Ethical Interiors: This Year’s Design Trends To Note

From warming caramel tones to colourful accents and embracing maximalism, this year’s interior design trends are anything but boring. Emerging from the depths of winter and embracing the natural cycle of nature, spring can make it tempting to rethink our spaces. Whether we’re spring cleaning or having a complete décor declutter, the beginning of a new season is a great time to renovate our homes. And when reducing our impact on the planet has never been more important, decorating our homes with ethical interiors and eco-friendly décor is the latest homeware trend to emerge, and we are all for it.

The homeware market has grown exponentially from £10.8 billion to £13.6 billion by 2019. With the desire for constant new trends and picture-worthy abodes, homeware has become fast and cheap. Fortunately, this season’s hottest trends have sustainability in mind. Although trends are fleeting and are homes should be decorated with timeless treasures, it doesn’t mean we still can’t have some eco-friendly fun when it comes to interior design.

Here are some key interior design trends for 2022 and how to make them as eco-conscious as possible.

Vintage Finds & Sustainable Tricks

As people want to make their homes ‘Instagrammable’, homeware has aligned itself with the values of fast fashion. It’s become trend-driven, seasonal and single-use. As it should be, sustainability is now a big trend for homeware. This year discover the art of slow homewares and invite a new redecorating experience. Buying vintage is a great way to not only be more eco-friendly but find pieces that are beautifully unique.

Repurposing the old, these stylishly sustainable antiques are treasured gems that can bring joy to your abode. As consumers begin to find the beauty of pre-loved furniture, many independent businesses are setting up and helping customers shop consciously. From the classic antique fairs to Instagram pages, finding vintage treasures has never been easier.

Instagram accounts and websites such as Foli Chambre, which sells gorgeously vintage pieces and Norfolk Retro, which sells beautiful Mid-century furniture, all inspire a new wave of conscious shopping.

Buying second-hand is a great way to become more sustainable. Other ways to be more green include repurposing the furniture you already have. Adding a lick of paint to the cabinet or upholstering your beloved armchair is an easy and eco-friendly alternative to buying new. Swapping fast-homeware stores for artisanal designs is another way to support independent brands. Changing a space doesn’t require a whole new fit-out. Rearranging a room or adding some paint can help create new energy in your home. Ensuring your space is timeless is important when beginning any redecorating journey.

Go Big Or Go Home

Welcome to the era of maximalism. We are moving away from the paired back, white-wash, minimalistic style that’s been beloved these past few years. Style, texture and patterns are having a complete makeover and more is more when it comes to interior design trends. Striking the careful balance is important when incorporating the design of maximalism. Ensuring your wallpapers, furnishings and colour schemes are well balanced is key. This trend is not an excuse to clutter. Instead, carefully invite and implement beloved and useful items into your home. Whether you are swapping wallpaper design or adding colour, remember to ensure the products you are bringing into your home are conscious and responsibly sourced.

Moving away from minimalism, expect to see bold patterns and colours reminiscent of the 60s and 70s. You can subtly nod to the era of maximalism with touches of colourful cushions or throws. Working with the furniture you already have, you can add small and thoughtful pieces into your home that emulate the feel of the new season.

Why not try these eco-conscious additions to inspire your maximalism design.

NALA Cushion


Inspired by Morocco, these cotton cushion covers are beautifully bright and bohemian. Adding a touch of colour and joy to your home, these ethical and recycled cushion covers by Tikauo bring sunshine into any room in the house.

Price: £30

Ela Cotton Peshtemal


This organic cotton hammam towel is carefully woven on vintage looms and is a bright and colourful addition to your bathroom. This sustainably made peshtemal is a perfect addition when adding pops of vibrant colour to your rooms.

Price: £54

candle holders


These conical designed holders are decorative and sculptural and are the ultimate eco-friendly statement piece. Hand planed in Berkshire these Pete Hill Design candle holders are tactile and geometric, making them beautifully unique.

Price: £24

Bahar floral placemats


From the dining room to the kitchen table, these consciously cool placemats are handmade with recycled cotton. These colourful and joyous placemats make a beautiful addition to any dining experience.

Price: £22

Inspired By Mother Nature

After months indoors we have been inspired to bring the outside in. Connecting with nature and embracing natural and earthy materials is paving the way for eco-friendly décor trends. Think marble, stone, terracotta and wood. These warming and rich materials add a touch of luxuriousness to our homes. This year bring some magic from the earth into your homes and feel at ease connecting back with nature.

At Wearth, we stock beautifully made furniture using responsibly sourced materials.

