London’s Best Baby Yoga And New Mum Exercise Classes

As a new parent, it can be difficult to find the time or motivation to exercise, but moving with your newborn can be great for their mobility and help you bond with them too.  We’ve compiled a list of the top mum and baby exercise classes in London that you’ll both benefit from.

Taking care of a newborn does not require you to abandon your workout regimen, especially when there are so many wonderful parent and baby fitness programmes across London. Postnatal fitness sessions that include your child are the ideal way to get back into shape after having a baby. They’re also a great opportunity to meet other new parents, develop a post-pregnancy routine and bond with your new baby.

First things first, is baby yoga safe? YES. But as a parent, always check in with your OB-GYN first. Most doctors recommend that postpartum mothers wait at least six to eight weeks before returning to an exercise regimen. However, you may need to wait longer depending on your labour and recovery process.

Exercising with your newborn is safe and enjoyable as long as you follow the guidelines below: 

1) Instructors Must Be Qualified. When entrusting your well-being – and that of your child – to someone else’s expertise, it’s always a good idea to double-check certifications and credentials.

First and foremost, the instructor should be trained and skilled in teaching parent-and-baby sessions, understanding which postures and holds are safe for your baby and which are not.

For mothers attending, your safety is paramount as well due the hormonal changes that occurred throughout pregnancy, labour and delivery, your connective tissue is still incredibly elastic. Postnatal lessons should support that by keeping you safe from stretches or postures that could cause strain or damage.

2) Always Support The Baby’s Head In Poses. Babies’ heads and necks do not have complete, solid support until they are about six months old. As a result, all of your positions should keep the baby’s head supported and free of any “bump” threats to tender places.

3) Help Protect The Baby’s Hyper-Flexible Joints. Baby’s ligaments and joints are notoriously flexible in order to handle the yoga-like positions required to fit and move in the womb and down the birth canal.

To avoid injury or dislocation, never put your infant’s limbs in more extreme positions or extensions, even if it appears to be fine.

4) Limit Your Child’s Activity To 15 To 20 Minutes Per Session. Yoga classes often last 45 minutes to an hour. That’s great for parents, but that’s far too long for babies. While your baby is welcome to enjoy some tummy time or to sit and babble happily while you complete extra, restorative, or strength-building postures, they should only be actively performing yoga for 15 or 20 minutes.

Anything more may overburden their already busy and expanding physique.

What should I bring? You’ll want to be prepared to maximise your experience and ensure you’re ready for anything. This includes bringing the following:

1) Yoga Mat. Many yoga studios have extras in case you forget but I prefer bringing my own yoga mat. Check out this Classic Cork Yoga Mat by CorkYogis, for an eco-friendly yoga mat that provides a non-slip, natural surface for yoga practice. It’s ideal for all styles of yoga, such as bikram, vinyasa, and power yoga. They are also perfect for pilates and other cardio exercises.

And that yoga mat can easily fit in this stylish and durable Daksha Yoga Kit Bag With Adjustable Body Strap by Ellyla. This bag is cruelty-free, biodegradable, plastic-free, and ethically created from organic cotton canvas and features an adjustable handle, a full length concealed zip clasp and an interior pouch.

2) A Blanket. A small blanket is great for laying your newborn on. These loomed peshtemals from Luks, are created ethically from GOTS certified organic cotton. The Damla is lightweight, quick drying, and absorbent and takes up little space in your carry on or case.

3) Diaper Bag. Goes without saying but everything you might need is in there. From wipes and nappies to changes of clothes, a prepared bottle, healthy snacks for babies who eat solid foods and their favourite toy to keep them amused.

4) Yoga Outfit. If you’re looking for a sustainable yoga outfit  ReflexOne, creates long-lasting clothing  from recycled or organic eco-materials, shipped in biodegradable packaging. Check out their B-Confident range which includes Sports Bras, Leggings, Sports Vest and Cycling Shorts.

They are sustainable, stylish and seamless, made with a recycled fabric that is breathable and moisture-wicking, with smart seaming for a super comfortable fit. We’re obsessed.


Now we know the essentials here are the best classes in London:

First to Fourth:

First to Fourth yoga courses provide a unique blend of all poses, movements, and breathing practices which are completely tailored around the needs (and bodies) of expectant mothers, new mothers and babies and have been chosen to help you unwind tension, find ease and happiness in movement, bond with your baby, and achieve profound peace. They provide a friendly and light-hearted environment with time to speak, ask questions and make friends! Best of all; you don’t need any prior yoga expertise!

