lot of the time we misconstrue that as our jobs, but really we’ve all got a little creative side that just needs some nurturing.

You document your travels on your blog, where has been your favourite eco destination so far and where are you excited to go to next?

I do indeed! My favourite destination so far has been Bath – I had a great weekend there on a solo trip this time last year. The city, the history, the architecture… It’s beautiful. My next trip is to Devon, to stay in an eco den without any phone signal or WiFi! It’s going to be fun.

We hope you have enjoyed learning more about Besma and Curiously Conscious! Check out Besma’s recent Ethical Homeware Edit featuring some of our makers here.

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