How To Plan An Eco-Friendly Big Jubilee Lunch

With the theme of this year’s Platinum Jubilee focusing on the environment, it’s only right we plan our Big Jubilee Lunch to be more greener this year.

Join millions of people throughout the UK as they get together to celebrate the jubilee and get to know one another a bit better at the Big Jubilee Lunch. From June 2 to 5, communities are gathering together all over the country for a day of fun, food and festivities — who doesn’t enjoy a delicious lunch and a good convo with friends?

How Can You Take Part In The Big Lunch?

The Eden Project is hosting this one-of-a-kind Big Lunch which promises to be a smashing success, whether it’s a cuppa on the doorstep or a larger bash in the street.

First things first: if you’re hosting your own public event, street party or other activity, make sure you’re signed up to join the rest of the 4890 public events/ street parties or private events!

Everyone is invited, so let’s take to our streets, gardens and neighbourhoods to have fun and get to know each other a little better. You can sign up for your free starter kit here.

If you’re thinking about hosting a Street Party Venue, you’ll need permission from your local council. However, if closing the road is not an option, the event could be held in front gardens or drives along the street, in a rear garden, neighbourhood park or town hall.

Make sure all your neighbours are invited, whether that be through invites in their mailbox or knocking on doors or posting on a local Facebook/ Whatsapp group. Make sure Ensure people can get information about the event, including any updates, you especially don’t want anyone to feel left out.

Eco Party Tips:

1) Avoid Single Use Plates And Cups:

This might be tough, especially if you are expecting a large number of people to attend your Big Lunch; the prospect of all that washing up may tempt you to use cheap disposable cups and plates, but don’t! Did you know, in England alone, an estimated 1.1 billion single-use plates and 4.25 billion single-use cutlery — the majority of which is plastic – are used each year, but only 10% is recycled according to the Guardian. That’s a crazy amount of waste, but don’t worry there are several excellent alternatives available, such as compostable plant-based cups, plates and cutlery that can be thrown directly into your food waste bin or compost heap.


Our top picks include FOOGO Green’s Party Pack Round Plates and Cutlery which includes 25 large plates, 25 small plates and 25 individual spoons, forks and knives and added bonus they are microwave and freezer safe!


Another great pick is the Pandabode Biodegradable Bamboo Plates Set which are available in sets of 8, 40 and 100! They are biodegradable, durable and hard-wearing, plus, they can be disposed of in an eco-friendly way, simply by putting in the compost! They also sell a Biodegradable Bamboo Cutlery Set.


FOOGO Green’s Disposable Wheat Straws are another great option for low waste refreshments.. No chemicals or harmful additives are used in making them and these natural alternatives do not get soggy in liquids making them suitable for both hot and cold drinks.

Another great alternative is asking your friends and family to bring along their own old cutlery and kitchenware to the party!

2) Exchange And Share With Your Neighbours: 

This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the resources available on your road. If you knock on a few doors and talk to your neighbours, you might not need to buy plates or rent tables and chairs.. After all, that is the point of The Big Lunch. Why not prepare a long list of everything you’ll need for your party and then leave a note on your neighbours’ doors asking what they can give you? You might be surprised, and it will help you save money and reduce the environmental impact of your party.

3) Utilise Your Leftovers And Reduce Your Waste: 

Plan carefully to avoid making far too much food. Don’t bring out all of the food at once. What’s left in the fridge can be used the next day or shared with your neighbours. With leftover food and veggies, you can make a lot of meals such as stir fry or burritos.

Even with meticulous planning, there will almost certainly be some food left on people’s plates. Bring out a few bins that are clearly labelled so that people may compost extra food and recycle cardboard, for example. Encourage your guests to pick up after themselves, this way, you won’t have a big mess at the end of the day and can relax and enjoy your successful Big Lunch.

4) Skip On The Cling Film: 

While cling film may keep your Coronation Chicken sandwiches fresh, it is not very eco-friendly. Every year, we use more than 1.2 billion metres of cling film in the United Kingdom. Cling film is constructed of plastic, which makes it difficult to reuse or recycle.

