Greenest Places to Visit In 2022

When choosing a holiday destination, if picking somewhere that matches your own sustainability efforts is important, we’ve got you covered. Visiting countries over-crowded and polluted by tourists may no longer be the way you wish to go.

Tourism and the travel industry have been brought to the forefront of conversation for multiple years now regarding the ecological impact that they make. Choosing a country for its sustainability goals is a great way to help guide tourism in the right direction whilst also gaining the opportunity to see glorious green landscapes that will take your breath away.

Here is a list of some of the greenest places to visit in 2022:

1. Grenoble, France


This enchanting city, located between the mountains has been named Green City of Europe for 2022. Located in the southeast of France, Grenoble is known for its steep cultural history and love for sports that aren’t for the faint-hearted. Cable cars are available to offer a birds-eye view of the luscious forest land and snow-peaked French Alps.

Grenoble was the only one of all French cities to elect the Green Party for the second time running, in the municipal elections, highlighting the care that its residents clearly have for reserving the space that they live in. The picturesque city offers hiking tracks through the mountains and a cycle-share scheme with 7,000 bikes.

2. Adelaide, Australia


One of Australia’s most eco conscious cities, Adelaide is home to vibrant natural reserves and wildlife and now it will also be the 2nd National Park City. The National Park City concept is to bring wildlife and greenery together with city living. With the UN finding that 68% of the world’s population residing in cities by 2050, it is no surprise that the National Park City Foundation are doing what they can to get cleaner air and high-quality green space into them.

Set to become the first carbon- neutral city, Adelaide has plenty to offer when it comes to eco-friendly attractions. There are a range sustainable café’s and bars all on offer, sustainable wineries on your doorstep and the change to kayak at Adelaide’s dolphin sanctuary.

3. New Zealand

new zealand

If venturing to the other side of the world, why not make it worthwhile New Zealand has long been known to hold some of the world’s most beautiful natural scenery. Which is why New Zealand have been looking after their home ground far before talks of the environment came to head for the rest of the world. Producing only 0.2% of the worlds CO2 emissions, the clear a

With its volcanic grounds creating hot springs that are transformed into thermal pools with natural healing powers, it is the perfect way to unwind and relax your body in vivid blue waters. For the thrill seekers and sports lovers, New Zealand is an eco-friendly paradise.

4. Łódź, Poland


Once the industrial hub of Poland, and the country’s third largest city, this bustling metropolitan has been revolutionised into an ecological hub with a progressive take on sustainability. A third of Łódź has now been transformed into green space, with parks and forests plotted where once lived factories.

There is also a growing cultural community with Łódź very own arts centre reimagined from an old cotton factory, along with an array of dining spaces, bars and design spaces. A modern approach on how cities can be reborn into sustainability.

5. Eigg, Scotland


If travelling overseas wasn’t quite on your agenda this year, then fear not because there is plenty to offer right on our doorstep. Disconnected from the mainland in Scotland, Eigg has been entirely self-sufficient in renewable energy for many years. Eigg is owned by the Heritage Trust, making sustaining the land at the heart of the 100 residents that live there.

The remarkable land runs entirely off of wind turbines, solar panels and hydropower and visitors are not allowed to enter by car or campervan but are given plenty of option once on the Hebridean island for means of transport. Unspoilt by pollution, this simplistic green land is a clear call to nature lovers.

6. Bhutan


A small island nestled in the heart of Asia, Bhutan is an ecological treasure to behold. The only carbon negative city in the world, and the last remaining Buddhist Kingdom the ethereal beauty of Bhutan is like no other.

Tucked in between the Himalayas, this idyllic spot is one that has works by the belief that less is more. This approach is taken to their tourism, where the number of tourists are regulated to small amounts to protect the land that they have. Of course, a travel like this does not come cheap and to balance out the fewer number of tourists, each person that visits has to pay a fair amount to get the immersive experience that is desired. However, surrounded by nature and serenity it is entirely worth every penny.

Information and research adapted from National Geographic and Conde Nast Traveller.