Leftover Porridge Pancakes Recipe

A great way to reinvent and use up leftover porridge. These leftover porridge pancakes make a great weekend breakfast or brunch.

Preparation Time

10 Minutes

Cooking Time

20 Minutes




Mixing Bowl, Wooden Spoon, Measuring Spoons, Weighing Scales, Frying Pan, Spatula.


Dry Ingredients:

150g Leftover cooked porridge

150g Self raising flour

1.5 tsp Baking powder

Wet Ingredients:

½ Banana, mashed

2 Flax eggs (2 tbsp of milled flaxseed and 4 tbsp water, left to stand for 5 mins)

100ml Milk of choice

Juice of 1 Lemon

1 tsp Vanilla extract


Dairy free plain yoghurt

Seasonal fruit or berries

Maple syrup

Coconut oil for frying


Step 1:

Place all the dry ingredients in a bowl and combine together.

Step 2:

Add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and stir lightly to create a pancake batter (you are aiming for a thick yet spoon able batter than you can pour).

Step 3:

Heat a non-stick pan over a medium to high heat with a little coconut oil.

Step 4:

Using an ice cream scoop (or similar), add a spoonful of batter to the centre of the pan, cooking one pancake at a time (use the back of the scoop to spread out the batter and shape into a disc). You are aiming to get 16 pancakes out of the batter.

Step 5:

Cook for 1 – 2 minutes on each side until golden (you will know when they are cooked as you’ll start to see bubbles forming on the top of the batter).

Step 6:

Stack the pancakes onto a plate as you cook them and cover to keep warm.

Step 7:

Once the pancakes are all cooked, stack 4 pancakes on a plate and serve topped with all the toppings.

Click below to watch how Laura makes these pancakes!