Home Fragrances This Winter

Christmas is a wonderfully sensational time of year, the smells, sights, tastes and sounds all indicate to us that it is time to cuddle up under a blanket and watch throwback movies with a cup of tea. Who says you need a constant supply of cooking mince pies to get your olfactory senses tingling though? At Wearth we have an excellent range of home fragrances to instantly get you in the mood for Christmas festivities (without the need of aerosols or synthetic chemicals lurking around your home, of course). Read on to catch up on the best and most beautiful products and brands in our home fragrances range

These wonderful Christmassy candles are made in Forest Hill, London. They come in fragrances: Mulled Wine, Frosted Fig and Cinnamon Swirl. What is more, the candle is made in a reusable glass jar which could be perfect as a homemade jam jar come spring time. The wicks are made of cotton & are bought uncoated & are prepped in their own wax.

Otter Candle


Bramble & Blossom – Christmas Reed Diffuser £28 

This UK made Reed Diffuser is available in Enchanted Christmas and Christmas Tree scents. It is made in the UK by self-proclaimed natural oil nerd and aromatherapy expert Karen Anderson. It comes in an amber glass jar with a recyclable plastic lid and is made of eco diffuser sticks.

reed diffuser


Bramble & Blossom – Natural Christmas Votive candle £24

If you prefer the aesthetics of a candle to brighten your christmas room then this natural candle version of the Bramble and Blossom Christmas home fragrances is perfect for you. Like the Reed Diffuser it comes in an Enchanted Christmas and Christmas Tree scents. It comes in a glass jar with a wooden lid and is delivered in eco-friendly gift wrapping.


An ideal and year-round christmas present is the Bramble & Blossom mood boosting room mist. An uplifting blend of essential oils and flower water that will give an immediate boost to any room. The room mist comes in a Neroli and Geranium scent and makes an ideal go-to for relaxed sundays.

scented spray


Buff Natural Body Care  – Naked Gift Box £27

A gift for two or just for yourself this ‘love’ body care gift box comes with scrub, oil and candle to create the perfect evening-in during the festive season. The set is made of all natural ingredients. With every sale, Buff also supports The Marine Conservation Society & Surfers Against Sewage to help protect our oceans from plastic pollution. If it is a gift, then add an extra personal touch with a personalised message for your special recipient for an additional £1.50.


Finally, an alternative option to the above is to make your own scents and bottle them in these reusable atomiser spray. Read up on these great ideas and get your creative juices flowing. If you decorate it up with some pretty left lace or string then you’ll end up with the most perfect personalised gift for a friend, or perhaps just for yourself.

Glass spray bottle