Instead, keep food in:

– Food storage boxes

– Takeout containers or jam jars

– A bowl with a plate on top

– Foil that can be washed and reused or recycled

– Beeswax coverings that are reusable

– Silicone covers


Our favourite beeswax coverings include the Emilie O’Connor Green Turtle Vegan Food Wraps which are made with GOTS organic cotton, natural dyes and have antibacterial properties in the wax which is great for protecting your food.


Another pick is the Helen Round Reusable Bowl Covers, these sets of 3 can be popped in the fridge and keeps food fresh – designed to be used again and again.


These Silicone Zip bags by Yuggen, made from food-grade silicone, are great for reducing your waste in the kitchen. These bags take  up little space and are perfect for freezing leftover food.


Lastly, these Reusable Snack Bags by Tabitha Eve are amazing for taking snacks on the go and travelling. It is ideal for small snacks such as sandwiches and crisps and they are handmade in the UK using organic cotton and food-safe PUL.

5) Environmentally-Friendly Decorations: 

Bunting is a must-have for every street party. Traditionally, this would be a string of Union Jack flags or triangles in red, white, and blue, but any colours can do. If you don’t already have bunting, you can make your own out of fabric. If stitching isn’t your thing, make bunting out of felt triangles, rag-tie, or ribbons instead and use fabric glue instead!

Check out this great Bunting DIY by Sewing Studio on YouTube that utilises waste fabric!

You also have the option to borrow bunting and other decorations from neighbours, friends and family. Party Kit Network is this amazing business that connects party organisers with their local party kit and supports the amazing people who run party kits for their community. You are able to hire a local reusable party kit and make your party a little greener. These party kits include reusable plates, cups, decorations and more.

6) Street Party Food & Drink: 

A staple of the Jubilee celebration is Coronation Chicken! Coronation Chicken is a sandwich filling made with cooked chicken, curry powder, mayonnaise, mango chutney and dried fruit that was originally created for the Queen’s coronation in 1953.

However, for a Vegan variation, substitute the chicken with chickpeas or tofu and use a Vegan mayonnaise – simply delicious! Check out this Coronation Tofu Sandwich by @nomeatdisco on Instagram!

For dessert you may enjoy our Vegan Chocolate & Raspberry Baked Crumpets Recipe, which is an indulgent take on the traditional bread and butter pudding!


Keep things simple by encouraging neighbours to bring their own food and beverages. If your neighbours bring food to share, ask if they could bring an ingredient list so that anyone with allergies may avoid meals that aren’t safe for them.

7) The Clean-up: 

Make sure there is a team in charge of cleaning up after your Big Jubilee Lunch. This ensures that there will be no chance of goods escaping and creating a danger to local wildlife.

Here’s some tips:

– Make a plan for rubbish generated by food wrappers, there should be rubbish bins and recycling bins nearby.

– As previously stated above, provide a food waste collecting bin so that scraps can be composted.

– Organise a team to take down the decorations after the event.

– Make a team check for litter after the event to ensure that no rubbish is left behind.

– Encourage neighbours to take home leftovers or give to a local organisation for any food that is still edible like Community Fridges or Olio.


We sell some great reusable and refillable cleaning products such as this Anti-Bac Surface Cleaner by Miniml, great for wiping down and disinfecting. The french lavender scent is not too overwhelming and because it’s made with natural ingredients it’s safe to use on any surface. Purchase the refill here.


Leave No Trace’s Reusable Kitchen Rolls, is great for the kiddos prone to spilling their drinks everywhere. The washable kitchen roll cleans up grime and can be used over and over again.


These Compostable Swedish Dish Cloths by Wild & Stone are great to use in conjunction with the Miniml Anti Bac Spray and are a great eco-friendly swap to day-in day-out cleaning cloths. Made from 70% natural wood fibre and 30% waste cotton; these cloths are reusable and fully biodegradable.

We hope you enjoy the upcoming Platinum Jubilee festivities, remember to have fun, stay safe and celebrate Her Majesty’s remarkable 70-year reign! If you’re planning on partaking in the Big Jubilee Lunch make sure to tag us on our Instagram @wearthlondon.