How To Be Kind To Your Partner AND The Planet This Valentine’s Day

With a billion cards sent each Valentine’s Day, there’s no denying that the international day of romance is one of rubbish, too! This year we’re making it easy to celebrate the day in sustainable style, so that you can be kind to your partner and the planet.

What’s not to love?

Is Valentine’s About Couples or Consumption?

Did you know that the first written Valentine’s Day card is thought to have been sent in 1415 Great Britain?

It wasn’t until the mid 1800s, however, that this gesture debuted commercially. And that’s usually where celebrations start to go down hill, isn’t it?

Valentine’s Day was transformed from a religious folk tradition to the international day of love that we know it as today when an independent business in Massachusetts began selling Valentine’s cards. Showing love to your significant other through gifts became increasingly expensive and excessive, and with over £1.5 billion spent every year by Brits to spoil their special someone, we think it’s important to consider how we should make Valentine’s Day more wonderful and less wasteful.

This consumerist holiday can still be enjoyed consciously though, to ensure we lower its cost to the planet. At Wearth London, we’re passionate about ethical and sustainable approaches to the everyday – that’s why we make eco-friendly products easy to enjoy for you and your partner.

Discover our curated gift guides below to explore how you can show your love to your significant other in a romantic yet low-impact way!

How to be kind to your partner AND the planet this Valentine’s Day


The Sequin Necklace

A subtly sustainable and effortlessly delicate jewellery piece, this made-to-order pendant is handcrafted in Norfolk, UK, with 100% recycled 9ct yellow gold. Balancing its polished glow and green credentials, this simple yet sophisticated staple is ideal for the fashion-conscious eco advocate.

Plus, it plays on the more traditional aspects of Valentine’s gifting. Who doesn’t love jewellery?!


The Self Care Gift Set

Perfect for the plant-powered person in your life, the Self Care Gift Set by Tabitha Eve is packed with planet-friendly essentials to build into your everyday routine. With reusable cotton rounds to wipe away makeup without waste and a sustainably produced cotton and linen bath pouf for an ethical approach to exfoliation, this beautiful box is a must-have for clean beauty fanatics.


The Votch Watch

Making sustainability stylish, Votch is a UK-based brand producing vegan-friendly watches. These ethical accessories use a variety of pioneering innovative materials, from pineapple leather to PU. Gift this cruelty-free staple to that special someone who’s passionate about an animal-friendly approach to slow fashion.

Which plant-powered presents are you gifting that special someone this Valentine’s Day?


Vegan Double Chocolate Brownies 

Ah a Valentine’s Day classic – chocolates! But this time, make it sustainable.

These vegan goodies are extra chewy (and extra tasty), crafted from 100% natural ingredients and packaged in eco-conscious cardboard. The brownies are bound to make anybody jump for joy, as they’re made and chosen with love.


Flawless Valentine’s Vegan Rose Pamper Gift Set

Perfect for a friend, family member, partner or simply to treat yourself, this vegan & plastic-free Valentine’s Day gift set has been carefully selected to create a luxurious set which will leave you and your skin feeling rejuvenated.

You can even personalise this gift set by adding the recipient’s name to the front of the box for a personalised touch at no additional cost!