Introducing: Our Refillable Range

All of us are aware now of the importance of reducing plastic and the impact that plastic has on the world. However, there are some things which require us to use some form of hard container to store and save, without it, we would end up with food waste or damaged bags and shelves. One excellent way of reducing our plastic pollution is to reuse containers and bottles. We’ve put together a new department which collates all the best refillable products sold on Wearth and here are some of the brands featured which are helping to create a more circular economy:

Fill are a popular cleaning products brand that offers bulk-buy cleaning products, along with a refillable smaller bottle for quick access and use. Fill make all of their products in their family run factory in Northamptonshire with real chemists combining their expertise in creating effective non-toxic cleaning products with their drive to create straightforward eco products which help protect our planet.

Top Pick: Bulk washing up liquid – £33

Fill’s washing up liquid available in 10 L refillable bag in box. It gives you a chance to bulk buy your  it is tough on dishes whilst gentle on hands. The kit also comes with the option of adding your 500ml refill bottle, if this is your first purchase, to have at your sink-side ready to be grabbed and poured onto your dirty dishes.

bulk washing up liquid

TINCTURE put all their cleaning products in anti-microbial reusable bottles. The fluids are made from 100% natural household cleaning products brand using essential oils, botanical extracts and active silver. These products are a clean alternative to brands that use harsh and polluting chemicals, whilst still effectively and safely cleaning your home.

There can be so many useful purposes for a spray bottle. From watering your plants, to keeping cleaning liquids for windows and mirrors in safe and appropriate conditions. These bottles from Tincture are made from recycled plastic and give you the opportunity to use and use again. What is more, they are only £4.99 each and come with Tinture’s special natural cleaning blend.

glass spray

Make-up is one of the biggest and most plastic consuming industries. All Earth Mineral Cosmetics create make-up which is environmentally conscious and gentle on skin whilst being durable. Keeping plastic waste to a minimum has also been a very important mission for All Earth with all products available in plastic-free and biodegradable refills, finally making it easy to create a zero waste makeup routine.

Top pick: Mineral Foundation – £12

This highly pigmented loose mineral foundation is made with natural ingredients and is designed to be very versatile. It comes in a variety of shades and can be applied dry, with cream or water. It comes in a pot for life – made with sustainably-sourced bamboo and recyclable plastic, making it easy to create a zero waste makeup routine. To refill, you can bulk-purchase a new cardboard tube.

mineral makeup

Kind Beeuty have a range of beauty products, handcrafted in the UK using only natural ingredients. Their packaging is eco-friendly which you can return to be re-used, creating a circular supply chain. The company was founded by Amal who was frustrated with the amount of excessive packaging used in the beauty industry as well as the harsh and unnatural ingredients often used.

Top Pick: Zero Waste Shampoo – £6.95-£8.50

This is one of Kind Beauty’s best selling products. It is a natural, palm-oil free shampoo that comes in a reusable steel bottle. It comes in a number of different scents all priced slightly differently from Lavender Oil to Citrus Coco. You return the bottle once used so it can be used again and again for different customers.

zero waste shampoo

Georganics is also committed to being plastic-free using glass jars, aluminium lids and kraft paper for their packaging. The products created exclude use of potentially toxic ingredients there are in conventional toothpaste started researching and making natural toothpaste. They are fully natural, organic and free from any nasties.

Top Pick – Eco Mouthwash – £8.90

Clean and healthy teeth are absolutely vital yet the dental care industry uses far too much plastic to make purchases sustainable. In place of your normal mouthwash, why not try these Eco Mouthwash tablets? You can order 720 tablets refill in kraft paper packaging (12 months supply). This allows you to cut down on the waste of reusing plastic bottles of mouthwash over and over.

mouthwash tablets


Looking to join the refill revolution? Discover more of our collection of refillable products here.