Sustainable Sleep Tips: Finding The Perfect Night’s Sleep

It can sometimes feel like sleep has become a modern luxury. Whether we are binge-watching shows to keep up with demand or doom-scrolling into the early hours, our sleeping is taking a hit. In the bustling tech-obsessed world we inhabit, the art of finding a peaceful night’s sleep is only getting tricker, and many of us are not getting enough. As our culture praises busyness and burnout has almost become a status symbol, it’s no surprise then that getting high-quality sleep can often be found few and far between. 

As 36% of UK adults struggle to fall asleep once a week and only a third of American adults get enough sleep, we are currently in a sleep crisis. As the daily struggles of the modern world impact our circadian rhythm, the art of finding the perfect night’s sleep has crafted a global sleep aid market estimated to reach over $100 billion by 2025. It seems sleep has been marketed as a luxury good. It’s recommended for adults to get between 7-9 hours of sleep a night to maintain a healthy mind and body. According to research, a study found the average American sleeps 6.8 hours a night, an hour less than in the 1940s. As the UK searches for “how to sleep fast” increased to 6,700 hits a month during lockdown, it’s no wonder sleep is the new “it” word of the moment.

Finding restorative, healthy sleep that’s sustainable and accessible is the latest instalment on our wellness journey. When the daily anxieties and stresses can keep us feeling restless when it’s time to turn the lights off, prioritising sleep is essential for a healthy body, mind and soul.

At Wearth, we understand the importance of a good night’s sleep. Here are some tips and tricks to help you drift off peacefully and mindfully.

Keep active

A lack of exercise can impact our quality of sleep. The Sleep Foundation reports that sleep and exercise have a “bidirectional relationship”. After extensive research, this study found that exercising can help you sleep better and promotes more physical activity during the day. This circular pattern is a win-win for all. Whether it’s a gentle walk or a dance class, however, you like to move your body, keeping active throughout the day will help tire you out so you can find some Zzzs.

Reduce alcohol & caffeine

Drinking alcohol or caffeine can act as stimulants making it more difficult for your brain and body to relax and fall asleep. Overuse of alcohol can cause sleep conditions such as sleep apnea and is linked to reduced sleep quality and length. Reducing our consumption of these beverages can help promote a better sleeping pattern.

Cut back on tech

As the digital age is in full swing, the non-stop whirlwind of social media and bright lights has disrupted our sleep physiology. To help get a better night’s sleep, avoid looking at your devices for at least one hour before bedtime. Using your phone or laptop before bed can disrupt the release and production of melatonin, a hormone that helps you feel tired. When scrolling on our screens our technology produces blue light, which has been shown to delay the production of melatonin. To help you sleep, remove electronics from your bedroom and detox from tech a few hours before bedtime.

Keep a regular sleep schedule

Sticking to a sleep routine is important as it can help regulate your body clock and ensure you fall asleep and wake up more easily. Having an irregular sleep schedule can cause stress on your body and creates a jet lag effect. Keeping to roughly the same schedule can help maintain better sleep quality and promote more positive overall health.

Set the scene

Creating the right atmosphere and establishing positive habits can help promote a good night’s sleep. Make sure your room is free from mess and clutter. Create a sanctuary that makes you feel calm and relaxed as soon as you step foot into your room. Follow a relaxing pre-bedtime routine, whether that’s a bath or a soothing cup of decaffeinated tea and help harness habits that help you sleep better. Use soft lighting, soothing aromatic candles and a tech-free zone to send you off to sleep.

At Wearth, we have sustainable sleep accessories that can help soothe your mind and body and help promote a more calming space for you to rest.

Sustainable Sleep Accessories

Organic Sleep Mask

sleep mask


By La Aquarelle, this gorgeously soft sleep mask is made from natural bamboo silk and organic cotton jersey. Helping to block the light and promote a better night’s sleep, this sleep mask comes in four beautiful colours that have been dyed using non-toxic plant dyes.



This sleep balm is beautifully blended with natural butter and essential oils to help you drift off mindfully. This sustainable balm helps soothe stress and anxiety and is handmade in the UK. Perfect for a good night’s sleep.

If a balm isn’t quite for you, Josephine Thomas also offers a gorgeously relaxing sleep spray. Generously spray onto linens or into the air before bedtime.

Price: £8-10


A great gift for loved ones or yourself, this night-time ritual kit by Moksa is mindfully handmade in the UK. The kit includes cleansing oils, calming mists and facial oils infused with pure essential oils from lavender to chamomile. The kit includes an organic cotton cleansing cloth so you can pamper and relax with peace of mind.

Price: £31.00


Palm of Feronia’s iconic moonstone sleep spray is enriched with soothing essential oils. From organic lavender and thyme oil to bergamot and chamomile water, this luxurious spray helps relax the body and promotes a restful night’s sleep. The spray also contains signature crystals such as amethyst, which helps soothe the mind and blue lace agate and moonstone, which encourages peace and calm.

Price: £36


Elm Rd’s natural aromatherapy roll-ons have been lovingly handmade in Kent. Using sustainable materials, these roll-ons are blended with safflower oil and essential oils tailored to your needs. Choose the sleep scent to help you drift off peacefully with notes of lavender, bergamot and jasmine to encourage rest and recovery.

Price: £15


By Give Yourself Kindness, this sustainable gift box contains thoughtful ideas to help your loved ones find a restful night’s sleep. Containing a journal, vegan face masks and a sleep spray to help you drift off, this gift box makes a lovely, ethical surprise for friends and family.

Price: £44


Soft and soothing, this gentle glow from the salt lamp calms and relaxes any space in your home. Place by your bedside table to help create a warm and safe atmosphere to help set the scene for your sleep.

Price: £34.99