How To Have An Eco-Friendly Bath

There’s nothing quite like the utter bliss of sliding into a hot bath, having created around you an atmosphere of relaxation. For many of us, that time alone in the bath is our sanctuary. But can you still have a bath and know that you aren’t compromising your eco-friendly principles? Absolutely! You just need to know a few tricks and swaps to choose everything needed, from eco-friendly bubble bath through to the best eco-friendly bath towels.

Set the scene

Before you even turn on the taps, the trick to a sublimely rejuvenating bath is to create the right atmosphere.

The easiest way to do this is to turn down the lights and use candles instead. Their flickering glow makes for exceptional relaxation. However, candles can be a problem for the environment, often being made from paraffin wax.

At Wearth, we have a wide selection of eco-friendly candles. We love the Arya Candle Rose Candle  fragranced with essential oil and made using sustainable rapeseed wax. You’ll feel good lighting this one as the brand supports women who have suffered the impact of war. Or why not splash out on true indulgence with the Virginutty Manila Candle, the scent of which will transport you to the Philippines with jasmine and sandalwood.

eco candle


Whilst setting the scene, don’t forget to lay out some gorgeous bath towels, ready for when you emerge. There’s nothing quite as moment-ending as realising you’ve forgotten your towels! We only stock the best eco-friendly bath towels. The Panda Bamboo Bath Towels are just wonderful and cosy, and the huge bath sheet is perfect for continuing the sense of luxury.

Make sure you lay out a soft and comforting bath mat. The Panda bamboo bath rug will go with your towels and provide a drying, snuggly step out when you’re finished.

Run an eco-friendly bath

It’s then time to let the water flow, and of course you want to know which eco-friendly products to use in the bath.

Think about two aspects: the tools of the bath, such as eco-friendly bath sponges and loofahs, and then think about your eco-friendly bubble bath or bath salts. Plus, consider your shampoo and conditioner if you plan to wash your hair in the bath.

We have a huge choice of eco-friendly bath soap, if that’s what floats your boat. There’s nothing quite as self-caring as lathering up a bar of soap over your skin. Why not treat yourself to a set of three Clean U Mix & Match Artisan Soaps? Not only do you get to pick which amazing scents make it into your box, you get a choice on the day of your bath depending on the mood you’re in! We highly recommend the invigorating and exotic ‘Back to the Beach’ and ‘Unwind’ which does exactly what its name suggests with aromas of bergamot, cedar wood, lavender, and clary sage.

unwind soap


As long as they are sustainably sourced, loofahs, like the one in the vegan Vertue Box Pink Gift Set, are eco-friendly. Traditional sponges are not usually eco-friendly. A wonderful option is the Helen Round eco-friendly body sponge made from bamboo and linen. Instead of a plastic shower sponge, you can choose a fabric one, such as the Acala Natural Shower Sponge, made from biodegradable ramie.

If you just want to slip below the water and not even have to go to the effort of lathering soap, you can use eco-friendly bath salts. We get immense happiness from enjoying a bath with The Palm of Feronia Amethyst & Dead Sea Bath Soak. Rich in magnesium, the smell is incredible with notes of juniper berry, lavender and petitgrain.

We also can never quite decide which of the Bramble & Blossom Eco-friendly Bath Salts we like best. These natural salts come in four different mixes and each one brings such joy. ‘Uplifting’, blended with neroli and geranium is our secret weapon if we want to sneak in an early morning bath. But you can’t beat the ‘Muscle Soak’ with thyme, eucalyptus and marjoram, when your body is crying out for some TLC after a hard workout.

bath salts


If you want the option of both bath salts and soap, depending on your mood, then the London Bathers Bliss Set is for you. It’s a gift set, but you are the perfect recipient, with love from yourself. It includes a jar of Detox Soaking Salts, bar of Green Clay soap, and a beautiful glass bottle of Tea Tree and Rosemary hand wash. It covers all the bases.

A scrub in the tub

Whilst laying back and drifting off is a very worthwhile bath time ritual, sometimes you want a really good scrub. Microbeads are bad-eco news yet are prevalent in many bath scrubs. Finding an eco-friendly bath or body scrub is essential to bath time happiness for you and the planet.

The Salt Parlour Matcha Green Tea & Jasmine Body Scrub is eco-friendly and all-natural. It comes in a tin, so there’s no plastic in the packaging or in terms of microbeads. They also make a Coffee and Coconut Body Scrub which is really energising and invigorating.

bath salts


Wildtree Skincare makes delightful Organic Body Scrub Melts. These individual little bars of body scrub melt onto your skin and are scented with moringa powder. It’s an excellent way of giving yourself an all-natural vegan massage whilst nurturing your skin with antioxidants and anti-ageing properties.

After a scrub in the tub, we recommend you round off how wonderful your skin feels by smoothing in some Magical Tree Handmade Organic Body Butter. This deep moisturising formula, made with organic Shea and cocoa butter, really is as amazing as it sounds. It’s all natural and comes in four different and distinctive scents.

What are you waiting for?

An eco-friendly bath can still be an opportunity for pampering and will make you feel good both inside and out.