Verbier Reclaimed Bed


Using reclaimed and repurposed wood, this beautiful and luxurious bed creates an alpine feel to your room. Handcrafted in the UK by Rust Collections, this Verbier bed adds a touch of magic to your bedroom.

Price: £995

chefs edition pegboard


This stylish and sustainable kitchen pegboard means keeping organised and tidy has never been easier. Using sustainably sourced wood, this pegboard by Kreis Design provides a complete kitchen store and display unit for your home.

Price: £210

Granary Stool


Beautifully rustic, this granary stool brings the earthy elements into your home. Handcrafted in the UK, Rust Collections uses reclaimed wood and ensures these pieces are designed to last a lifetime. This handy stool can fit beside the bathtub or be used as a side table for your coffee and books.

Price: £195

Trafalger Oak Dining Table


Designed by Rust Collections, this gorgeously authentic and rustic dining table is handcrafted in the UK with eco-certified European solid oak. Beautifully luxurious, this stylishly sustainable dining table makes a beautiful centrepiece in your home. With multiple wood finishes to choose from, this Trafalgar oak dining table can easily complement your décor.

Price: 1,790

one legged stool - blue


By Pete Hill Design, this stool is handcrafted in the UK and adds a modern touch to traditional wooden designs. Perfect as a side table or seat, this responsibly sourced British wood compliments any room in the house.

Price: £195

Earth Inspired Shades

Continuing with Earth’s colour scheme, inviting in warm and earthy tones is a welcome change. Pinterest saw an increase of 80% in searches for green interior inspiration. This year’s home décor colour trends focus on elegant neutrals, which bring calm and tranquillity to any room in the house. From chocolate browns and caramels to deep sage, this year’s paint rollers will be dipped in earth-inspired shades. The Instagram craze of limewash-plaster finishing on walls brings a timeless and antique textured colour palette that evokes a more grounding and warming energy to the room.

Finding gorgeously conscious earth-inspired products with the planet in mind are easy to find here at Wearth.

Espresso mug


Inspired by Dartmoor, these rich and earthy mugs make a beautiful addition to your home. This hand-thrown mug is sustainably made by Habulous by Nicky Edmunds and evokes the warming tones of this year’s colour scheme.

Price: £22


Handwoven in Turkey, this gorgeously soft peshtemal adds a touch of luxury and elegance to your bathroom. With earth-inspired rust tones, this Luks bath towel can add style and beauty to any space.

Price: £82


By Tikauo, this blue cushion adds a touch of colour to your rooms. This joyous and warming cushion cover inspires elements of the ocean. Produced sustainably in South India with recycled cotton fabric, this cushion cover makes a beautiful addition to your home.

Price: £35

Decorative Lighting

Lighting and ambience are essential in creating a cosy and inviting space. This year we are experimenting with decorative objects and warm tones. Lighting and lamps have been infused with new textures, shapes and designs. Even the iconic wavy, pink-neon-lighted Ultrafragola mirror designed by Ettore Sottsass sets the tone for unique and decorative lighting this season.


Handcrafted by Bright Corner in the UK, this lamp evokes a warming and calming ambience to any room in the house. Beautifully unique, this fun wooden lamp adds a touch of luxury to your space.

Price: £82


Dynamic and stylish, this sculptural lamp by Clar Lighting will make a statement in your house. This eco-friendly mini pendant is made from Italian Pergamenata. With a warming glow, this modern design uses sustainable materials and is an elegant addition to your home.

Price: £130

Star Tent Light


This unique lamp adds an element of fun and playfulness to your room. This adorably cute tent lamp inspires a warming and cosy ambience. A must-have addition to your home.

Price: £82

Mindful Spaces & Lasting Style

This season is all about reconnecting with the energy we create and ensuring our decor can be cherished forever. Sustainable and eco-conscious consumer trends are at the forefront of this year’s interior design. Bringing a deeper and more personal awareness, the future of décor focuses on long-lasting designs that will survive the ebbs and flows of trends.

Upcycling and DIY are huge trends that flourished during the lockdown and are a great way to create a more mindful space. Low-waste and upcycling are at the centre of mindful living. Whether we are sewing our curtains or sanding down chairs, reducing our waste is seeing a big push this year. A survey by Blinds Direct shows that 68% of UK homeowners are choosing to undertake DIY improvements on their homes.

As we cosy in and find peace and tranquillity in our homes, the environment urges us to take lighter steps. Whether that’s buying second-hand, repurposing furniture you already have or bringing elements of nature inside to add a touch of magic are all ways to ensure our homes are simultaneously on-trend and ethical.