Meet The Maker: Atypical Thing

At Wearth, we love being able to share more about our brands’ stories and gain insight on how they create beautiful products. We had the pleasure of catching up with Atypical Thing’s founder Josefina, discovering more about her jewellery making process and what inspires her work.

Josefina - ATypical Thing


Nestled in the heart of Birmingham’s jewellery quarter, Josefina designs and makes minimalistic jewellery with sustainability in mind. Made with love, Atypical Thing focuses on colour and geometrical shapes that produce timeless pieces remaining forever beautiful. Everything is designed and made using recycled metals and ethical stones, so her collections are kind to people and the planet. Ethereally feminine, this eco-friendly jewellery is designed to last a lifetime and it begins with Josefina.

Making Jewellery

What inspires you to create your pieces?

Atypical Thing is very much inspired by modernist jewellery and the movement itself. Modernism jewellery was all about using innovative materials and changing what was perceived as high-end at the time. So, artists like Alexander Calder, Art Smith, Margaret De Patta are all major influences in our inspiration and design now. Our pieces stand for longevity, purity and delicacy. Jewellery that is crafted with the wearer in mind. Lightweight, fine and minimal – so comfortable to wear you forget you are wearing anything. That’s until the sun catches your gold or silver piece and sparkles in the light.


Can you give us some insight on the making process of your jewellery?

The shape always comes first when designing our jewellery. We use wire which is rather like drawing with lines. Then shapes are formed in metal. We collage with papers and experiment with colour from paint samples to create the theme of my pieces, and then we begin to work with the chosen materials – whether that’s gold or silver.

All our pieces are handmade using traditional jewellery making techniques. One of our most popular items is the Recycled Ingot Necklace. This pendant all starts with a selection of recycled silver or gold scraps. This unwanted metal is then smelted into ingots, which creates the initial pendant shape. The ingot is then formed using hammers and a rolling mill to create the round and flat sizes. Once the shape is created, it’s time to solder the loop where the chain will hang. This is done by forming thin wire using pliers and then soldering using a torch and silver or gold solder. When the solder and the metal are touching and reach around 750 degrees, they melt together and become one solid piece. The pieces are then cleaned and polished and finally personalised with an initial of your choice. Finally, the chain is added and we lovingly wrap the piece using plastic-free, recyclable paper packaging.

Atypical Thing

How do you incorporate sustainability into your brand?

Our work ethic is to be as sustainable as possible, so all items in my ranges are made using recycled precious metals. When buying from Atypical Thing your conscious can be clear as our collections are made using 100% recycled solid 9ct gold or sterling silver. We don’t believe that jewellery should ever be plated or gold filled. Jewellery made using these processes become unsustainable due to the toxic chemicals used to produce such a finish and also the fact that it simply will not last. The surface will begin to wear with regular use – exposing its base metals.

That’s why here at Atypical Thing we only use solid recycled materials that will last forever – no matter how often you decide to wear your jewellery. We aim to create jewellery designed and crafted to last a lifetime.

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Below is a video sent to us by Josefina demonstrating her intricate making process.