Meet The Maker: Bluebell Lane Jewellery

Our Meet The Maker series gives us a chance to share more about our beautiful brands and their stories. We had the pleasure of catching up with Bluebell Lane Jewellery to find out more about Ruth’s passion for exquisitely ethical jewels.

Ruth Lea from Bluebell Lane


Bluebell Lane Jewellery began life in the beautiful Suffolk county, where Ruth Lea spent time honing her skills by hand. Beginning life in 2018, Bluebell Lane combines style and sustainability. Understanding the impact that jewellery making can have on the planet meant founder and maker, Ruth, uses recycled eco-silver wherever possible. Mixing organic textures, shapes and designs create effortlessly cool accessories that are kind to the planet.

Sustainability is at the heart of this charming jewellery brand. Following the zero-waste guide, Ruth melts down and reuses any off-cuts in the making process and uses salt, vinegar and eco-washing up liquid instead of chemicals when cleaning her jewellery. Ruth’s eco-friendly practices goes a lot further than just her design practices. All packaging is compostable, and Ruth has teamed up with Greenr so you can select carbon neutral shipping at the checkout. It’s no surprise then at Wearth we champion this deliciously eco-friendly brand.

From silver bangles, twisted rings and hammered heart hoops, Bluebell Lane creates fun and inspiring jewellery that will be adored and cherished for generations to come.

Ruth explains to us how she makes her most beloved and beautiful eco-silver necklace.

Concentric Circle necklace

How do you make your Concentric Circles Necklace?

The first step in making the Concentric Circles Necklace is to select the different thicknesses of wire and cut them to size. Each of the ends is then filed flat before bending each piece into a rough circle.

Jewellery making


These are then soldered together using a Silver solder paste, which when heated alongside the metal helps fuse it together. Each piece is then quenched and pickled to remove any fire scale that built up whilst firing them.

Soldering process


I use a mandrel and hammer to make sure the circles are symmetrical. I can then add a lovely texture to each piece, giving the necklace a little sparkle.

Adding texture to necklace


Once all of this is done, the necklace is then polished and strengthened in a barrel tumbler. I then thread the concentric circles onto an 18″ rope chain.

Threading circles onto chain


Finally, I can package up the necklace and add a little thank you note, a few rose petals and the signature sticker by Wearth.

Gift box


For more beautiful jewellery from Ruth, check out Bluebell Lane’s collection here at Wearth. If you are wishing for something special and unique, you can commission Ruth to create individual and symbolic jewellery that will last a lifetime.