Fitness: How To Sustainably Begin The New Year

The old ‘new year, new me’ phrase puts a lot of pressure on the first few weeks back. The impulse or expectation to join a running club, join the latest fad diet, or steer a new direction in your life can leave us feeling a little overwhelmed. This year let’s be mindful and sustainable in our goals, mindful of ourselves and mindful of the planet.

In the last few years, we have lived in a world of uncertainty and stress, so taking time for yourself and looking after your health and well-being has never been more important. As we look towards the new year and begin setting goals we must remember to take things slow.

We understand after a well-deserved break and time of indulgence, we may be looking for ways to gently bring back movement and self-care into our world. At Wearth, we champion sustainability at every corner, including when it’s time to get back into your health and well-being.

This year, when you are ready to re-join the yoga mat or are looking for a boost of vegan health, we’ve got you covered.

Yellow swim trunks

Beautifully bright, these yellow recycled swim trunks are the ultimate new year get up. Whether you are in the icy open waters of the UK or a heated pool, swimming is a great way to exercise your body without adding impact and stress to your joints. Swimming has never been more popular, especially during the pandemic. Swimming has many health and well-being benefits. So this new year, swim in style with Mangata London’s eco-friendly and sustainable swimming trunks.

Price: £75

Organic Tea

Deliciously ethical, these organic teas from Purpose Food’s contain all the nutrients and cultures to help improve gut and digestive health, reduce anxiety and symptoms of bloating. These magical sachets of tea come in different flavours, so you can choose the perfect blend for you. Taking a moment to yourself and sinking in with this healing tea is the soothing self-care start to 2022 that we all need.

Price: £12.99

Cork Yoga Wheel

When you are ready to bring in more movement to your New Year, adding a yoga practice to your day will invite peace, calm and tranquillity. The cork yoga wheel by CorkYogis is the ultimate eco-friendly yoga accessory that will help with stretching, strengthening and finding your balance. Using sustainably harvested cork from Portugal, this yoga wheel is a great addition to help find your flow.

Price: £38

Sports Bra

A pop of colour can help make any new workout a little bit more fun, especially when it’s kind to the planet. Using recycled materials, this ReflexOne eco-friendly sports bra features breathable vents while sculpting and supporting. This pink sports top is a great way to bring back more movement into your life.

Price: £30

Magnesium spray

Magnesium oil is a powerful and natural tool in reducing stress and anxiety. This vegan spray by Kiki Health is made in the UK, using the finest natural ingredients to create a light and absorbable oil. With the pressures and expectations of the new year, this soothing body oil is the perfect self-care treat for when you want to cocoon away the winter months.

Price: £12.50


After a busy and eventful year, while in the depths of winter, boosting our vitamins and minerals is a great way to begin taking care of ourselves. Expertly formulated by nutritionists in the UK, Ethical Nutrition Co’s plastic-free multivitamins are the ultimate vegan-friendly boost we all need. Containing natural vitamin C and K, organic broccoli and turmeric, this multi-vitamin is easily absorbed and gentle on the digestive system.

Price: £19.99

Water Bottle

Looking after yourself while being kind to the planet is the ethos we can celebrate here at Wearth. It may seem small, but investing in a reusable water bottle is an easy but effective way to be more sustainable. Millions of single-use plastic water bottles get discarded every year. Keeping hydrated when you are out and about, whether at a yoga class or walk is always important. So this year, invest in the eco-friendly FOSH bottle in stylish pistachio.

Price: £20


Sometimes the wardrobe gets overlooked when people are beginning their conscious consumption journey. This new year invest in sportswear that’s utterly stylish and practical yet kind to the planet. ReflexOne offer breathable and comfortable sports leggings that are ethically designed using recycled fabrics. This eco-friendly sports legging is great for your next yoga class or run.

Price: £59

Yoga Mat

Taking a mindful moment on your yoga mat is the perfect way to begin the new year. Taking care of your body, mind and soul is as important as ever. This luxurious thick cork yoga mat is the ultimate non-slip surface for your next practice. With anti-bacterial properties and good grip, this eco-conscious and sustainable mat is great for yin and pregnancy yoga. For every purchase, CorkYogis donates to charities that help empower human trafficking victims in India. This year spend your money mindfully and support brands that are supporting good causes.

Price: £85