How Do I Book: Visit

Address: 306 Richmond Road, Crossway TW1 2PD


CARiFiT is on a mission to get new mothers back into shape after giving birth. Their babywearing workouts involve attaching your baby in a carrier to your chest and working out. Close touch minimises separation anxiety in your child and aids in the treatment of postnatal depression symptoms in you. They also ensure that you can exercise whenever it is convenient for you. CARiFiT offers live courses throughout London as well as online fitness sessions that are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Address: Classes Are Spread Across Multiple Locations In London

The Baby Tree:

Lucy is the brains behind The Baby Tree, she is professionally trained and provides a range of classes, such as Pregnancy Yoga, Mother & Baby Yoga and Baby Massages. Her mother and baby yoga classes are an excellent time to gently strengthen the abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. Gentle yoga poses will allow you to gradually and safely regain muscle tone.The sessions will include songtime and gentle yoga positions, allowing you to interact and bond with your baby.

How Do I Book: Visit

Address: 49 Clifton Road, Kingston upon Thames KT2 6PJ

Fit Birds:

This South East London female fitness tribe specialise in fitness and wellness for ALL women, with a focus on pre and postnatal movement and recovery. They encourage you, your babies and your older children to join them in the great outdoors to smashing sounds and fantastic vibrations. Their classes are diverse in order to give you a taste of everything. Whatever class you attend, they guarantee you’ll leave feeling good in your head, heart, and body! Their trainers are postnatally trained to ensure you move safely and effectively on your road to full strength after giving birth.

How Do I Book: Visit

Address: Classes Are Spread Across Mayow Park, ​Crystal Palace Park, Mountsfield Park and Forest Hill Friends Meeting House. 

Mama Hugz:

Mama Hugz yoga lessons that are joyful and nourishing to honour you and your kid on the most remarkable journey from pregnancy to motherhood and beyond. The workshops, which are led by Trona, are intended to provide a safe haven for women who are on the same journey as you. In a secure and supportive setting, she hopes to share yoga’s comprehensive and nutritious healing powers with you and your child. Mum and Baby Yoga lessons are meant to help and strengthen Mum’s postpartum recovery by using gentle, concentrated movement, stretches, and breathing methods to help her restore strength and muscle tone. Your baby is fully integrated into your practice, providing a wonderful opportunity for the two of you to bond, move, laugh, and enjoy spending time together.

How Do I Book: Visit

Address: Classes Are Spread Across Richmond, St Margarets and Twickenham

Latino Bambino:

Latino Bambino teaches mother and baby salsa. They’re a wonderful way to stay fit while bonding with your baby. The lessons are designed to be both safe and friendly for you and your baby. Babies love softly bouncing and engaging with other babies while shaking their maracas and kicking their little feet to throbbing Latin beats. Your baby stays right there with you and is an important part of the workout, helping the mother tone up, burn calories, and release ‘happy’ hormones. You don’t need any previous dance experience or to be a fantastic dancer. Classes allow mothers to meet and socialise with other parents in a child-friendly setting.

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Address: Classes Are Spread Across Multiple Locations In London 


Buggyfit is a postnatal workout designed for mothers who enjoy being outside and walking or running with their buggy. It’s fantastic because there are courses all across London (and the UK), so you’ll be able to locate one that’s convenient for you! Classes are usually 60 minutes long and include three to five kilometres of your local park, as well as cardio and strength workouts. They are the original and largest buggy exercise network in the UK; and locate the top trainers in the industry to ensure you achieve the best results while having a wonderful time with a group of like-minded parents.

How Do I Book: Visit

Address: Classes Are Spread Across Multiple Locations In London and the UK


Buzylizzy’s mission is to make exercising enjoyable for mothers and their children. They are committed to provide members with the finest maternity experience possible through expert seminars, interactive lectures, and an amazing community of like minded families. The goal of the postnatal yoga session is to align the body, improve posture, enhance health, and strengthen the core and lower back (important after giving birth with the constant lifting and carrying). The easy session will relieve shoulder stress, tone the abdomen and teach crucial deep-breathing exercises to relieve fatigue and clear the mind, perfect for you and your baby!

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Address: Classes Are Spread Across Multiple Locations In London

Move Your Frame:

Frame’s MumHood classes offer sessions in postnatal reformer pilates, fitness PT and yoga. They divide your exercise routine into three phases: rehab immediately after delivering your baby (phase 1), low-impact strengthening from eight weeks (phase 2), and high-intensity training (Fit Mum) – don’t worry, it’s still low-impact. There are also prenatal options, and Frame conducts useful courses for new mothers, such as weaning introductions, sleep suggestions, and diastasis recti information sessions. You’ll be surprised at how much you can get done in one hour.

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Address: Classes Are Spread Across Multiple Locations In London 

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