10 Jar Gift Ideas For A Thoughtful & Personalised Present

Ooh, we adore jar gifts! There’s something luxurious and decadent about receiving gifts in a jar. They look gorgeous, show the recipient how thoughtful you are, and are kind to the planet too.

Read on to learn how to make jar gifts and the best ideas for packaging, from used jars to new ones which will become a feature of the recipient’s kitchen.

Jar gift ideas

There are all sorts of gifts in a jar which are special: from hot chocolate mixes to bath salts, there’s something for everyone. Check out our favourites:

1. Cake in a jar gift

Lots of small local bakeries are now selling ready-made cake in a jar gifts, and they are certainly scrumptious! However, the problem with them as gifts is that they don’t keep for long. Who wants to put a cake in a jar under the Christmas tree?! A way around this is to make a cake mix in a jar gift. Indeed, this is one of the most common ways to use mason jars for gifting!

Make someone’s bleak January days better by giving them a Brownie Mix in a Jar using this recipe from Good Food. Pop on a handwritten recipe tag and this makes a wonderful gift.

Really, you can use any favourite recipe, layering up the dry ingredients and remembering to include instructions of what’s not included on the label.


2. Hot chocolate in a jar gift

Christmas is, of course, the perfect time to give a hot chocolate in a jar as a gift. These are so simple. Grab a small jar, such as the small ones from this 10 jar set. In the bottom, grate some good quality chocolate or put some hot chocolate powder. You can use vegan hot chocolate powder or grated vegan chocolate too. Then fill up the top of the jar with mini marshmallows. You can pop a candy cane on the outside for decoration.

We’ve also seen a delightful stack of three used spice jars arranged to create a hot chocolate snowman: fill the bottom jar with crushed candy canes, the middle one with hot chocolate mix, and the top one with marshmallows. Use a permanent marker to draw on the features then tie on a ribbon as a scarf!

jar set


3. Coffee in a jar gift

We’ve seen coffee gift jars in various ways. From simply filling a jar with the recipient’s favourite ethical roasted beans, to filling a larger jar with sachets, spoons and tasty syrups. If you choose beautiful pantry jars then you’ll be giving a decadent and reusable gift for any coffee lover.

empty jar


4. Bath salts in a jar

Bath salts in a jar make a really special gift. They look so lovely, such that being able to see them in the jar is a pampering act in itself. You can buy these gifts in a jar ready to go, such as these Damask Rose & Vetivert Himalayan Bath Salts from Moksa or the delightful Bramble and Blossom Luxury Rose Bath Salts.

Alternatively, buy some bath salts in bulk and fill up used jars, add a personal label, and give to all your friends.

bath salt


5. Candle in a jar

Have fun making candles in jars. If you’re new to candle making then this is one of the easiest ways to start. If you’re not quite ready to go DIY then you can buy this beautiful Josephine Thomas Soy Wax Scented Seasonal Candle in a gorgeous contemporary glass jar.



6. Personalised spice set

Take some used spice jars, clean them up and remove the labels. Then fill them with a selection of ethical spices to make a unique and long-lasting gift. Create your own labels and perhaps make some personalised recipe cards. This can be a great gift for vegans, who will know you’ve really considered their values when gifting.



7. Sweets galore

Do you know your loved one’s favourite childhood sweets? If so, layer up a jar of treats to put a really big smile on their face! Didn’t we all want our very own sweetie jar?!

A jar of sweets looks so gorgeous, with nothing except a simple ribbon, so you won’t need to wrap it up any further. Have fun in the kitchen making fudge, peppermint creams, or decadent chocolate truffles for a fully homemade option.


8. Treats for little people

There are lots of novel ideas for filling a jar for children. At Christmas, a time of so much waste, this can be a wonderful way of gifting without resorting to using yet more packaging and wrapping paper.

One lovely idea is to take a large jar, such as one of these large pantry jars, and make it home to a cuddly toy. Another idea is to wrap a colouring paper sheet inside the jar (obscuring the contents) and then fill the jar with colouring pencils and small toys.


9. Gardener’s jars

One of our favourite ways to use glass jars is for storing seeds. You can make a wonderful gift for any gardener in your life by utilising used spice jars to hold seed collections. Alternatively, for a bigger statement gift for a gardener, use a large glass jar as packaging and presentation for gardening gifts such as gardening gloves, trowel, and bee bombs.



10. Body Scrub

A homemade body scrub is easy to make, low cost, and so much better for the environment than risking sending microbeads down the drain. Simply mix up some melted coconut oil, unrefined sugar, and add in some drops of your favourite essential oil. Package up in used jars and you’ll always have an easy-to-grab gift for any unexpected visitors.

Gifts in a jar come with a sense of luxury. They can also help reduce our waste at Christmas. You won’t need extra wrapping, and you can make use of used jars, or choose ones which are designed to become kitchenware afterwards. Say goodbye to plastic packaging and give thoughtful, special and memorable gifts.

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