Meet The Maker: Before July

Meet the maker offers a chance to glimpse into the life and production of those who wish to make a forcible change in the fashion industry. One of these wonderful individuals is Elise, the founder and sole operative of Before July.

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A brand that epitomises “sustainable fashion”, Before July manages to create effortlessly beautiful clothing that is also kind to our planet. Plenty of bold colours and gentle silhouettes make the collection perfect for the warm breeze of spring days that are now upon us. Creating 1-2 collections every year, Elise blends together her personal style with Pinterest inspiration and awareness of generational trends to form a brand that is everything that fashion should hope to be.

How, when, and why did you create Before July?

2019, and in my apartment at the time in Manchester after leaving my design job to start my own brand.

What is a typical day like for you, as the owner of Before July?

It’s different every day depending on what stage of production I’m at with that month’s batch of orders. But typically, I’ll wake up, do emails and admin, walk my dog, get coffee (very important), and then late morning and afternoon I’ll do production, or I’ll be making content!

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What is the most loved item by customers that you sell?

This also Varies, but I’d say it’s the Madeline dress.

Please could you talk us through the process of creating an item of clothing?

So, I start with an idea in my head which can come at random or I’ve been sat actively designing. I’ll roughly sketch the design down on paper and then I’ll refine it as a CAD on my laptop. Then there’s the fabric sourcing and pattern cutting. A couple of samples later I’ll have the final product


How does it feel knowing that you are being recognised for your slow fashion brand by major publications such as Vogue and Elle magazine?

Amazing! A dream come true!

What is one item from Before July that you couldn’t live without?

For me, probably the Odette top – it’s my go-to.


How do you think we can encourage people to make slower fashion choices?

I think by showing them the longevity in a pricier but more well-made garment. Instead of spending money on lots of items that won’t last long, but less and they’ll last you longer.


What do you use as inspiration when creating a new collection?

It mostly comes organically from subconsciously taking in my surroundings. Whether that’s what people are wearing around me, street style, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. it’s a lot of my own personal style mixed in with how I’d love to elevate that If I could wear an outfit as the best version of me every day.


How do you find a balance between creating clothes that are fashionable and sustainable?

I like to use classic shapes with silhouettes that are profound but wearable – and trickling on elements of ‘trends’ but not overdoing it in a way that could be perceived as a fad.

Where do you see Before July in 5 years?

I’d love to have my own studio and a small team of seamstresses!

Take a little look at Elise in action, creating the Meredith Jumpsuit …

For more insight into how the Before July collections are created, why not take a look at their TikTok- @beforejuly. 

Or click here to shop the Before July collection at Wearth.