How To Host The Ultimate Sustainable Dinner Party

Food is a universal love language, a gesture of kindness that shows the people closest to you that you care about them, without even having to say any words. Nothing says ‘I love you’ quite like feeding the hearts of family and friends with a wonderful meal, which is why we wanted to help you create the ultimate dinner party.

Since lockdown began (all those many moons ago), we have reached to food more than ever for a sense of community. With restaurants and bars closed, cooking became a way to share our support for one another and to feel a part of something. The nation turned to baking banana bread for neighbours and experimenting with new recipes. As our busy lives got put on pause there was suddenly newfound time to enjoy meal times together and bring families closer together than we’d ever had before.

With all the new culinary skills that we have acquired over the past two years, there is now nothing we want more than to share these skills with loved ones. Even after the reopening of restaurants and bars, 25% more people within the UK are looking to host dinner parties now. If, like us, you believe that dinner parties should be a feast for all the senses then you may be looking at new sustainable ideas to take your meals to the next level. Well, don’t worry because at Wearth we have got you covered with our simple guide for hosting the ultimate sustainable dinner party.

The Perfect Meal


Dinner parties are a fantastic way to introduce friends and family to a vegan lifestyle. Although it can be tempting to offer a variety of options to accommodate everyone, this can create an overwhelming amount of work for yourself, and result in a lot of food waste which is not ideal. Even if it feels a little risky, preparing one simple and delicious vegan meal for all to enjoy will give them great insight into just how fabulous vegan meals can be.

A little something sweet


For a tasty, sweet treat after, there are also plenty of delicious recipes such as the ‘Hot Cross Bun Bread and Butter Pudding’ with a gooey custard centre. Alternatively, if you’re all cooked out, Cake or Death offers a range of luxury vegan brownies that are fudgy and indulgent, making them the perfect dinner party dessert.

Dinner Table Setting

Here’s where we really get to step it up a level. Dinner parties have swiftly become a trend sweeping social media with gentle cloth and Pampas grass, and the more “Cottagecore” the better. Getting this simple, rural chic style is actually relatively easy when shopping for sustainable home accessories as natural colours are preferred over toxic chemical dyes anyway. There are just a handful or so of high-quality accessories that are great investments that can be used for all future dinner parties to come.

A Table Runner


This simple woven table runner by Raw Label adds natural beauty to your dinner parties. With multiple colour variations for an understated design, this is the perfect base for your table decoration.

Floral Linen Napkins


The small details can sometimes make the biggest impact and these elegantly designed linen napkins are a great example of that. Created by Helen Round, this set of two napkins are hand printed with a garden design, to enhance the rural aesthetic.

Hand Woven Round Placemats


Sourced directly from the wild Makenge plant in rural Zambia, the sustainable materials that make up these charming placemats are woven together for a stunning finish all-round. Sustainably sourced and designed to last, the handwoven placemats are the perfect addition to a minimalist table setting.

Sand Dune Plate Set


A dinner party would be near impossible without something to place the food upon. Of course, any plate will do but these rustic handmade ceramic leaf plates in organic beige hues are an ultimately dreamy set. Including dinner and dessert plates, these are perfect for those special occasions.

Textured Beaker Cups 


This vegan beaker is a great addition to any dinner party table decoration with its rustic hand carved texturing. Each beaker is lovingly created by Faye, the creator of Twinn Pottery, so that you know each cup is personalised with its own individual markings.

Candle Stick Holder


The final special touch to your table decoration, that we suggest, are these beautiful handmade candlestick holders. With a speckled design in stoneware, they are the simple cherry on top of the cake for creating a magnificently elegant dinner party.

The Few Final Touches

With a recipe sorted and the table beautifully set, there is little else to do but sit back and enjoy the beautiful company of family and friends, with all the hard work you have put in. Of course, if there does happen to be any leftovers then silicone food bags are always great to have on hand for people to take with them (and bring back).

For any of our other sustainable dinner party additions, just visit the Home Accessories section at Wearth.